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Are you fluent in English? Teaching English abroad is the easiest way to live and work abroad while experiencing another country, culture and language. In just 4-weeks you can become TEFL certified with TEFL Worldwide Prague! TEFL Worldwide offers the 4-week, 120 hour accredited TEFL certificate course on a monthly basis. We provide continued job assistance worldwide. To date we have over 2500 ...


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Do you want to gain the unique experience of travelling and teaching English abroad? TEFL International Prague is a top quality training accredited by the Fort Hays State University. Our certificate is widely recognized and the teaching practice with children as well as adults will get you a job all over the world. Come and take your TEFL course in one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

Language and Training

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We are the only provider of Trinity-accredited TEFL courses in the Czech Republic. Join us in central Prague for this highly-practical intensive 4-week course with teaching practice and learn the fundamental skills needed to teach English abroad. Free lifelong careers service and visa support plus social events every month. Join our teaching community!


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Live TEFL Prague, offered in the capital of the Czech Republic, is a balanced, comprehensive, 4-week intensive course combining a mix of theoretical and practical sessions. To guarantee a personal and individualized tuition and guidance, there will be a maximum number of nine students on each course. Together with the intensive 130 hour course, assistance is provided before, during and after th...

TEFL in Mexico - CentroMundo

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Live in the Czech Republic while getting paid to teach English to locals. Participants who take a TEFL/TESOL certification course with International TEFL Academy can easily find a job in major cities across the country. They get to experience a new way of life, immerse themselves in a unique culture, and make new friends.


TEFL in Prague provides highly practical 4-week courses in initial teacher training. They consist of 120 hours of in-class sesssions and 6 hours (8x45 minutes) of observed teaching practice. At the end of the course you will receive an internationally recognized and accredited certificate that will allow you to teach in Prague or anywhere in the world. During the course we do our best to ca...


Premier TEFL has partnered with Angloville to bring you the ultimate TEFL experience. The PremierTEFL Scholarship combines 120 hours of accredited TEFL tuition online along with over 200hrs hands-on teaching experience in Eastern Europe. This exclusive package is designed to give you the best start in your English teaching adventure. Afterwards you'll be prepared to work all over the world, be ...


The beautiful capital city of Prague has become a popular travel hot-spot in the Czech Republic, offering snowy winters and pleasant summers to its visitors. As a TEFL certified teacher, you can experience all of this unique country while you work to change lives through education in the English language. Recently, it has developed a reputation as a premium TEFL destination, so TEFL student...


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TEFL Heaven are offering the opportunity to gain your TEFL qualification in the amazing location of Prague. Our TEFL team will take you through 4 weeks of hands on training, giving you all the tools and confidence to be a great English teacher. On completion of the program you will be guaranteed a job in Prague to put your skills to good use and teach! Face to face training, a guaranteed job...


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Acquire new knowledge about the fundamentals of English teaching in the Czech Republic with TEFL Services International. The four week program provides course materials, teaching practice, and cultural immersion opportunities. This intensive TEFL certification course is open to participants from around the world.

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Earning TEFL Certification in Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is an ideal place to earn your TEFL certificate abroad. It’s not only one of the most lively cities in Europe, and a great place to experience rich history as well as eclectic music and arts scene, it’s also a long standing hub for TEFL courses abroad. From the energetic capital city of Prague to the political seat of Brno, TEFL programs in the Czech Republic are numerous. Combining European standards of certification with structured and rigorous courses, TEFL courses in the Czech Republic are a great starting point for teaching English abroad.


Due to the demand for English teachers, since before the fall of the Iron Curtain, Prague has recruited ESL teachers well as TEFL program participants for many years. The majority of TEFL courses in Prague provide students with the opportunity to take part in an 120-hour accredited program, while building lifelong friendships and exploring all that Prague has to offer. The city has more than 1000 years of history to explore, and much of it can be experienced just by walking the cobblestone streets, visiting the Prague Castle, or making your way across the Charles Bridge, which picturesquely crosses the Vltava River.

TEFL courses in the Czech Republic are also available in Brno and other smaller cities, where the demand for TEFL certified English teachers is just as high. Taking TEFL courses in Brno can be an especially dynamic experience for teachers, as the city is the historic center of the country, so daily life will incorporate sites that date back to the 11th century as well as the opportunity to visit the Gothic cathedral of St. Peter and Paul.

Further north and closer to the Polish border, teachers may also consider calling Liberec home, the fifth largest city in the Czech Republic, which is affectionately known as the "Manchester of Bohemia" due its history within the textile industry. TEFL students can take a break from course training here by visiting the The North Bohemian Museum, which is one of the oldest and most well-known museums for natural sciences, arts, and crafts in the Czech Republic. Also of interest is the 16th century Liberec Castle, where the soaring towers and impressive architecture is sure to make a lasting impression.

Courses & Programs

Courses tend to either be the four week, full-time curriculum or the ten to twelve week part-time courses. Most TEFL programs abroad are an intensive four weeks in duration, with a total of 120 classroom hours. TEFL and TESOL certificates require a minimum of 120 hours in almost every program worldwide. The course work is more rigorous than the equivalent Latin American and Asian English teaching training courses. Teachers will find that there is an emphasis on developing lesson plans and actual teaching practice. Many TEFL programs in the Czech Republic will combine mornings of classroom instruction with afternoons of practical teaching experiences.

While not all TEFL programs require students to have a bachelors degree, the minimum age to enroll is almost always 18 and students must be either native English speakers or have a high level of English language proficiency to participate. Another factor to keep in mind, TEFL certified teachers without degrees will be limited in their employment choices, particularly in Asia and the Middle East, so it is advisable to either have or be working toward this academic benchmark prior to or during TEFL courses in the Czech Republic.

Earning a TEFL certification in the Czech Republic will often include the opportunity to avail job placement services upon certification, which will help new teachers find jobs teaching in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Salary & Costs

TEFL and TESOL courses in in the Czech Republic range from around 1,000 Euros to 3,000 Euros, depending on inclusions and contract hours. Most TEFL programs will include housing in course fees. Keep in mind that a shared room in a flat is the most affordable option, with private rooms and private apartments generally being more costly. Homestays are offered by some schools but are limited to season and availability. Monthly housing expenses can easily be under $450.

Teachers who choose to stay and teach English in the Czech Republic will generally earn from around $800 to $1,200 a month depending on the school they work at. A full time teaching gig usually means 20 to 25 hours per week of classroom time. When lesson planning is considered, this will make for a full time job teaching English abroad. It is rare for ESL teachers to earn above $1,500 per month teaching in the Czech Republic. Higher paid teaching jobs in the Czech Republic will require an education degree in addition to TESOL certification. The good news is that the cost of living is relatively low in Prague, considering the amazing opportunities offered within the city.

Accommodation & Visas

Housing options include a shared room in an apartment as well as private rooms and private apartments. Homestays are not as widely available to TEFL students in the Czech Republic, as they are in other European countries.

Students can stay in the Czech Republic for 90 days on a tourist visa. However, if students decide to stay in the Czech Republic after earning their TEFL certificate and teach English, they will most likely need to have an employer to support their visa application.Your school will basically become your sponsor, so you will still need to provide some documents to prove your background, including a translated diploma. The downside of working in the Czech Republic on a school sponsored work visa is that you will not be able to legally change jobs without losing your visa, as the visa is only good for employment at the specific sponsoring school.

The Zivnostensky List or Zivno work visa is the most common visa used by non-European teachers in the Czech Republic. The Zivno has a few requirements that can take some time to put together, including a bank statement, a housing contract to show residency, health insurance proof, and a criminal background clearance. This may seem lot a lot of work but most teachers navigate their way through the process without too many issues and find the flexibility in choosing where to work is worth it. Regardless of visa type, in general the visa process is relatively easy for individuals who want to teach english in the Czech Republic.

Benefits & Challenges

  • Many schools include lifetime job assistance as well as “much needed for survival” Czech language classes.
  • When you are feeling hungry after a long day of teaching English in the Czech Republic you can enjoy hearty Czech dishes, like roast pork with dumplings and cabbage, or fried cheese with chips or potatoes, which will help to keep your appetite inspired and your brain focused! 
  • In general, European TEFL certificates are more rigorous academically, as such some schools may have a greater respect for them when you begin searching for an ESL teaching job abroad.
  • Prague specifically is renowned as an incredible TEFL training center. 
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