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Premier TEFL might be a newcomer to the TEFL course landscape, but they saw an opportunity for improvement in the field and jumped on it—and did a really good job along the way. Premier TEFL reviews from past participants clearly indicate satisfaction. What you see now is the result of that proactive approach to improving the experience of the average individual seeking TEFL certification: incredible customer service, 100% transparency on expected incomes and minimum qualifications, and a company built by passionate people who will be there every step of the way—from interest, to certification, to getting hired with a meaningful work placement as an English teacher abroad.

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Premier TEFL focuses its efforts on both online TEFL certification programs and specialized courses, paid TEFL internships abroad, and TEFL scholarships. There are blended in classroom / online programs in exciting European destinations like Hungary, Poland, Romania, and the Czech Republic. Paid internships as an English teacher abroad can be found in 13 countries across three continents. And the TEFL scholarships? They’re actually not too good to be true!

Read on to learn more about Premier TEFL reviews, including which programs are most beloved by alumni. Is Premier TEFL legitimate? Heck yeah—and here are the best Premier TEFL programs and courses you can sign up for this year.

Top rated Premier TEFL reviews + programs on GoAbroad

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1. 240 Hour Online TEFL Course—21 reviews, 9.8 rating

“Having shopped around quite a lot before enrolling at Premier TEFL, I wanted to be sure I could trust the provider of the course and it was accredited and recognised in Education. I contacted three schools in Thailand, Russia and Hong Kong, they all accepted Premier TEFL. Now that I’ve completed the course, I can safely say I got fantastic value. I’m currently traveling around Europe, and hoping to find a country I would like to teach. Wherever I end up, i’m sure i’ve now got the skills to become a good teacher.” Read more program reviews here

  • What? Online TEFL course to prepare you to teach worldwide
  • Requirements: Native English not required; Degree not required
  • Program perks: Fully accredited training, Ofqual regulated level 5 TEFL course from 170 hour and above, flexible, 24/7 online study access, personal tutor support, and expert job hunting advice
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2. Specialist TEFL Courses: Business English & Young Learners—19 reviews, 9.4 rating

“I am very impressed at the level of very useful and constructive feedback given by my tutor.

Firstly, it was important to me to find a real TEFL course that wasn’t designed to simply issue certificates to all who pay the money. The material was always followed by short quizzes to confirm understanding. I am a native English speaker however, I must admit that I did not find this course easy.  The staff always available to answer questions through chat or email. I suggest it might be helpful to online students for a staff to call or email them in midst of their course to provide a support and encourage questions if needed. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to do an online TEFL course. It is great value for money and teaches everything you need to know!” Read more program reviews here

  • What? In addition to a TEFL 120 hour online course, you’ll benefit from specialized training areas like teaching Business English or working with kids.
  • Requirements: Native English not required; Degree not required
  • Program perks: A wider variety of job opportunities await you if your basic 120 hour courses certification is boosted with these add-on trainings—not to mention you’ll enjoy much more classroom confidence!
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3. TEFL Expert Online Course—20 reviews, 9.2 rating

“I highly recommend this package of courses to other teachers. It was informative, useful, and well-written. I did all of these courses on my down-time in less than two weeks. I learned a lot and am already using the information in my classes although the quizzes were simple. The cost of this package was reasonable and affordable. I have added all of these certificates to my resume, but, most of all, I am satisfied with the content and hope to continue implementing what I've learned into my teaching. Thank you, Premier TEFL!”  Read more program reviews here

  • What? 290 hours of online TEFL, IELTS, TOEIC, TBE & TYL training
  • Requirements: Native English and degree not required
  • Program perks: You’ll get a 168 hour Ofqual regulated TQUK TEFL course included as well as four specializations—teaching young learners, teaching business English, and both IELTS and TOEIC preparation courses. You’ll be a TEFL expert!
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4. 120 Hour Online TEFL Course—11 reviews, 9.6 rating

“I am so pleased with the experience I have had with Premier TEFL. From the moment I applied to the course, I have been looked after so well. Email queries were answered promptly, the website layout for studying the course material is well laid out and I thought the material covered in the ten modules will be very relevant for a TEFL job in future. So overall, I am very pleased.” Read more program reviews here

  • What? Basic certification of 120 hour TEFL course + job placement assistance
  • Requirements: English fluency and high school diploma
  • Program perks: Work from anywhere in the world with this accredited TEFL certification, with opportunities to level-up your qualifications with specializations and other higher-level trainings.
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5. Sponsored TEFL Scholarship in Poland—9 reviews, 9.0 rating

“The whole programme was fantastic. My partner and I had a great time working with the Polish participants. The online course was well structured and a very easy layout to follow.  Once we arrived in Wroclaw, everything went smoothly and we really loved the experience. Normally I never post reviews; however, I really feel that other people should try this programme. Both of us are now fully TEFL qualified and are heading out to Thailand with PremierTEFL on their internship in May. I can't wait for the next adventure.” Read more program reviews here

  • What? Combo in-person, online program; 120 hours of accredited TEFL tuition online with over 60+ hours hands-on teaching experience
  • Requirements: Native English speaker; high school diploma
  • Program perks: Your week-long teaching practice lets you put into action everything you learned online, in a supported environment with beautiful surroundings (choose from one of four fantastic Polish cities!).
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6. Government Sponsored Exchange in China—5 reviews, 10.0 rating

“Overall I thoroughly enjoyed my time on this internship, and I felt so lucky with the group I was placed with, and the in-country coordinators we had. The internship has opened huge doors for me! Not only has it given me the opportunity to teach within a safe yet challenging environment; it has also provided me with the opportunity to re-focus my life. My internship has given me something to smile about on a daily basis. Waking up at 6am is an absolute pleasure as I know I'll be seeing my amazing students. The friends I've made will last a lifetime. The experiences we've shared together have been unforgettable. The staff at Premier TEFL and my internship have been so warm and kind hearted - nothing was ever a problem.” Read more program reviews here

  • What? Paid TEFL internship in China for ~5.5 months with 170 hours of TEFL training
  • Requirements: Native English speaking required; No degree necessary
  • Program perks: Premier TEFL China reviews are smokin’ hot! Free accommodations, 5000 RMB monthly allowance, flight reimbursements, 170 hour Ofqual regulated level 5 TEFL course, orientation, Mandarin lessons, & more
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7. TEFL Teaching Opportunity in Thailand—2 reviews, 10.0 rating

“Having no idea about TEFL or what it entailed. I was surprised at how easy it was to get a job since getting qualified. I have had two different job offers and accepted a full time position for 10 months in Benjamarachutit Ratchaburi School, Thailand. Everything's happening so quickly, I must say that Premier TEFL have been priceless in the help and advice they gave me. Would recommend this company to anybody.” Read more program reviews here

  • What? Paid TEFL internship in Thailand for 5 months; includes training
  • Requirements: Native English speaker required; Degree required
  • Program perks: Monthly stipend, in-country TEFL training, accommodation assistance, visa support, lots and lots of fried noodles...
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8. 9 month Paid TEFL Internship in Spain—1 review, 10.0 rating

“I was a bit worried about which TEFL course to choose as there as so many, but this one was recommended by a friend of a friend and it was definitely the right choice. I found that the way it was set out with mini quizzes set throughout was very helpful and going through everything step by step was great. Receiving feedback was also very good, along with opportunity to take the teaching internship in Spain which in turn gave me the confidence I needed to teach in Dongjak, Seoul. They are a good company and very knowledgeable. I have not been given anything to write this review but I think if you get good service then you should let others know. Annyeong chingu!” Read more about the program here

  • What? 6-9 month paid internship in Europe with 270 hours of TEFL training included
  • Requirements: Native English speaker; high school diploma
  • Program perks: If you ever dreamed of finding a TEFL job abroad that included meals, you’ve come to the right spot. Premier TEFL Spain reviews rarely have anything but positive experiences to share. Check it out and make magic in your own life!
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Is Premier TEFL legitimate? You bet! (They're even star verified on GoAbroad 🙌). There are dozens more amazing programs from Premier TEFL that might catch your eye—Latin America perhaps? Somewhere in the jungles of Vietnam? While reviews are an important factor as you shop around for the right course, keep in mind that the experience you craft is largely up to you. 

Be diligent and comprehensive in your research (key tips on what to look for here), but also trust in the process and know that you can’t find the answer to every single question or concern from the internet. The beauty of the adventure is to live it, and we cannot WAIT for you to have yours.

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Note from GoAbroad: These ratings and reviews were accurate at the time of publication. We will do our best to update this article regularly to reflect current reviews. GoAbroad collects reviews from past participants and verifies programs to help future travelers make more educated program selections. Please email info@goabroad.com if you have any questions or to submit a request for a breakdown of a different organization's top programs. Cheers!