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Volunteering Abroad in Rehabilitation

Addiction is a disease that afflicts people in every corner of the globe. Just last year, over 3 million people died from alcohol addiction and injection drug use was reported from almost 150 different countries, making substance abuse a truly global issue that is in desperate need of a solution. Luckily, for those interested in donating their time and efforts, programs are available for volunteering in drug and alcohol rehabilitation all over the world.

Why Volunteer Abroad in Rehabilitation

Drug and alcohol addiction is simultaneously very similar and very different from many other social issues addressed by volunteers around the world. On one hand, it is an issue often bred by other problems within the society, such as poverty or widespread disease, making the  problem almost impossible to fully correct without some kind of change to the current state of affairs. On the other had, addiction is a disease in itself and volunteers working to assist those afflicted by it are making a huge difference in the lives of the people they are working with. 

Regardless of the social, political, or economic status of the country one is volunteering abroad in, addiction is a barrier to the success of the individual afflicted and their condition will almost certainly never improve without some kind of help. Many times the target population of drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs would never receive the treatment they need due to an inability to afford treatment or the simple fact that treatment programs do not exist where they live.

Volunteering abroad in rehabilitation programs is a way to provide people with the opportunity for a cure they otherwise would likely never receive, making this type of volunteer program crucially important in the lives of those being treated. 


Unfortunately, addiction is not a disease that harms just a single population. Rather, it has the potential to destroy the life of essentially any human being on Earth given the right circumstances. Due to this, the possible destinations for volunteering in drug and alcohol rehabilitation abroad are almost endless. The following countries are some of the hardest hit, but keep in mind that these are just examples. Prospective volunteers are encouraged to research any country they are interested in to find the volunteer programs that suit them best. 

Russia. In just the past 15 years, the amount of alcohol consumed by the average Russian citizen has tripled, leading to a dramatic decline in life expectancy in the nation. With consumption so high, alcohol addiction rates continue to be sky high as well, meaning that Russia is a prime location for volunteering in alcohol rehabilitation. It is possible to find organizations to work with all over the country, but some of the most well-established programs will be found in the major cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg. Teaching skills may be a plus for volunteers in Russia, as many programs will include a language component, offering recovering addicts the opportunity to learn a new skill while working to maintain their sobriety.

South Africa. South Africa is a prime example of the wide-reaching impacts of drug and alcohol abuse within a society. While many separate factors are certainly at play, injection drug use is a primary driver of the unprecedented epidemic of HIV/AIDS in the country. Add to this the fact that South Africa also sees one of the highest rates of alcohol consumption in the world and you have a prime destination for drug and alcohol rehabilitation volunteering abroad. Major volunteer programs are available in Cape Town, most of which will emphasize balancing alcohol and drug rehabilitation with managing life with HIV/AIDS.

Cambodia. Cambodia is a nation that sees many of its issues with drugs and alcohol born from poverty, as opposed to widespread disease. Some advances are being made, but poverty rates in Cambodia (especially in the rural regions of the country) remain alarmingly high and often come paired with alcohol and drug abuse as well. Rehabilitation volunteer programs in Cambodia will likely have their headquarters in the capital, Phnom Penh, with the opportunity to actually work in more rural regions. Cambodia may be a great choice for those looking for a more rural experience as a volunteer abroad in rehabilitation.

Volunteer Abroad in Rehabilitation

Drug and alcohol addiction can impact just about anyone, regardless of who they are, where they live, or what their social status may be. This means that volunteer work in drug and alcohol rehabilitation in a general population can expose volunteers to people from all walks of life, and this is certainly the type of experience one can expect in many countries around the world.

However, because drug and alcohol abuse tend to go hand in hand with other issues related to health,as well as socioeconomic status, the opportunity for working with a specific subset of a nation’s population is very common as well. Within these more focused populations, issues that tend to accompany drug and alcohol abuse will likely be targeted simultaneously.

Rehabilitation volunteer programs in areas with high poverty rates will likely include efforts to empower local people and to create sustainable commerce among those being treated. Another major issue linked with substance abuse is HIV/AIDS. Drug and alcohol rehabilitation volunteer programs in Asia and Africa will likely focus heavily on approaches that impact both of these serious issues at the same time, meaning that volunteers will typically get a double dose of experience in combating these different but closely linked issues.

Day-to-day tasks and the required time committment for those that want to volunteer abroad in rehabilitation programs can vary pretty widely. Volunteer placements with smaller-scale organizations will tend to be more lenient with regards to total volunteering time, but with a shorter time frame will likely come less responsibility and simpler tasks as well.

Larger organizations tend to ask volunteers to stay for a minimum of several weeks and a maximum of 12 months, but with the extended time on site will often come more specialized tasks and more in-depth activities in the treatment of patients. Longer term volunteers can expect to work hands-on with patients in counseling or educational roles, providing valuable experience that could be applicable in a future career.

Benefits & Challenges

Direct Impact. Working as a volunteer abroad in rehabilitation programs will allow volunteers to have a direct impact on the lives of seriously ill people in any region of the world they choose. Substance abuse issues plague even the most well-established and advanced societies on earth, so the opportunities for making a difference are plentiful.

Helping Social Systems. Volunteers will gain valuable experience not only in rehabilitation work, but also in related fields, like social work and infectious disease control, and forever altering lives in the process. If drug and alcohol rehabilitation is anywhere on your future career radar, then an international volunteer program in the field is the perfect way to add professional experience to your resume while simultaneously helping people who desperately need it.

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Contribute to Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation efforts through Love Volunteers. Participants work with victims of domestic violence, people suffering addiction or infected with HIV, and those with special needs. Volunteers can get involved in mediation and counseling, advocacy and awareness raising, delivery of workshops, and case studies.


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Work in Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation volunteering programs in developing nations with Projects Abroad. The organization offers programs in a range of countries and sends more than 10,000 volunteers abroad each year. Projects Abroad has staff in every volunteering destination, guaranteeing full support for participants.


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Experience exciting and personally inspiring volunteering programs through Cross-Cultural Solutions. Volunteers can join a Drug and Rehabilitation Rehablitation project initiated by the community. This ensures their efforts truly meet the needs of at-risk locals.


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Through this project you not only get the chance to take amazing wildlife and magnificent landscape portraits, raising money for conservation projects, but your work will also be noticed, shared and used in various marketing drives. Your photos will support research and be used as part of the identification process of the animals on the 2 local reserves you will work between. You will have ...


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Contribute to the success of a drug rehabilitation project abroad with Kaya Responsible Travel. The organization offers volunteer programs that help individuals affected by drug abuse. Volunteers participate in an addiction recovery program and work with former drug users, addicts, and the families impacted by the problem.


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Take part in Drug and Alcohol Rehab projects abroad with Connect-123. The organization works with nonprofit organizations, hospitals, clinics, and schools. Volunteers have the opportunity to change the lives of underprivileged and at-risk children and adults.


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Adelante Abroad offers low cost volunteer programs in a wide variety of fields and causes (listed below) in Oaxaca, Mexico. Volunteers can work for up to 12 months and programs are offered year round. Programs are customizable; you'll be paired with organizations in need of specific skills while allowing you to reach your academic and career goals. Oaxaca is one of the most biodiverse ar...


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Provide much-needed help to at-risk youths in the Philippines through Volunteer for the Visayans. Voilunteers will coach and mentor youth in conflict with the law, specifically young male adolescents who are desperate to change the current state of their lives. Participants will serve as role models and work to empower the boys by sharing their skills and talents.


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Volunteer Abroad in Nicaragua! Located in the heart of Granada, the youth center provides meals and a wide variety of educational and vocational program for the needy youth of the region. Volunteers can get involved in a variety of tasks including: * Sports * Arts * Music/drama * Computers * English instruction * Meal preparation Each placement depends on when you decide to go, your ...


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Work with Global Volunteers to change the lives of children in India. Volunteers can truly make a significant, lifetime difference in one of the poorest regions of the world through hands-on teaching and labor projects. Global Volunteers works in partnership with child care centers and schools to serve at-risk youth. Volunteer help is much needed to teach and stimulate young minds, care for you...


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Get hands-on experience working on a medical placement in India,Cambodia, Nepal or Sri Lanka. We offer medical electives abroad to pre-med and medical students of any medical discipline, so you can put your skills into practice, learn new skills along the way, and broaden your horizons through immersive travel. Our medical placements designed to give you structured and supervised work experienc...


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Contribute to Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation efforts with UBELONG. Volunteers can make a huge impact in the lives of at-risk children and adults in underprivileged communities. Programs run from one week to six months and can be customized to match individual requirements and preferences.


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Have the opportunity to volunteer at Canadian Indian Reserve and learn about the fascinating culture of the Secwepemc nation. The minimum duration is 4 weeks up to a maximum duration of 12 weeks. Longer durations are available on request. There are many fields you can be involved in depending on your interest: Community service program support who are all under staffed and over utili...


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The Intern Group is the leading provider of internship programs in the emerging market of Colombia! We provide international students with internships in top private companies, NGOs and state ministries. Our programs are regularly featured on CNN International and other mainstream media. Apply now for a wonderful experience and propel your professional development! Develop your Spanish langu...


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A Broader View offers volunteering opportunities at a soup kitchen in Ayacucho, Peru. Most of the daily visitors of the soup kitchen are elderly, homeless, and small school children. Volunteers will help prepare and cook meals. Volunteers will help to set up tables, serve meals, clean tables, wash dishes, clean floors, and take care of the garbage. Volunteers also help school children with thei...