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Earning TEFL Certification in France

A country full of century old churches, UNESCO world heritage sites, and enormous, luxurious palaces, France is full of living history around every corner. Aside from its history, delicious food, and fashion, France also has a high demand for English teachers, therefore completing TEFL certification in France can be a very beneficial endeavor. The cherry on top? Accredited TEFL certification courses are widely available in France.


Paris, Montpellier, and Lyon are excellent locations to participate in TEFL programs, because they are good places for individuals who have completed TEFL certification to look for jobs. The TEFL market in these three cities is much larger, and will have more schools offering jobs for English teachers.

The capital city of Paris is a prominent business and cultural center, a top world fashion capital, and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. As a large, highly populated city that has had great deal of influence throughout history, there is always something new to see, discover, or learn in Paris. Paris is the easiest place for individuals to find teaching jobs in France because of its size and the sheer number of English language schools. It also has the most TEFL programs for participants to choose from. 

Situated in the south of France along the Mediterranean coast, Montpellier has been one of France’s fastest growing cities for the past 25 years. A big university town filled with students, Montpellier offers TEFL program participants plenty of outdoor activities, from biking trails, to exploring white sand beaches, to nearby mountain hikes. With such a large student population, international teachers will have plenty of job opportunities in Montpellier after TEFL certification is complete.

In east-central France, you will find Lyon, a 2,000 year old city and UNESCO World Heritage site. As France's third largest city and a university town, there is a large population with a desire to learn the English language.

Courses & Programs

TEFL courses are offered online and in classroom formats throughout France. In-class programs typically last around four weeks and include 120 hours of training. During the course, students participate in classroom observation and practice teaching. Online TEFL courses are more independent, but still require teacher observation and assessed teaching hours to be completed. In some cases, students can even complete their teacher observation hours through online videos!

Participants of TEFL programs must be native English speakers or be at a native speaking level. For the most part, participants will not need an English teaching degree to participate, but most TEFL programs require a bachelors degree. At the end of the program, students take an exam that they must pass before becoming TEFL certified and begin teaching English abroad. 

Salary & Costs

Certification programs typically cost anywhere from $900 to $2,500 USD. In France, ESL teachers earn an average of $1,900 to $2,750 USD a month for 20-25 hours of teaching per week. Higher salaries can be earned in bigger cities. Teachers will most likely have to pay French taxes, and some schools offer paid holidays. 

France has a very high cost of living, especially in cities like Paris. The high cost of living paired with a teachers’ salary means that teachers will have to spend carefully in order to afford rent, pay for groceries, etc. The average cost of rent in Paris is $1,500 USD for a one bedroom apartment in the city center. An average meal at an inexpensive restaurant will be about $15 USD. 

To save/earn extra money and make living in France more affordable, many teachers share apartments and teach private English lessons on the side.

Accommodation & Visas

Some TEFL programs in France offer housing assistance, or even the opportunity to stay with a host family. Once certified, certain French schools will offer their teachers assistance in finding housing, but will rarely reimburse them for housing costs or airfare. Living in apartments or flats with other teachers after certification is very common.

TEFL participants in France can obtain a student visa by participating in a government recognized TEFL program. With a student visa, you are legally able to teach for 20 hours per week.To apply for a student visa, US citizens need to apply at one of the French Consulates or Embassies and have a valid passport. It is important to allow plenty of time before departing for the visa application to be approved. If a teacher is planning on staying for longer than six months, they also must register with L’office français de l’immigration et de l’intégration (OFII).

Benefits & Challenges

Demand for English Teachers. France is starting to accept the fact that English is an important language to know as a member of the United Nations. This means that France has a high demand for English teachers, and teachers with the right qualifications can typically land a job with ease.

Difficulties for non-EU citizens. Unfortunately, teachers may have trouble finding a job in France if they aren’t a citizen of the EU. It can be a hassle for schools to work out visas because many EU citizens from the UK are native English speakers. As such, schools are more likely to hire UK citizens.

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22 TEFL Courses Abroad Programs in France


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A 4-week intensive programme taught by highly qualified and experienced teacher trainers! TEFL Prestige is a trading division of Prestige Interlanguage, a well-known language school in France. Your TEFL course will take place in the modern and well equipped new premises of Prestige Interlanguage. Studying in an existing language school will give you a real classroom teaching experience!

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Be a professional English instructor abroad for six months to a year through this certification program offered by International TEFL Academy in France. Available in over 800 cities including Lyon, Bordeaux, and Paris, participants can learn more about French cuisine, history, and hospitality while acquiring valuable teaching skills. Applicants must be fluent in communicating through the Englis...


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Receive intensive training in teaching English as a foreign language through this program offered by International TEFL and TESOL Training in France. Situated in the cultural area of Brittany, individuals broaden their perspective on the country while developing teaching techniques as well as preparing themselves for future careers. Program lasts for one month and consists of 160 hours.


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The Language House offers intensive TEFL Courses to native English speakers who are university graduates. Develop incomparable skills through combined language training and teaching projects. Participants have the option to live with a local family to further cultural exchange.The program is located in four magnificent cities in France including Montpellier and Cannes, with durations from four ...


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Our top of the range 140 hour TEFL course will give you all the skills, knowledge and TEFL certification you'll need to find well paid TEFL jobs with 1,000s of language schools and institutes worldwide. It includes 120 hours of expert online TEFL tuition and 20 hours of practical TEFL training at a classroom TEFL course near you. As a leading and established TEFL/TESOL course provider, i-to...


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Teach English in Asia, Europe, Africa and Worldwide. Teaching English overseas can be a good way to make this dream come true. If you want a prolonged vacation in the exotic destinations around the world, teaching ESL can be the best profession. Teach & Travel - the best way to see the world through the eyes of locals while working to change their lives through education in the English language...


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Our 4 week TEFL certificate course in Toulouse and Biarritz in South West France is externally accredited by IATQuO. Trainees have upwards of 120 hours contact time with trainers including at least 6 hours of observed teaching practice as well as considerable time devoted to lesson planning help, observations of teachers and feedback. Some 70 hours of the course covers essential methodology suc...


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Spend four weeks in France with TEFL Services International. Develop skills and experience Teaching English as a Foreign Language. The program is open to native or near native English speakers who are at least 19 years old.


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Speaking-agency hires more than 1000 bilingual or native speakers. The positions are ideal for speakers of Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, German, or English. Established in 2009, Speaking-agency is France’s leading organisation in childcare service for language courses and foreign languages for all ages. They operate in Toulouse, Paris, Nantes, Bordeaux, Lille, and Lyon. They offer t...


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Take a TEFL course in Toulouse with the International Teacher Training Organization. The course includes 130 hours of training and 6 hours of teaching practice. Trainees will acquire sufficient base knowledge of phonology and grammar and teaching techniques and approaches, and will be able to provide effective English training even without knowledge of students first language. They will be esp...