Spice Up Your Resume with These 13 Hot Latin America Internships

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We all know that no one starts a career anymore just by going to college. We wish it were that easy to just get good grades and magically land a job! It’s time to truly differentiate yourself and get something unique and tangible on that resume before it ends up in a hiring manager’s inbox (or recycling bin!). 

Woman Kayaking in Drake Bay, Costa Rica

Just another day at the office in Costa Rica. 

If you’re looking to add a bit of spice to that horrible and scary sheet of paper, why not really go above and beyond by throwing in Latin America internships?

Why consider internships in Latin America?

Beyond boosting your resume and all of the other standard reasons to get an internship (we know, blah blah blah), you should consider an internship in Latin America to really have your preconceived notions challenged and see what it’s like to contribute first-hand to an up-and-coming region of the world. Latin America has a ton to offer young, hardworking, and open-minded students trying to get their bearings in the professional world, and even if you don’t speak Spanish or Portuguese, there is still something for you here.

Top Latin America internships in 2018-2019

Latin America encompasses an enormous amount of land, meaning that there are un montón of internship opportunities available! Here are our favorite Latin America internship providers with placements in multiple regions:

Maximo Nivel logo

1. Hospitality Internship in Latin America with Maximo Nivel

When it comes to Latin American internship opportunities, Maximo Nivel is one of the best. This provider focuses exclusively on meaningful travel in Latin America, and strives to provide the best Spanish immersion options available. One of their highlights is a multi-country internship opportunity, where interns can live and work in several countries, such as their multi-country hospitality internship in Costa Rica, Guatemala, or Peru. Perfect for those interns who can’t make up their mind or want to experience more than one place!

  • Where? Costa Rica, Peru, El Salvador, or Guatemala 
  • More info: Maximo Nivel
CISabroad logo

2. International Business Internships in Argentina with CISabroad

Well-known in the study abroad world, CISabroad has become a leader in providing affordable and significant internship placements all over the world. In Latin America alone, they offer internships in urban and rural environments plus the jungle, volcanic valleys, both coasts, and islands like the Galapagos. The majority of their Latin American internship opportunities include intensive language courses, incredible weekend excursions, a homestay experience, and at least one meal per day. Whether you’re interning on a sustainable farm in Ecuador or at an international business in Argentina, you’re sure to get a well-rounded experience within a new culture and come back with tangible skills, too! 

  • Where? Costa Rica, Argentina, Ecuador, or Peru
  • More info: CISabroad
Intern Abroad HQ

3. Intern with Special Needs Kids in Guatemala with Intern Abroad HQ

If you want to get serious with your Latin America internship, Intern Abroad HQ is where it’s at. A sister organization of the International Volunteer HQ (the world leader in volunteering abroad), IAHQ provides their interns with every type of placement option. From entry level, two week introductory internships to year-long, homestay immersion placements, there’s something for everyone. All interns participate in a weekly reflection course that introduces topics related to skill-building and meaningful engagement, so whether you’re looking for general experience or something more concrete like interning with special needs children in Guatemala, you’re sure to expand your horizons!

San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina

Jazz up your resume and up your hiking game.

World Internships logo

4. Marketing & PR Internship in Colombia with World Internships

Just like their name suggests, World Internships offers placements all over! Each of their internships is customized for your educational and work background as well as the goals you’d like to accomplish, and includes homestay housing, cultural activities, and intensive Spanish classes. Check out their marketing/PR internship in Colombia or their social work internships in Ecuador to get you started, but know that they have tons of Latin America internship opportunities available!

ELI logo

5. Legal Internships Abroad in Chile ELI Abroad

For over 15 years, Experiential Learning International (or ELI) has been providing customized internship placements all over Latin America based on interns’ background, goals, and language experience. The majority of their placements require some prior Spanish knowledge and a minimum time commitment of four weeks, so you know this isn’t just a glorified vacation! 

Whether you want to channel your inner Elle Woods with a legal internship in Chile or manage some dough with a microfinance internship in Guatemala, you’re sure to find some solid Latin America internships here!

  • Where? Ecuador, Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru, or Nicaragua
  • More info: ELI Abroad

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Top organizations for public health internships in Latin America

Calling all wannabe doctors, nurses, therapists, physician’s assistants, and surgeons! Latin America is an established leader in the healthcare world, and the perfect place for future medical professionals to get some solid experience. Come dip your toes into the field here! 

Atlantis logo

6. Atlantis

When it comes to public health internships in Latin America, nothing beats Atlantis. Focused exclusively on empowering future healthcare professionals, Atlantis requires their interns to shadow doctors for at least 20 hours per week and rotate through different specialities and medical practices. Their programs run throughout the winter and summer, come with housing in an apartment or dormitory, and help students prepare for taking the MCAT. We like them so much that we awarded them our Top International Internship award in 2016!

  • Where? Panama, Chile, Ecuador, or Uruguay
  • More info: Atlantis
Adelante logo

7. Adelante Abroad

One of the best public health internship placements in Latin America, Adelante Abroad has been sending all types of healthcare-related interns to South America for almost 20 years. Shadow a doctor in a large public hospital, rotate between different emergency rooms, or work in a sports rehabilitation center for starters! Program fees include accommodations in a homestay or apartment plus several weeks of intensive Spanish classes, and as you could assume, some experience or educational background in a health-related field is required to participate. 

CrossContinental logo

8. CrossContinental

If you’re searching for a customized healthcare internship that’s affordable and has a flexible schedule, look no further than CrossContinental! Internships through CrossContinental are really what you make of them, and placement options include the fields of HIV work, caregiving, and healthcare administration. Interns are able to receive academic credit and brush up on their Spanish skills through a homestay opportunity. The best part of this provider is the cost -- with program fees starting at $180 and including accommodations and meals, you just can’t beat this!

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Person floating in a lake in Huila, Colombia

Wash off the week in Colombia.

Top organizations for environmental internships in South America

It’s no secret that many parts of South America struggle with water and air quality, deforestation, loss of biodiversity, and population pressures. In response to these issues, tons of agencies have been popping up to help. No better time to get an environmental internship in South America!

FSD logo

9. Foundation for Sustainable Development

Just like its name suggests, the Foundation for Sustainable Development (FSD) focuses on matching sustainability interns with service-based or international research providers. All interns live with host families and work with locals to design and implement an environmental sustainability or renewable energy project in their community. Interns have the option to get involved in forest regeneration, renewable technology, sustainable water management, organic agriculture, or biodiversity causes, and can even participate in writing grants and proposals. An excellent choice for anyone looking for a ton of tangible experience!  

ISA logo

10. ISA 

A leader in the study abroad world, ISA has recently launched a ton of amazing internships in Latin America! Through their customized placements, interns can work in renewable energy, environmental architecture, or even manage events for a green organization. Interns have access to ISA’s Professional Development Toolbox, which is a giant resource to help grow your skills and knowledge while interning abroad. Applicants who do not have at least an intermediate understanding of Spanish will be required to live in a homestay, so you’ll be sure to grow your language skills during this South American internship, too!

  • Where? Chile
  • More info: ISA 
Connect-123 logo

11. Connect-123

When it comes to customizable environmental internship in South America, Connect-123 should be at the top of your list! From building community gardens and restoring natural ecosystems by planting trees to teaching best recycling practices and promoting green events, this provider has it all. Connect-123 really wants the best for their interns, which is why they help arrange whatever type of accommodation is best for your budget and goals, and even offer Spanish lessons to all interns. ¡Que bueno!

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A lone llama among brown patches of grass on the shore of a mountain lake, Los Flamencos National Reserve, Chile

Como se llama?

Corporate internships in Latin America

Does the idea of putting on a suit and tie every day get you jazzed? Are you a big-picture thinker looking to make a splash in the business world? Sounds like you were destined to break into true corporate culture! Why not start with some corporate Latin America internships?

Coca Cola logo

12. Coca-Cola

One of the largest companies in the world, it should come as no surprise that Coca-Cola offers a huge internship program abroad for both undergraduate and graduate students. Coke operates from Mexico to Argentina and is clustered into the four Business Units of Mexico, Latin Center, Brazil, and South Latin. With over 1,400 associates just in Latin America, interns will have their choice of field from engineering to public relations to distribution. Sign up for a Coca-Cola internship in Latin America ahora!

  • Where? All of Latin America
  • More info: Coca-Cola
CITI logo

13. Citi

Another huge company with a large Latin American footprint, Citi offers internship placements in pretty much every country and every job type. Most of their internships last about six months, enabling interns to really make a difference in their job functions and learn about their new communities and cultures. Their internship program is based on the “3E Model” of Experience, Exposure, and Education and was very carefully built to really launch interns’ careers. With everything from wealth management to operations and technology options, there’s certainly something for you at a Citi Latin America internship!

  • Where? 23 Latin American countries
  • More info: Citi

Your resume will shine with these Latin America internship opportunities

Don’t stop at just these hot Latin America internships! With everyone realizing how important experience is, there are internship opportunities popping up across all fields and geographic regions. Be sure to read program reviews and talk with alumni to help you narrow down your search, and don’t be afraid to get creative to really find the right fit. Ultimately, what matters is that you get great work experience, push your boundaries, and manage to have a little fun, too. Go get that resume ready for all of the exciting things you’re about to squeeze onto it!

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