5 TEFL Programs That Basically Guarantee Job Placement

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Tired of your current teaching stint, but you just can’t imagine yourself outside of the classroom? Moving abroad to work as a TEFL teacher is one of the best decisions you could make to refresh your outlook on education. It’s nerve wracking to imagine yourself packing up and moving abroad, but preparing yourself will ease your worries! Before looking for TEFL jobs abroad, you should first research the standard work conditions in your new country, along with the average benefits and compensation, job descriptions, requirements, and contract durations.

Mediterranean coast in Alexandria, Egypt
With ITTT, you can earn your TEFL certification and look forward to a job teaching along the crystal waters of the Mediterranean in Alexandria, Egypt. 

Nervous about not being able to find an English teaching job abroad? First, invest in a TEFL certification to make yourself marketable. After that, reading reviews is a must-do, and then be sure to compare TEFL jobs with MyGoAbroad.

If you’d rather have less stress to deal with after you complete your TEFL program abroad, let us give you the inside scoop on five TEFL programs with job placement guaranteed after your courses are complete!

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1. International TEFL and TESOL Training (ITTT)

With ITTT, you can find a job teaching English as a foreign language. ITTT’s Job Support Services department provides lifetime employment support for TEFL graduates, too. They’ll keep you up to date about teaching job vacancies during your TEFL courses and well after you’ve earned your TEFL certification. They’ll even give you ESL lesson plans that have worked well in the past.

Need to brush the dust off your resume? ITTT also offers CV and resume reviews as well as interview preparation to land your dream Jay-Oh-Bee.  

ITTT’s TEFL courses are available in-class, online, or a combination of both. No previous experience or qualifications are required. Complete an Intensive in-class course over four weeks with 120 hours of training. ITTT’s English teacher training courses will place graduates in jobs all over the world, from Tokyo, Japan to Alexandria, Egypt

Wat Ban Den, Chiang Mai, Thailand
After getting TEFL certified with Teach English: ESL, you’ll have a job offer and plenty of time to explore the temples in Chiang Mai.

premier tefl

2. Premier TEFL

Roll up your sleeves and put those English pronunciation drills to work teaching English in Thailand, the land of opulent royal palaces and fascinating ruins. Premier TEFL will hook you up with ESL job placements at a public school after an online, accredited 120 TEFL certification. The hardest part of this TEFL program will be having to choose where to work abroad! 

Course fee inclusions vary on your destination. Potentials include lodging, airport pickup, course materials,  language courses, excursions like hiking and island hopping, a welcome party and orientation, and plenty of time for adventurers! You don't need to be a native English speaker to participate (just fluent!) and you'll have three months to complete your online coursework before you move abroad.

maximo nivel

3. Maximo Nivel

Want to find TEFL jobs abroad that will allow you to practice your español? Maximo Nivel is an institute located in Latin America that’s always looking for English teachers in San Jose, Costa Rica, Antigua, Guatemala, and Cusco, Peru. You’ll teach English for 30 hours a week, and breeze through it all because you’ll only have about eight to 12 students per class (yes, there is a TEFL God!). You’ll teach a range of English speaking levels from basic to advanced, and most estudiantes will be young adults (18-30 years-old).

The catch? Teachers must be TEFL, TESOL, or CELTA certified. If you are not presently certified, Maximo Nivel also offers a TEFL certification program, of course. The perks? There’s a fixed base salary, a chance to earn additional salary based on performance, all curriculum, quizzes, and exams are set and ready for you, you’ll have monthly in-service teacher-training, and you’ll get a discount off of Spanish classes just for ESL teachersPerfecto.

Colorful hammocks in Antigua, Guatemala
Hang up your hammock and relax, with a TEFL certificate from Maximo Nivel you’re practically guaranteed TEFL job placement. 

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4. International TEFL Academy

The International TEFL Academy (ITA) is one of the largest TEFL certification schools in the world, training and certifying over 3,500 new graduates a year! Their alumni teach English in nearly 80 countries worldwide. Whether you’re dreaming of teaching English in Singapore or Poland, ITA has placements all over the globe and they will make it happen.

To get started, first take their online TEFL certification course, where you’ll complete 180 hours of curriculum in addition to twenty hours of in-person, hands-on experience. You can also choose to enroll in a four week, full-time TEFL program at an international location or a part-time, three month online TEFL certification course. 

In addition to top-notch training, the International TEFL Academy will provide you with lifetime TEFL job placement assistance and interview guidance! Their advisors will eagerly help you out with their expertise and insight while navigating the global job market. These resources are a HUGE help when you don’t even know what the base teacher salary in your country of interest is. 

Sunset over Singapore city skyline
With TEFL programs and TEFL jobs in up to 80 countries, the sun never sets on International TEFL Academy. 

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5. The International Educator (TIE)

TIE can connect you with the international school of your choice, no matter which continent you’re looking into. Teaching jobs at international schools offer tax-free salaries, travel benefits, health insurance and even housing in many cases, and TIE will guide you each step of the way to find TEFL jobs abroad. TIE offers tools to help teachers make the shift to international teaching and resources designed to support them throughout their career. 

Just post your resume online and you’ll get instant job notifications to your mailbox. In order to apply through TIE, you must be TEFL certified and have at least two years teaching experience along with a bachelor’s degree. 

***Bonus***: SEE TEFL Training in Chiang Mai

Here's a special TEFL program hand picked and served up on a platter just for you: SEE TEFL Training in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and of course, it comes with a job guarantee! A Teaching Qualifications UK (TQUK) approved TEFL training center functioning with the support of the Thai Ministry of Education and certified ISO 9001:2008 compliant by Bureau Veritas, this TEFL/teaching job combo is hard to beat. All participants not only get 120 hours of TEFL training, they also get crash courses on the Thai language, cultural awareness training, and plenty of observation hours to get a feel for the classroom. Don't miss out on this bonus option!

Hot air balloons in Myanmar
TIE makes the world your oyster.

Final tips for picking the perfect TEFL program abroad

Researching will help you find the position that fit you best, AND you’ll develop an eye for suspicious job posts with fishy benefits. For example, if a country requires you to be TEFL certified with a minimum amount of teaching hours, then any job that doesn’t meet this minimum is probably a scam; here’s how to avoid these pesky traps, but it’s worth it to invest in TEFL certification to avoid this scam in the first place. 

Be vigilant about reading program reviews, talk to program alumni, compare your options as much as you can, and use your program’s guaranteed TEFL job placement services to your full advantage.

With a job teaching English as a foreign language, you’ll get real international work experience while sharing your culture with others. Just don’t forget your coffee mug, because you’ll need as much energy as you can get while teaching English abroadLet the fun begin, and pretty soon you’ll be singing “Every day I’m TEFL’in!”

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