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A Guide to Volunteering Abroad for 1-2 Years

It happened. You knew it was bound to happen sooner or later. You drank the sweet, sweet volunteering Kool-Aid and caught the travel bug. Now, you’ve decided that it’s time to take your passion for helping others to the next level and embark on a 1-2 year volunteer abroad program. With infinite program options and plenty of need, there are always spots waiting to be filled with volunteers of every shape and size, and volunteers looking to commit 1-2 years are in particularly hot demand. The only prereqs are an open heart and an open schedule.

Why Volunteer for 1-2 years?

While the benefits of volunteering for any length of time are invaluable, long-term volunteering programs that last 1-2 years have off-the-chart potential. 1-2 year volunteer programs abroad are sure to be a life changing experience for both volunteer and the local communities.

Perhaps the most compelling reason to dive headfirst into long-term volunteering is to truly become a part of the community you are serving. Plus, you will get to stick around long enough to really see a project through and watch it evolve. But that won’t be the only thing that evolves. Like most who are passionate about volunteering, your ultimate goal is probably to help people. But intentionally or unintentionally, volunteering will also change you in countless ways.

GoAbroad’s Inside Scoop

Relationships. The relationships you build when you do a 1-2 year volunteer program abroad are the rock solid, in it for life kinds of relationships. Long-term volunteers are not just pop-in visitors—they’re family.

Homesickness. Leaving behind everything you’ve ever known and trading it in for a life in a strange land for years to come is bound to bring about some bouts of homesickness here and there. No one is immune. The best way to combat this? Invite your friends and family to come visit you in whatever super rad country you now call home!

Be the Change. While short-term volunteer projects often place the emphasis on accomplishing short-term goals and changes, long-term volunteers are the ones backing these changes. They are much more rooted in the creation of transformational aspirations. Long-term volunteers are the ones who work towards the systemic changes that many aspire to accomplish. Volunteering is not an excursion but a lifestyle change.

There are those who point at what’s wrong and hope someone else will put in the hard work to change it, and then there’s you. You are among those who get out there, roll up your sleeves, and try to make this planet better for all. Long term volunteering takes a lot of grit, dedication, and no shortage of elbow grease, but we think you’re up for the task.

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A Guide To
Volunteering Abroad for 1-2 Years


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Childcare Support Volunteering in Cordoba, Argentina

With the poor living conditions endured by disadvantaged children in Argentina, a large portion suffer from malnutrition and poor hygiene, and many are forced to abandon school to help support their families financially. Investment in early childhood development is critical to breaking the poverty cycle in Argentina. Volunteers on the Childcare project act as positive role models, introducing n...


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Best Volunteer Programs & Internships from $5 per day

GoEco is one of the world's top volunteer organizations, with award-winning programs that are carefully chosen by the company's founding sustainable travel experts. With projects starting at just $5 a day, GoEco provides affordable, outstanding volunteering projects, all with 24/7 support and travel insurance. GoEco was established in 2006 and has since sent thousands of volunteers to p...


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Make a REAL difference with Love Volunteers – From US$175!

Become a Love Volunteer and get a truly memorable experience whilst helping those in real need. Love Volunteers has provided meaningful 1-2 year long volunteering abroad programs to thousands of volunteers seeking safe, responsible and affordable ways to help needy communities! Check out our exciting programs and sign up now!


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Volunteer with Elephants in Thailand

Thailand's Chiang Mai Province is home to the local Karen community and GVI volunteers get to work and live in this interesting village. The local community have worked with elephants for hundreds of years and volunteers get the chance to help them with the rehabilitation of elephants rescued from working in the tourist industry. You will also help mahouts (traditional elephant keepers) and oth...


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Medicine & Healthcare in Tanzania with Projects Abroad

Interning abroad in Medicine & Healthcare in Tanzania is an excellent way to gain experience combined with the chance to help people in some of the most under-resourced medical institutions in the developing world. Projects Abroad works with both small health clinics and large government hospitals in Tanzania, allowing interns the unique opportunity to experience a variety of different depar...


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Orphan Care and Teaching - Victoria Falls

Working as a volunteer in Zimbabwe, carrying out simple acts of caring, playing, teaching, and helping, can bring hope and smiles to the needy and orphaned. By volunteering with children abroad, simply playing with them, giving them a smile or a hug, can have life-changing effects. Positive interaction increases their self-worth, instilling a sense of acceptance and giving them a vision for a h...


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Family Volunteering: Building and Organic Farming in Belize

Bring your family to Belize and join us on this farming and building project for disadvantaged teenagers. Building work can be some of the most rewarding volunteer work you can do as a family, because it leads to tangible results, which children benefit from seeing. Working as a team, learning about eco-friendly construction techniques and organic farming in the friendly environment of a commun...


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Volunteer and Explore on a Gap Year of a Lifetime!

A world of possibilities awaits you with Frontier. You could be spending memorable days scuba diving off the brilliant white sand beaches of Fiji or discovering South Africa on a wildlife conservation project working with lion cubs! * Choose the best for your dream adventure Frontier has over 300 projects in countries throughout Africa, South America, Europe and Australasia, giving you un...


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Intern & Volunteer Abroad: from USD180

CrossContinental offers affordable intern abroad, volunteer abroad, culture/language immersion programs in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Gain hands-on experience, improve your resume, enhance cultural understanding, and build global network. Stay with a host family for culture and language immersion. Affordable program fees start from only USD180 (accommodation & meals included). These vo...


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Volunteer in the Philippines!

Like any third world country, the Philippines suffers from diseases due to poor hygiene and sanitation brought about by poor awareness programs. This is one of the major issues the country needs to face, and come up with solutions to. A lot of people in rural areas cannot afford to pay for medicines and regular medical check-ups. Volunteer for the Visayans is reaching out to those in need of...


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Dog and Cat Rescue in Kathmandu!

There are more than 20,000 street dogs in Kathmandu - some say, the number is closer to 30,000. There isn’t enough money or manpower or even will to take care of all of them or to dramatically control their population. That’s why the unusual dog rescue ELI partners with on the outskirts of Kathmandu is so important. It’s an effective, humane place that needs the help of volunteers and offers a...


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Street Children Programme in India

Travel to Delhi - the bustling capital of India - and volunteer with street children on this thoroughly worthwhile programme. There many children in Delhi, who have very little and live in poor urban areas. Often these children have very little to do during the day and this leads to high risks of exploitation. You will be working at one of many centers in the city dedicated to providing a sa...


Tanzania, Moshi: Medical/Dental Programs

Volunteers with professional credentials, or those currently enrolled in medical or nursing school are welcome at a district hospital outside of Arusha. Patient count can vary from day to day. Since many health centers lack modern facilities, or have broken equipment and lack of staff, the placements are very challenging. However, volunteers will have a physician to shadow and work with. Volunt...


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Construction Volunteering with Build Abroad

Build Abroad is the leader in construction volunteering trips, offering trips working on housing, schools, and disaster relief. Build Abroad feels that construction volunteering is the best way to give back to a community. Construction projects provide a physical impact in a community that will last for years. Currently Build Abroad has locations in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nepal, Peru, and Thail...


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Volunteer World: Best Volunteer Abroad Programs Worldwide

Looking to apply your talent and expertise to a good cause? Find a program that matches your interests and skills through Volunteer World! We are the largest volunteer abroad comparison platform around the globe, enabling you to seek and compare offers from major travel agencies as well as smaller grassroots NGOs and local specialists in more than 80 countries. All these with just one click! ...