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As the world’s most extensive online resource for meaningful travel, strives to showcase the best program opportunities so all travelers can find a way to see the world.  Over the last two decades we have developed relationships with incredible partners based all over the globe who share our desire to change the world through travel.

To give  travelers more confidence in selecting a program and exploring an entirely new corner of the globe, we developed the first extensive verification system in the field of international education, in order to vet our partners. As the largest verification system of its kind, travelers can rest assured in their decision to see the world through GoAbroad’s highly verified international educators.

Our elite group of partners have helped millions of people go abroad.

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The Top International Education Organizations in the World

Taking education beyond the four walls of the traditional classroom environment, and out into the real world.

GoAbroad’s International Educators are affiliated with some of the most reputable travel organizations and education associations in the world, including the Forum on Education Abroad, NAFSA: Association of International Educators, WYSE Travel Confederation, and The International Volunteer Programs Association. They are active in the international education community, dedicated to a more globalized form of learning, and committed to bringing more international experiences to students everywhere. Along with this, GoAbroad’s International Educators ensure their programs are empowering participants to become leaders that can make the world a better place, build cultural bridges, and break down stereotypes.

Leaders in the Travel Industry of the 21st Century

Making travel more meaningful, sustainable, and impactful, for both travelers and their destinations.

All of GoAbroad’s International Educators are dedicated to travel that goes far beyond visiting tourist sites and major vacation spots. Instead, the experiences featured on GoAbroad give travelers a real opportunity to see the world, learn about new cultures, explore natural wonders, interact with locals, and make a difference in the world. Through incredible personal interviews with organizational leaders and founders, GoAbroad provides travelers with a unique perspective of each organization that cannot be found anywhere else online. By learning more about the history and mission of the organization, travelers can better select programs that match their goals, dreams, and interests and connect with organizations on a deeper level.

As a driving force in the travel industry of today, GoAbroad’s ever-growing number of reviews have shown travelers that GoAbroad’s International Educators are legitimate and reputable, so they can feel even more confident in their program choices. GoAbroad’s review system gives travelers a platform for interacting with future participants as well as their host organizations, so travelers can develop an honest, well-rounded perspective of each program. To further recognize organizations that have overwhelming positive feedback from participants, GoAbroad began announcing its annual list of Top Rated Organizations and Programs.

Innovators in the Field of Education

Creating educational experiences abroad for learners of all shapes and sizes, and redefining what it means to travel abroad.

Through an exclusive academy of international educators, GoAbroad recognizes innovative international educators at the prestigious Innovations Awards ceremony annually. The awards ceremony is hosted after the NAFSA (Association of International Educators) conference, which gathers thousands of international educators each year. GoAbroad’s Innovation Awards range from Innovation in Technology to Innovation in Sustainability to Innovation in Diversity, all with the goal of “Showcasing the Best in Originality, Creativity, and Exceptional Ideas” in the field of international education.

As these awards have gained popularity, the event has provided GoAbroad with the opportunity to truly showcase exceptional international educators who are paving the way for travelers everywhere and award their creative accomplishments each year. Additionally, the Innovation Awards are an opportunity to showcase the unique experiences of travelers, through the Student Video Award.

Our 3126 partners span 137 countries across the globe.

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