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Students and professionals in this field have an opportunity to work with local professionals at a small clinic in Granada. There are many people who need care, but there is a short supply of professionals in this field in Nicaragua. The center is also greatly interested in occupational therapy. In Nicaragua, occupational therapy is not fully recognized as a field of study or profession. Many ...


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Who Should Volunteer at the Clinic? Anybody can volunteer at the clinic! You do not need any formal health care training to qualify! Social workers, physicians, retired people, students, nurses, lawyers, teachers, EMTs, civilians, surgeons, the general public, veterinarians, armed forces personnel, specialty physicians, dental hygienists, pharmacists, general dentists, specialty dentists, po...


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Academic internships that allow students to gain practical experience while supporting social justice efforts. Work in clinics, hospitals, communitiy centers, women's organizations, schools and more! Open to individuals from all majors who are motivated and dedicated to making a difference. Academic credit avaiable for most internships.