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Interning Abroad in Asia

The continent of Asia has an incredibly broad and diverse mixture of cultures, languages, and economic structures. Coming from the West, interns will gain exposure to an entirely new way of life and gain invaluable global experience within their field of interest. Whether working in a highly developed Tiger Economy, a rapidly developing Tiger Cub economy, or anywhere beyond, internships in Asia will provide professional and personal development experience which will enrich interns’ lives beyond measure.


Asia is the largest continent in the world, so obviously your choice of locations for internships in Asia will be plentiful. The most common countries to pursue an internship in the Far East are Japan, South Korea, and China. Each has a distinctly unique culture and is at a different phase of economic development: Japan is a highly advanced economy, South Korea is a developed Tiger Economy, and China is a developing economy. The types of available internships in Asia will vary according to the state of the nation’s economy.

Southeast Asia presents an interesting blend of cultures and landscapes in which to intern abroad as well. Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines are collectively referred to as the four Tiger Cub economies because of their promising potential for industrial development in the coming years, making each nation an exciting and fruitful place to pursue an internship abroad. Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore are three highly developed economies which are also great places for internships abroad in Southeast Asia.

Further to the west lies India, a massive subcontinent of its own which remains in the fledgling stages of industrialization. Many Indian cities boast headquarters of large global companies, while underdeveloped rural areas offer many internships with NGOs and other international organizations. Other potential placements in this region are Nepal, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.

There are many more countries where you can find internships in Asia too, so do your research carefully and pick a destination that matches the internship experience you are looking for. Some additional factors to consider are travel opportunities, climate, infrastructural development, and cultural differences.

Internships in Asia

Available internship in Asia will vary most heavily on the nation’s economic development. For example, if you are pursuing a career in international business, finance, or marketing then you would likely want to pursue a placement in a largely, developed economy, such as Japan, China, Singapore, or South Korea. These destinations offer many internship opportunities working with globally integrated companies or organizations which can greatly boost your career prospects well in to the future. 

Developing economies, such as that of India and the Philippines, offer great internships abroad in fields like international development, public service, healthcare, and education. Living in a developing country may come with its fair dose of culture shock; but stepping out of your comfort zone to pursue an internship abroad in these less developed regions will prove to be a tremendous opportunity for growth, and also greatly impress potential employers by illustrating your adaptability and flexibility.

Language. The language barrier can be a hindrance to a successful internship in many Asian countries where English is not the universal language of business, so if language study is not part of your plan, then internship possibilities will become slightly limited. However, there are plenty of internships in Asia for English speaking interns.

Duration. Most internships in Asia last either for a few months over the summer, or for six months during the fall or spring semesters. Many internship programs also combine work experience with the possibility of obtaining academic credit, so prospective interns who are still in school can consider this path as well.

Salary & Costs

Internships abroad in Asia can be both paid or unpaid, depending on the industry you are placed in and your country of choice. Less developed nations tend to have minimal paid opportunities while paid internships in larger nations like China or highly industrialized nations like Japan are common and well paid.

The good news is that in most places the everyday cost of living will be much less expensive than in Western countries, so you can expect to save up some money relative to if you were pursuing an internship abroad in Europe. Prices of goods in Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong can be quite expensive, but in most other regions of the continent you can expect daily living costs to be affordable.

Accommodation & Visas

The type of accommodation available for those who intern in Asia will vary based on a few different factors, such as your specific location within the country (urban vs. rural), population density, and economic development of the country. If you are interning in Asia in a developing area then often you may be living under quite basic conditions (i.e. bucket showers, spotty Wi-Fi, eastern toilets, etc.), so prepare yourself for a more simple life. Many internship programs will offer interns the option of living in a homestay or independently in a flat.

Visa policies vary between different countries across Asia. In some you may be able to obtain the necessary visa upon arrival, in others you may have to apply in advance for a special visa to complete an internship. Communicate with your internship program provider or prospective employer early on about what your visa will require.

Benefits & Challenges

Coming from the western world, it is easy to overlook how large, important, and autonomous a region the whole eastern hemisphere of Asia is. However travelling to the continent as an intern will give you insight into an entirely new way of life, with a rich history, vast economic opportunity, and cultural diversity. Those who intern abroad in Asia will be challenged to adapt and learn while developing a more complete perspective of the modern globalizing state of their industry. Are you ready to make the leap?

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Interning Abroad in Asia


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Work with a nonprofit organization in Asia and help address critical global issues affecting small communities. This internship program offers participants with opportunities to gain a deeper understanding of Asian culture.


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Experience all China has to offer while you gain valuable work experience with a Connect-123 internship in Shanghai! Connect-123 offers a wide array of career related internship programs in various industries such as business consulting, education, health care, law and more!


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Gain professional work experience by taking part in the internship programs offered by Boston University Study Abroad. They work with major institutions in several key Asian countries to create high quality, life changing opportunities for students. They have built a stellar reputation for providing unparalleled academic and internship programs abroad.


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Gain international work experience while learning about the Chinese language and culture with Go Abroad China Ltd. This program gives young intellectuals from all over the world the chance to work in a Chinese business environment. Participants develop new skills and knowledge about the current world of business through internships spanning from Engineering to Management.


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Travel through Asia and experience this once in a lifetime chance to help others through the Projects Abroad internship placement. Earn an international understanding, as well as work experience in prestigious international and Asian companies.


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Earn international work experience with The Intern Group Asia. Get a position in one of the top private companies, NGOs, and state ministries for a maximum of two years. Prospective interns from all over the world can join in this internship program all year round. A large number of positions are available in different industries, including International Relations, Business Management, and Web ...


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IES Internships, a unit of IES Abroad, offers hands-on, professional internships in some of the world's most exciting cities. Whether you chose an eight-week, full-time summer internship in one of our 13 global locations, or enroll in a part-time internship while you study abroad for the semester, one thing is for sure: you'll add global brilliance to your résumé. With more than 400 global p...


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Global Experiences can help you truly experience Shanghai, China. Shanghai has over 23 million people making it one of the largest cities in the world. There are also hundreds of opportunities in business, finance, marketing, law, and IT. You can spend 8 or 12 weeks immersing yourself in Chinese culture while gaining valuable professional experience.


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Join Institute for Global Studies in Asia on a life-changing and meaningful program. Prospective participants from all over the world can choose from a wide range of internship options such as Web Design, Veterinary Science, and Ecotourism. The program are based in India, Nepal, and Thailand.


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CI was built on a very simple idea. Early in our adult lives, we make decisions that affect our entire lifetime. Just like your college education, your career should be planned and strategized with investment goals. CI’s mission is to empower young people to secure rewarding, lucrative careers that enable them to choose a lifestyle, rather than chase one. The Global Explorer Program is most p...


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Embark on a pre-professional internship in Asia. World Internships provides customized programs in participants’ specific fields of study. Interns will receive support from highly experienced staff throughout every step of the journey.