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A Guide to Earning TEFL Certification in Algeria

With Roman ruins, French influence, Islamic ideals, Mediterranean coast, the Sahara Desert, and vast mountain ranges, Algeria has a lot to offer to those interested in earning TEFL certification abroad. As a nation with a large French-speaking population, Algeria can be a great location for teachers to not only gain professional teaching skills but also improve their French-language skills. Like many African countries, Algeria faces a shortage of teachers; therefore, there is a growing demand for international teachers, especially individuals who are certified to teach English as a foreign language, hence TEFL courses in Algeria are a great option.


This North African country is the tenth-largest country in the world. Though TEFL courses in Algeria are primarily located along the northern coast in the major cities, such as Algiers, Annaba, Constantine, and Oran.

Algiers is the capital and largest city in Algeria. It borders the Mediterranean Sea and is an important economic, commercial, and financial center, as well as the sporting center of Algeria. The city, full of old, French buildings, is also home to the oldest Algerian institution, the University of Algiers, founded in 1909. While the capital has the highest cost of living of any city in North Africa, it is a great place to earn TEFL certification in Algeria and teach English abroad for those interested in a large, urban environment.

Annaba is a coastal city located in the northeastern corner of Algeria. The fourth-largest city in Algeria, it is a leading industrial center with a lively seafront downtown. Annaba is sometimes called Balad Al Unnâb, or the Jujubes, due to the abundance of this fruit in the area. The city is home to Annaba University, founded in 1975. Located over four districts in Annaba, the university offers courses at the undergraduate and postgraduate level as well as free dormitories. The population density in Annaba is higher than Algiers and Oran, and the city is one of the major tourist attractions of the western Mediterranean, making it a great spot for traveling outside of TEFL courses too.

Constantine, 50 miles inland from the Mediterranean coast, is known as the capital of eastern Algeria, and is often referred to as the “City of Bridges”. Constantine has multiple universities, and is the hometown of many noteworthy people in Algeria and France, including multiple Prime Ministers, an Olympic medalist, and a Nobel Prize winner. Aspiring TEFL instructors interested in the many historical sites and museums located throughout Algeria, will enjoy being near to the latter in Constantine.

Oran is a major port and educational center of western Algeria. The second-largest city in the country, Oran has three universities, as well as numerous hotels and restaurants. It is also home to an international marathon that attracts runners from Morocco, Libya, Spain, France, and Kenya. TEFL students who are also interested in the arts will enjoy the city’s many art centers and cinemas, as well as the regional theater and open-air theater.

Courses & Programs

Teaching English as a Foreign Language is one of the fastest growing fields in the world. Armed with a TEFL certification, teachers will be able to earn a salary quite easily teaching English in Algeria. Earning TEFL Certificate in Algeria is more than just a boost to future job opportunities, it is a chance for true immersion into the local culture.

TEFL certification in Algeria typically take one month full-time, or three months part time, to complete. TEFL students will have the option of achieving a 150-hour lifetime certification or a 30-hour Young Learner and Business Professional certification. An additional 20 hours of volunteer observation and tutoring in a live ESL classroom is often required in order to become TEFL certified abroad. Generally, TEFL courses abroad are taught by university-level professors, and are structured with written assignments, essays, and quizzes. TEFL program providers also usually provide assistance with interview preparation as well as job search guidance. No teaching experience is required to enroll in TEFL courses in Algeria; however, participants must be fluent English speakers and have a desire to teach English to non-native speakers.

TEFL courses in Algeria are available in the traditional classroom setting or online, or through a combination of both. Intensive in-class courses are normally completed in one month with 120 hours of instruction. While online programs range from introductory to advanced, and often include one to two weeks of face-to-face training on top of online courses.

Salary & Costs

TEFL certification courses in Algeria range from $1,300 to $2,100, which covers the cost of the course and lifetime free job placement assistance for most programs. Housing and transportation costs are not usually included in TEFL programs abroad.

Salaries for English teachers in Algeria are rather low, typically between $400 and $600 per month; however, food and transportation costs are also low in Algeria. Language centers, local universities, and international schools generally pay better. Experienced teachers should look for openings at the British Council in Algiers as these are the best paid positions for those without a Master’s degree.

Accommodation & Visas

Accommodation prices vary based on budget and preferred location. Individuals should negotiate with potential employers to see if free or subsidized housing is available during their TEFL courses.

U.S. citizens are required to have a work visa and passport to begin TEFL certification in Algeria. In addition, two recent, passport-size photos are required. A non-refundable payments of between $150 and $200 is required for American citizens to obtain a visa. Along with the visa application, work visa applicants must submit an employment authorization delivered by the Algerian Ministry of Labor too.

GoAbroad Insider Tips

Algeria is considered the gateway between Africa and Europe. Ruled by France for over a century, Algerians gained independence in 1962. Although Arabic is the official language of Algeria, many Algerians are bilingual in Arabic and French. One major challenge for TEFL students in Algeria, is that English is considered less important, as French is typically the foreign language taught in school and the language used in business. However, Algeria has a shortage of teachers since education is free and compulsory. The number of school-age children has been steadily increasing in recent years, making the need for international teachers even more urgent.

Other challenges individuals interested in TEFL programs in Alergia include the prevalence of terrorist groups and bombings, which still shake the country despite political violence declining over the past 20 years. Additionally, poverty and unemployment are widespread, especially amongst Algeria’s youth. Traveling to Algeria is difficult and heavily restricted due to the ongoing conflict in the country and this has resulted in low tourism numbers.TEFL teachers must be aware an exercise caution for the duration of their program in Algeria, as Westerners are known to attract attention from the locals who are not used to seeing foreigners in their country.

Regardless of the challenges, Algeria is an exciting, albeit non-traditional, location to earn TEFL certification and teach abroad. While teachers may face difficulties such as limited resources and low enrollment rates, neglected schools in Northern Africa are in dire need of multi-talented instructors who also have an interest in teaching other subjects such as art, math, and health education.

Algerians are said to be very welcoming and helpful, and the country’s neglected schools need teachers who are passionate about making a difference. Algeria is a great location for resourceful and flexible instructors who want to spark an interest in education in an area of the world with low literacy and enrollment rates.

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