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A Guide to TEFL Courses in Africa

Spanning nearly 12 million square miles and home to over 1.1 billion people, Africa is both the second-largest and second-most populated continent on the planet. It has the world’s youngest population, with a median age of under 20 years old, and most countries are currently in the process of economic and infrastructural development. Teaching English in Africa will not only be a hugely rewarding experience in itself, but have a hugely positive impact on local populations looking to learn a valuable skill. Convinced yet that a TEFL program in Africa will be worth it?


There are some 54 recognized countries on the continent, meaning that you will have plenty of options while deciding where to enroll in your TEFL course in Africa. From north to south and east to west, there are a huge diversity of peoples and cultures you can immerse yourself within, so research the many different nations in regions of Africa in-depth before finally settling on where you will enroll in your TEFL training abroad.

Most countries in North Africa are predominantly Muslim and speak Arabic as a first language, so enrolling in a TEFL program in this region is a great opportunity to experience a distinct side of the continent while learning a highly valuable second language yourself. Egypt, Morocco, and Algeria, for example, are all popular destinations where you might enroll in a TEFL program in North Africa, with the opportunity to continue on teaching afterward.

South of the Saharan Desert, there are thousands more indigenous languages spoken within the African landscape, the most common of which include Swahili, Oromo, Hausa, and Yoruba.  Popular countries where you might look to enroll in a TEFL course in sub-Saharan Africa include Angola, Zimbabwe, and South Africa. After the training within any of these countries, you will often have the option between teaching in an urban or rural setting as well!

Programs & Courses

TEFL programs in Africa require at least 120 hours of classroom study, which typically spans the duration of a one-month training period. During your classes you will be instructed in the foundations of teaching English to second language speakers while focusing on fundamental concepts such as as grammar, reading, writing, and speech. You will also likely delve into more theoretical studies of appropriate teaching, assessment, and classroom management methods.

Many TEFL programs in Africa will offer additional perks on top of your basic training, such as giving you the opportunity to practice teaching in front of a live classroom, or granting lifetime job placement assistance upon graduation. These benefits can be hugely helpful going into your first official teaching job and beyond, so take into account a wide array of such courses which offer different services during your research.

Upon graduating from your TEFL course in Africa, you will earn a TEFL certificate which enables you to teach English as a second language anywhere in the world. Many international educators choose to stay on and teach in Africa itself, which has a big market for English teachers. Public or private schools, language academies, and volunteer projects are all good places to begin looking for teaching positions across the continent.

Costs & Affordability

In-classroom TEFL courses around the world typically cost between $1,500 and $2,000 for certification. Because many countries on the continent have developing economies, however, most other costs of living will be very affordable throughout the duration of your TEFL program in Africa. You will also have the opportunity to begin making money back as a salaried English teacher abroad as soon as you graduate!

Accommodation & Visas

What type of accommodations you are offered will vary widely depending on where exactly you enroll in your TEFL course in Africa. Some countries are more infrastructurally developed than others, but as a whole, you should not expect your living situation to be as luxurious as in the industrialized world. Don’t worry; as a visitor, you will be made comfortable. Homestays, apartments, and other group living situations are all common forms of housing for international educators in Africa.

What kind of visa you will need, or if you will need a visa at all, also depends on where exactly you are enrolling in your TEFL course in Africa. Other factors such as your home country and the duration of your intended stay may additionally come into account; for more information, be sure to check out our Embassy Directory.

Benefits & Challenges

Linguistic Diversity. As an English teacher abroad, what better place to start than on a continent where thousands of different languages are spoken daily? Enrolling in a TEFL course in Africa will start you off on the right foot in a challenging linguistic environment.

Local Impact. If after your TEFL program in Africa you feel compelled to move on and teach English on the continent, then you know that your impact will be making a difference. English can be a hugely valuable skill for African nationals seeking work in a global economy.

Personal Growth. Lastly, travelling to Africa to earn your TEFL certificate abroad will be an invaluable opportunity to see a part of the world that many will never get to experience. You will feel prepared to move on to your educational career a little bit older, wiser, and more experienced.

Enrolling in a TEFL course in Africa can be the first step to a rewarding career of globetrotting and teaching English all over the world. Or, then again, you may never want to leave!

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TEFL Courses in Africa


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