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A Guide to Volunteering Abroad in Youth Ministry

Do you want to get involved in serving communities and young people? Do you want to make a difference and strengthen your faith? Then, youth ministry volunteer work is for you. Youth ministry volunteer programs welcome individuals from around the globe to enjoy, grow, and inspire young people. Youth ministry helps young people to grow personally, socially and spiritually, and empowers them to become leaders of change in their communities, therefore youth ministry benefits the community as a whole.

Why Volunteer Abroad

Volunteering in a youth ministry abroad can change lives. When young people have the opportunity to serve their communities, expand their faith, and build brighter futures for themselves, everyone in the community benefits. By volunteering in youth ministry, participants can share their gifts, develop life skills, learn to respect cultural differences, get involved in meaningful projects, and create social change. At the same time, youth ministry will help both volunteers and the youth they serve to develop a level of spirituality and faith that can be applied to day to day life. Volunteers will show youth how to embrace their gifts and help in the process of achieving their dreams.

Volunteering abroad in youth ministry enables participants to actively contribute to youth development and growth in faith while also being immersed in the culture, arts, and history of the country they are volunteering in.


There are numerous organizations throughout the world that help volunteers find the perfect youth ministry volunteer placement for them, and the number of locations available is quite vast. However, the following regions tend to host the largest number of opportunities to volunteer in youth ministry abroad.

While Eastern Europe holds many different cultures, languages, and histories, the countries in this region hold a similarity when it comes to political setting, as aspect that often separates them from the more commonly traveled countries in Western Europe. Volunteering in youth ministry in Eastern Europe will also volunteers to enjoy a taste of Europe with a twist. Plus, it’s way cheaper to live and volunteer in Eastern Europe. Youth ministry volunteer work in Eastern Europe has becoming particularly popular in Albania and Hungary, and often focuses on social development and some form of general education as well.

When looking for opportunities in wildlife, healthcare, teaching, building, and development, Africa is one of the best picks for volunteering abroad. However, opportunities to volunteer in youth ministry are also plentiful. Volunteers may find themselves serving rural communities, youth dealing with terminal illness, and communities experiencing extreme poverty; though, no matter where they end up, becoming a youth minister in Africa will always provide many opportunities to empower youth. While Africa contains some of the world’s least developed countries, it is also rich in culture, wildlife, and natural resources, adding to volunteer experience greatly. Youth ministry volunteer work is most commonly available in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.

Southeast Asian countries are becoming popular for travel and backpacking enthusiasts, but this region is also one of the top locations for volunteering in youth ministry abroad. The diverse culture and naturally warm and happy people, makes volunteering in Southeast Asia an even more attractive option, not to mention the rather prominent use of the English language in many countries.

Youth Ministry Volunteering Abroad

Every year, youth ministries around the globe seek individuals who are interested in joining a variety of causes, missions, and community service projects, so many different types of volunteer placements exist in the realm of youth ministry. Therefore, volunteers will have the chance to exhibit their skills and help communities in various ways, according to their specialty and skillset. For almost any type of youth ministry volunteer placement, volunteers will have the option to choose between short term and long term stays.

Education. There are many youth ministries that offer outreach programs for remote and indigenous schools. Volunteer opportunities in this area include volunteering as teaching aides, working with street children, or organizing and/or helping with special activities.

Health Mission. Most volunteers, especially, in the field of medicine and health care, are sent to health missions, in rural areas, among indigenous tribes, or due to disaster and relief operations.

Youth Camps. Every now and then, youth ministry offers youth camps for different ages. Volunteers may have the opportunity to help with planning, organizing participants, or facilitating activities at youth camps.

Orphanages. There are a lot of orphans but not enough orphanages to care for them, let alone available workers in the orphanages that do exist. Orphanages gladly accept volunteers who can offer help in various forms, whether the individual volunteer has experience with kids or not.

GoAbroad Insider Tips

Volunteering abroad in youth ministry provides volunteers with numerous benefits, socially, emotionally, spiritually, professionally, and academically.

  • Volunteers will strengthen their faith and increase their confidence in sharing it with others.

  • Youth ministry will help increase positivity and overall youth development in the community they serve, and volunteers may even have the chance to implement programs that will live on long after they return to their home country.

  • Youth ministers will have the chance to inspire change in future generations and help youth overcome obstacles and challenges they are faced with, something both young and old will appreciate.

  • Volunteering abroad will improve any volunteer’s general people skills and his or her ability to talk to people from all walks of life, which will most definitely be beneficial in any future career.
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A Guide To
Volunteering Abroad in Youth Ministry


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