What We Believe In

It has always been our mission to change lives through meaningful travel, one destination and one experience at a time. We believe that travel is the key to individuals attaining a broader perspective of the world, and that the world is a better place when people have a deeper understanding and greater empathy toward all individuals and cultures.

Launched and conceptualized in 1997, GoAbroad first set out to fill the information gap between students with a desire to travel abroad and companies offering international programs. As the travel industry has evolved and access to opportunities to see the world has grown, our mission has transformed into something much greater than building a bridge between travelers and organizations: we’ve developed and evolved over the past two decades to meet the ever-changing needs of travelers, positioning ourselves as the resource for meaningful travel around the world.

Today, we continue to work tirelessly to create new resources and share international travel opportunities, because we believe anyone can find their own way to see the world.

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What Makes Us Great

Why We Are Different

We Were Here First

Before the likes of Google and Expedia, an international program directory like GoAbroad only existed in print. With the birth of digital media, our founders realized this information could have a greater impact if it was made more accessible by bringing it online. Acting on this realization, they created, the original online resource for meaningful travel.

We Are Innovators

We continue to innovate new resources for travelers and tools for international educators. From FundmyTravel, an online crowdfunding platform, to GoEvaluator, our very own evaluation management tool, GoAbroad is constantly developing new ways to support the international education community and travelers everywhere. Each year, GoAbroad recognizes a range of organizations through our Innovation Awards ceremony, which have become highly sought after recognitions in the field.

We are a Cornerstone of the International Education Community

Our team visits dozens of universities, organizations, and project sites every year, witnessing firsthand the extraordinary experiences that exist on a global scale for travelers of all ages. We are not only a platform built for travelers, we are dedicated to the field of international education and driven to promote the incredibly immersive and eye opening opportunities available all over the world.

We are Committed to Making the World a Better Place

To further expand our impact on the world, established the GoAbroad Foundation in 2004, a U.S. registered nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting projects that help people in the ways they need it most around the world. Our team members remain actively involved in fundraising, volunteering, and spreading the word about the GoAbroad Foundation’s projects, fostering a company culture that supports philanthropy.

We Live the Brand & Lifestyle We Promote

Our team is comprised of study abroad alumni, international volunteers, past interns, language learners, university advisors, and travelers; we have all been impacted by travel or cultural exchange in our own way. Through these experiences, our staff have developed a broader perspective of the world and become inspired to help others see the world.

We Are Dedicated To Our People

By creating a one-of-a-kind company culture, built on the foundational elements of career, family, and lifestyle, our team members are provided with numerous opportunities to grow professionally and personally, both in and out of the office. We support our team members wholeheartedly in their quest to become global citizens by promoting a healthy work-life balance, which allows them to explore unique international experiences of their own creation.

Meet the GoAbroad Team

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