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Volunteering Abroad in Western Europe

Western Europe may not seem like your typical region for volunteering abroad. Highly industrialized and quite wealthy by world standards, most countries in Western Europe would strike individuals as more of a holiday destination than as a country in need. Yet this viewpoint ignores the fact that even in wealthy nations there are millions left behind by poverty, urbanization, and a lack of proper education. Those who volunteer in Western Europe can help underserved populations catch up, while enjoying life in one of the most fascinating and culturally rich regions of the world.


Western Europe encompasses all of the countries west of Germany including Italy, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Ireland, the UK, and more. All in all there are around 30 countries, that remain separate from the former Soviet Union, which define Western from Eastern Europe. Though a relatively small region geographically, each country holds tightly to its own national and cultural identity, meaning that volunteers have a large diversity of experiences to choose from in Europe.

Where you decide to volunteer in Western Europe comes down to your personal interests primarily – cultural, linguistic, professional, or what have you. There are many similar volunteer opportunities throughout Europe, but each nation also specializes in select fields. For example, if you want to volunteer on a vineyard or olive farm, volunteer in Italy or France. If you want to volunteer for an NGO or international organization, than volunteering in Switzerland or the Netherlands might be right for you. If you want to volunteer in healthcare or social work, try a big city, such as London or Barcelona

The possibilities are extremely broad, as there are literally thousands of opportunities to volunteer in Western Europe, spread out across the region. Research thoroughly what locations best fit with your interests and aspirations as a volunteer abroad, and apply to the program that feels right for you.

Projects & Placements

There are many different types of volunteer opportunities in Western Europe. For starters, individuals can commit to any type of social work within a rural or urban setting – volunteering at a community center, working at an orphanage, engaging in service and/or infrastructural development projects. All of these are examples of potential volunteer placements in Western Europe in which volunteers, both local and international, continuously devote themselves to year-round.

There are also many international volunteer programs in Europe focused on environmental issues and conservation. Western Europe is an advanced economic region which has many laws in place to protect the environment, but volunteers are always needed to aid with clean ups, spreading awareness, forestation efforts, and other such projects. There are also some volunteer programs in Western Europe devoted to eco-tourism, the chance to travel throughout multiple parts of the continent while engaging in both environmental preservation efforts and outdoor adventure activities.

These are only a few of the many potential areas for volunteering in Western Europe, but these offer a good glimpse into the type of volunteer placements one can expect to find in the region.

Costs & Affordability

Western Europe is one of the most expensive regions in the world, so you may want to start saving and fundraising early on if you plan on volunteering abroad in Europe. Although the costs of living tend to be high, it is still very much possible to lead a thrifty life if you are careful with your spending habits. Making your own meals while shopping locally is a good place to start.

Many volunteer programs in Western Europe will cover room and board in upfront fees, so you will most likely not have to worry about these costs while volunteering. Look around to find the right volunteer opportunity for you, especially one that fits your budget.

Accommodation & Visas

Your accommodations will vary depending on where you decide to volunteer in Western Europe and what type of program you sign up for. Multi-country volunteer programs in Europe allow volunteers to stay in a variety of housing situations. However, programs that are grounded in one country or city typically offer volunteers the option to either stay in a homestay or live in an apartment or flat with other volunteers. Housing is a matter of personal preference in most cases, so thoroughly consider both sides before deciding what type of accommodation you want to have.

Volunteers from outside the European Union will usually only need a visa if they plan on volunteering in Europe for more than three months. This being said, countries within Western Europe vary on their visa policies for foreign travelers, so you will want to consult with your program provider about whether or not you will need to attain a visa. 

Benefits & Challenges

Volunteering abroad in Western Europe is a noble pursuit and will allow you to travel in one of the most historically influential and culturally rich regions of the world while giving back to local communities in the process. Volunteer work in Europe can certainly be challenging at times, but you will find that the personal rewards and satisfaction derived from positively contributing to communities in need will far outweigh any monetary value.

Volunteering in Western Europe can be the first step towards something great for you - so get inspired and get going!

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Join a sea conservation project, gain experience in the Hospitality field, or work in a local school by volunteering abroad in Western Europe with GoEco. Volunteer placement opportunities are located in Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Czech Republic. Accommodation, meals, and excursions are provided.

GoEco Western Europe

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Join a life-changing experience abroad through volunteering programs from International Volunteer HQ. Volunteers can work in Healthcare, Childcare, or Education-focused projects. Programs run for durations of two weeks to one month.


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Berlin  Amsterdam  London  Prague and more... Don't travel alone, join our fun group every July and August to explore Europe with our UK leader. Gapforce Europe is the quality way to experience Europe in 25 days. We use trains to speed us safely and comfortably between cities so you have the maximum time exploring. We are based in London  so will ensure you see all that's new in Europe ...


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Global Vision International (GVI) offers various volunteering programs in Spain and Greece. Volunteers have the chance to gain practical and in-depth knowledge of social enterprise. They also have the option to help protect turtles through local conservation projects. Program designed specifically for high school students are also available.


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Learn more about life in Western Europe through Connect-123. The organization offers a wide array of volunteer projects in areas such as Education, Community Building, and Human Rights, among others. Volunteers may be assigned in countries such as Ireland and Spain, and may work with children, local community organizations, and law groups. Programs are available throughout the year and are open...


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Volunteer in Europe with Adelante International Internships and Study Abroad at an organic farm in the Spanish city of Seville. At the farm, volunteers can help at a food bank, assist doctors and other medical staff at a clinic, and teach at a local school. Participants also get the chance to improve their Spanish language skills while living with a host family and helping out in communities.


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Do you love working with animals and children? ELI - Experiential Learning International has two volunteer programs in Europe, where participants either work in an animal shelter in Ireland, or at a daycare center in the German village of Enkenbach-Alsenborn. The Animal Welfare and Vet Programs in Dublin are open only to American, Asian, Australian, Canadian, European, and Kiwi participants, wh...


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On the European continent's Iberian Peninsula, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, Portugal ascended to the status of World Power during the "Age of Discovery," -- only to lose most of its wealth through subsequent foreign attacks. Overcoming recession and political instability, the country emerged in 1140 as the first nation-state (independent kingdom) in Western Europe, and has remained unified i...


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Explore your volunteering options in Western Europe with Frontier. Volunteers can enjoy Dolphin Monitoring and Sailing in Italy. They can also participate in sea turtle conservation, radio broadcasting, human rescue, and horse patrol in Greece.


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Volunteer as a summer or a sports camp counselor in Italy with GeoVisions. Set in the Italian cultural center of Turin, the programs require applicants to be native English speakers, have a college or university degree, and experience in either teaching, counseling, or teaching English as a second language.


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Be a Western European volunteer with ISA. Participants from around the world will gain a deeper understanding of the Spanish culture and language as they partake in various community service projects situated in Spain.


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For four to six hours a day, volunteers work in a food and equipment bank located in the heart of Lisbon. The food portion of the bank receives donations like canned foods, fruit and vegetables and then distributes them to soup kitchens and charities throughout Lisbon. The equipment portion collects donated office equipment like computers and desks, which the bank then distributes to Portuguese...


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The Scottish Highlands is one of the last wild places in Nothern Europe. However after many centuries of destruction it is in need of your help. Fronteering is joining efforts to help preserve and the Scottish Highlands and it's wildlife. Have the opportunity to work in Amazing sceneries and help protect the environment and species like Sea eagles, Golden Eagles, otters, beavers and the Europea...


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Volunteer in Western Europe with The Intern Group. Care for orphans, learn a local musical instrument, or teach English. Program fees include accommodation, meals, and excursion. The program is open to worldwide participants throughout the year.