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Each year, thousands of people of all ages from a variety of educational backgrounds become TEFL TESOL certified. In a few months, you could be an International TEFL Academy graduate telling your friends how great it is to live and teach English abroad!


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Where the world is your classroom… ITTT offers a wide variety of high quality, internationally recognized TEFL and TESOL courses. Courses are available in-class, online or through a combination of both formats. Our teacher training courses enable graduates to obtain teaching jobs in nearly any location worldwide. No previous experience or qualifications are required. ITTT offers certific...


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The academy has one of the widest ranges of fully accredited courses that have been written by real teaching professionals, meeting international standards around the globe. Expansive, educational and extremely engaging, our courses provide you with all the training you need to confidently teach English abroad. We ensure your lifelong certification makes you stand out in the global job mar...


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We offer the internationally-recognized 5-week Trinity Cert. TESOL course in Oxford TEFL Kerala. India is an inexpensive option if you are thinking about taking a TEFL course and promises to be an amazing cultural experience too. Our centre is located in a large, newly developed business park landscaped with tropical trees and flowers, in South Angamaly, about 20 minutes from Cochin Internation...


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Our top of the range 140 hour TEFL course will give you all the skills, knowledge and TEFL certification you'll need to find well paid TEFL jobs with 1,000s of language schools and institutes worldwide. It includes 120 hours of expert online TEFL tuition and 20 hours of practical TEFL training at a classroom TEFL course near you. As a leading and established TEFL/TESOL course provider, i-to...


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After finishing the Professional TEFL Online course (130 hours), pack your bags to travel to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Experience Vietnamese culture first hand and use the experience to jump start your EFL teaching adventure. Next Course Starts: Enroll in an online course today (courses start every two weeks), Destination TEFL runs every November and June.


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Get placed in a public school position after successful completion of our internationally accredited, three-week (120-hour) TEFL certification course in Thailand. We have TEFL courses in Krabi (the beach!) and Chiang Mai (the mountains!). They are internationally accredited, and the course fee includes lodging and breakfast, airport pickup, all course materials, a Thai language course, weekend ...


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Our in-class training program is unique because we offer a customizable course designed and catered specifically to the students’ needs. They can pick and choose what is right for them and their next steps when traveling to Thailand. If they cannot afford some aspects like cultural excursions, there is no need to worry because they can customize the package to include only a certification cours...


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Impart knowledge on the English language through this teach abroad program organized by Smaller Earth in Vietnam. Prior to teaching in the traditional clasroom setting, participants receive training regarding mentoring the English language and, upon completion of the same within four weeks, they are given a TEFL Certificate. Thereafter, they are given a placement at a Vietnamese school for four...


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Start your English Teaching career with Asian College Of Teachers. Join 3 weeks residential TESOL / TEFL course in Bangalore, Mumbai, Kerala, Goa, Delhi or Bangkok and earn an International TEFL Certificate and Internship in India and jobs worldwide!! A TEFL Certificate is a ticket to the world. It opens up opportunities that probably you have only dreamt of. Even for teachers with teaching qua...


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XploreAsia is an education and adventure organization that provides an internationally accredited TESOL and in-depth cultural immersion program in two locations near the beach in Hua Hin and also in Chiang Mai. The four-week program also includes a practical training component involving a non-profit English camp in a Thai school with instructor observation and feedback.


Earn your 120-hour, internationally accredited, TEFL/TESOL Certification Online or On-Location in Bangkok, Buriram or Phuket,Thailand. If you choose to Teach in Thailand, we suggest that you attend a 6-day English For Fun/Thai Jobs “Special Project” Professional Teacher Development and Orientation Program. This is the best option if you wish to specifically Teach English as a Foreign Language ...


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SEE’s accredited TEFL Certification in Chiang Mai, Thailand, with job guarantee, enables its graduates to successfully step into any classroom and effectively teach English. Their classroom-skills training, language awareness training and observed teaching practices in local schools give participants the knowledge, skills and confidence to be effective EFL teachers. The SEE TEFL training...


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Explore China for free with Gotoco Gotoco provides university students from all over the world with the chance to volunteer at summer camps across China and earn their TEFL certificate. Teach English, learn Mandarin and get to grips with the local culture all absolutely free of charge. We provide free accommodation and meals at your schools, and even offer free accommodation for a w...

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Earning TEFL Certification in Asia

Knowing English as a second language is an increasingly important component of communication in our rapidly globalizing world. By enrolling in a TEFL certification program in Asia, you will develop the necessary skills to successfully become an ESL teacher and earn a certificate that will provide you with access to English teaching jobs almost anywhere in the world.

Why Earn TEFL Certification in Asia

Asia has the largest market for ESL teachers today. As the East and West continue to converge and intertwine aspects of each others’ cultures, English has become the standard medium of communication. There are TEFL jobs available all across the continent, at a variety of levels, giving TEFL certified teachers the opportunity to shape their own adventure in Asia according to where and for how long they desire to teach abroad. Who knows, a TEFL program in Asia might even be the beginning of an entirely new life as an expat in Asia!


Asia is the largest continent on earth, both by land mass and population size. There is a tremendous amount of cultural and economic diversity within Asia, so it can be hard for some to hone in on just one location to earn TEFL certification and teach English abroad.

In the northeast, South Korea and Japan are both popular destinations for TEFL programs in Asia, because they offer a very unique cultural experience as well as a good degree of economic development. Compared to the rest of the continent, both Japan and South Korea are quite wealthy and can offer a high standard of living for TEFL students.

China is its own beast. The second largest country in the world by land area and most populous with a citizenship of over 1.3 billion, China is somewhat in a league of its own on the global stage. The country is rapidly emerging to become the most dominant superpower and eagerly seeks to attract Western teachers to its education system in order to expand the population’s English language skills.

Southeast Asia is another region of the continent with a tremendous amount of diversity. You can find ample TEFL programs and teaching jobs in almost every country, such as Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines. In this region, costs of living are low, the land is beautiful, and locals are overwhelmingly friendly and hospitable.

Lastly there is the Indian subcontinent, which includes popular TEFL certification destinations such as Nepal, India, and Pakistan. These countries are more religiously conservative than the other Asian nations and offer an extremely fascinating foreign environment to teach English abroad.

Do not fret too much over the decision of where to take TEFL courses in Asia, since anywhere you go will be a fantastic experience!

TEFL Certification in Asia

While there are definitely teaching jobs in Asia which do not require a TEFL certification, if you want access to the best schools with the best pay, then enrolling in a TEFL training program in Asia is the way to go. There are a couple of ways you can go about obtaining your TEFL certificate in Asia. First you can enroll in an online program, which is often the cheaper route and allows you to work through modules and lesson plans at your own leisure. The more popular option, however, is to enroll in a face-to-face, classroom-based program, and there are several benefits of this route that you should consider.

Firstly as a potential teacher, you should know that there is no substitute for an in-person classroom learning experience. Learning alongside your peers in an open communicative format under the constant guidance of a professor makes TEFL courses more fun and absorbable. You will also likely have the opportunity to engage in practice teaching scenarios, giving you valuable classroom leadership experience before jumping into a TEFL job in Asia. Topics covered during TEFL programs in Asia usually include grammar, phonetics, methods, and classroom management strategies.

Many TEFL programs in Asia will offer a one month training program in the same location as your ensuing ESL teaching job will be located. These options are nice because the training can also serve as an orientation to your new home. Once you have earned your TEFL certificate in Asia, then you will be able to pursue a variety of employment opportunities at language academies, private schools, and international schools across the continent. Many TEFL programs in Asia will even include lifetime assistance in searching for TEFL jobs abroad!

Salary & Costs

As the economic situation in Asia varies heavily from region to region, you will have to consult with your TEFL program provider about the costs required versus the salary you will receive through your TEFL program in Asia. Generally you can expect to earn between $1,000 and $2,000 a month for qualified TEFL jobs in Asia, though there are obviously exceptions all over the board. You might be lucky enough to have meals, housing, flights, and paid vacation included in your TEFL program or TEFL job in Asia as well. Throughout most of the continent, you can expect costs of living to be quite cheap, enabling you to travel easily and live a comfortable lifestyle (also while potentially saving up some money at the same time).

Accommodation & Visas

If you are taking TEFL courses in Asia in one of the continent’s developing nations, then accommodations might be quite different than those you are accustomed to. Luxuries like Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and hot water are not always accounted for in many housing situations. These amenities are more commonly found in big cities rather than in rural areas, as well, but are still not a certainty. Learning how to live modestly is an invaluable part of taking TEFL courses in Asia; you will soon discover that, as with many aspects of life, less is more.

You will almost certainly need a visa if you plan on staying in Asia for an extended period of time. Some countries require you to obtain a visa prior to landing, while others will allow you to extend your stay while already in-country.

Benefits & Challenges

While large swathes of Asia remain economically underdeveloped compared to the Western world, the continent is still home to well over half of the world’s population. Taking TEFL courses in Asia, teaching English, and traveling across the continent will expose you to an entirely different side of the world, one with a whole subset of unique cultures which will expand your worldview and stretch your imagination. Teaching English abroad can be a very challenging profession but also very rewarding, as you will touch the lives of others and learn a great deal along the way as well.

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