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11 Volunteer Abroad Programs in Melbourne


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We provide you with top internships in Australia! Partnering with a range of great companies and NGOs, our Australia internship program will fulfill your career potential. We are regularly featured in mainstream international media like CNN International. Apply now to intern in the most livable city in the world - Melbourne - and propel your career development! Melbourne is one of the most p...


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The Australian Road Trip takes you through the beautiful cities of Brisbane, Newcastle, Sydney and Melbourne over 21 days. During your time travelling along the East Coast and visiting some of Australia’s most vibrant cities, you will be able to experience some of the country’s unique culture, natural beauty, wildlife and architecture and also get to know some locals. So that you’re able to fam...


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The immense country, Australia, attracts many tourists each year, due to its diverse landscapes. This programme allows you to explore the country away from the beaten track, helping to preserve some of the natural wonders Australia has to offer. From deserts to snowy mountains, from colourful coral reef to bustling cities, there is so much to see – it is no surprise Australia remains so popu...


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If you're looking for the perfect volunteer abroad opportunity, then take an i-to-i TEFL qualification. With our range of classroom & online TEFL courses based in Australia, you'll be able to start teaching and travelling quicker than you thought possible! As an established TEFL course provider in Australia, we've qualified over thousands of people in TEFL and helped send these graduates ove...


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Join a team of like-minded volunteers and enjoy unique experiences traveling from project to project with Conservation Volunteers Australia. Each week, the organization takes participants to a new site for a new conservation project. Typical activities include tree planting, track construction, weed control, wildlife or flora surveys, and heritage protection. The team leader provides all the on...


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An au pair program with Work Overseas is an amazing cultural exchange, allowing candidates willing to practice their English at reasonable cost to learn while living with a family abroad. The au pair girl (or male au pair), will get full board and lodging, and a weekly refund of expenses. They will take care of children and do some domestic tasks. The majority of our au pair placements are base...


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Volunteer across a range of locations in Australia and New Zealand and get involved in a range of conservation activities. Working in teams of 10, volunteers will be given the opportunity to take part in tree planting, trail construction, wildlife surveys, weed control, heritage restoration, and conservation fencing. There are 16 locations in Australia including Perth, Darwin, and Canberra) and...


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Become a volunteer for this conservation program is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the beautiful Australian countryside while making a contribution to protect, preserve and restore the unique and beautiful Australian environment. As part of a team, this volunteer experience give you the chance to meet people from across Australia and the world.

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Volunteering Abroad in Melbourne

Follow your own yellow brick road to Oz, and become a volunteer in Melbourne. Australia (aka Aussie, Aus, or Oz) is a prime volunteering destination. This island-continent is an entity unto itself, with a unique and beautiful environment, populated with fascinating wildlife and gregarious Aussies. Melbourne is one of the most cosmopolitan and stimulating cities in the whole country, and a fabulous landing pad for international volunteers. For a truly Australian volunteer experience, make Melbourne your number one choice for project placements. 

Volunteer Work in Melbourne

Combining modern urban developments with easy access to nature reserves, Melbourne is saturated in volunteer programs, with a vast array of projects available. 

With the abundance of native wildlife hopping, flying, and waddling around Melbourne’s environs, there are plenty of opportunities to volunteer in animal welfare and conservation. To volunteer in Melbourne with animals is to participate in projects that range from caring for abandoned urban critters, to roaming slightly further afield, monitoring and protecting native species. The preservation of all of the creatures unique to Australia is a priority among the organizations operating out of Melbourne. The same goes for fauna native to Australia: volunteers can join reforestation efforts around Melbourne. As well as land life, water projects and marine conservation are also constantly in need of helping hands. 

Hand in hand with conservation goes eco-tourism. Tourism is a massive industry in Australia, and rightly so, but reducing the environmental impact of tourism is becomingly increasingly important as numbers of international visitors increase. Join organizations that work on projects surrounding the planning, advancement, and awareness of eco-tourism as you volunteer abroad in Australia.

Other popular volunteer projects in this cultural capital are even more people-facing. You can become a soup kitchen volunteer in Melbourne as you volunteer with Melbourne’s homeless, or work with kids in education or after-school programming as a youth volunteer in Melbourne.

Programs average two to four weeks, but some go for as long as 12 weeks. You won’t need experience to join most projects, just a passion for the cause, and a willingness and enthusiasm to learn. If this is your first time volunteering abroad and you aren’t quite sure what to expect, program fees include pre-departure support, advice on what to take, how to apply for the necessary visa, and answers to any questions you might have before you leave. 

Life in Melbourne

Melbourne is the one of the most livable cities in the world. Boho chic mingles with slick modernity, and edginess sidles up to sophistication, making Melbourne one of the most popular cities to visit, let alone to volunteer abroad in Australia.

Both locals and visitors enjoy the quality restaurants and uber cool nightlife, as well as the quirky laneways, street art, and live music scene. Brunch is a serious cultural practice, and a good barista is afforded huge respect: on your free days, cafe-hopping and cappuccino-sipping are legit Melbourne activities to indulge in. 

Volunteers in Melbourne will revel in cultural festivities. Once a year, the Melbourne Festival celebrates the city’s rich cultural heritage, and dance, theater, music, and circus takes over the town. Australia’s largest free community festival, Moomba, is held in Melbourne. Meanwhile, at any time of the year volunteers can roam around the city and explore Victorian-era streets filled with museums and art galleries. then of course, there is world-class shopping, lively sports events, and strolls along the waterfront. Safe to say, you will never be bored in Melbourne.

Accommodation & Visas

The best part about volunteer programs in Melbourne (well, aside from the fact that they are super fun and basically building blocks to you career) is that they will put a roof over your head and meals in your belly. Pretty much all programs will provide housing, and most include three solid meals a day in their program fees. This takes all the stress out of planning your trip, leaving you with more time to Google Image search “places to visit in Melbourne.”

Accommodation is usually in a group living situation or a homestay. Some programs have dedicated volunteer houses, that you will share with other like-minded travelers from around the world. Others will place you with a local family, which is the best way to get to know Aussies. Having this exposure to locals will also be very helpful in improving your Aussie slang vocabulary. 

For volunteer programs that are less than three months in duration, volunteers will only need the Australian ETA, or Electronic Travel Authority to enter Australia. The ETA, however, will only be valid for working in volunteer programs. It will not grant holders the right to look for additional paid work while in Melbourne. If you are from a specific few countries, including the United States and Canada, you will be able to apply for an ETA online. If your home country is not included on this list, you can apply for an ETA through a travel agent or Australian visa office. To find out more about the ETA application process, and applicable fees, you can get in touch with an Australian embassy in your home country. 

Benefits & Challenges

Volunteers in Melbourne will benefit from a highly professional working environment. All organizations and companies based in Melbourne are well organized and operate smoothly, making the volunteer’s role as straightforward and uncomplicated as possible. Established organizations are well-practiced in taking care of everything from transport, to accommodation, to excursions and side trips. They will be able to respond to all of your queries prior to your trip, and will continue to offer support throughout the duration of your stay. 

One of the best things about volunteering in Melbourne is all the incredible things to do in the surrounding area. The coastal roads are begging to be road-tripped by volunteers: the Great Ocean Road, Twelve Apostles, and Great Otway National Park present some of the most spectacular coastal scenery in the world. 

The only significant drawback of volunteering in Melbourne is the cost. The Australian dollar has quite a high exchange rate, and things such as eating out, traveling to neighboring cities, and taking part in the adventure activities Australia is famous for can quickly add up. To make the most of their trip, volunteers should go prepared with a good stash of cash saved up. Whether you’re a soup kitchen volunteer in Melbourne or opt for a sun-soaked project, the dollars invested in the experience are sure to pay dividends for many years to come.

There might not be a wish-granting wizard in Melbourne, but there is more culture, excitement, and volunteering opportunities than you can shake a stick at. So leave your Kansas behind and set off on a legendary adventure volunteering in Melbourne!

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