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A Guide to Studying Neuroscience & Behavior Abroad

It is no secret that the United States boasts some of the finest behavioral neuroscience programs in the world. Why bother going abroad then? How about exploring a new city, working with peers from around the world, and coming to gain a fuller appreciation of how the principles of biology transcend culture by immersing yourself in an entirely new social environment? Studying neuroscience and behavior abroad will take you far beyond the classroom, encompassing a much broader range of  lessons by teaching you daily through living in a different culture.


There are a large amount of universities across the world which boast respectable medical and neuroscientific research departments. Some of the top ranked neuroscience and behavior departments in Europe are at the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford in England, the University of Dusseldorf in Germany, the University of Zurich in Switzerland, and the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. These are all highly prestigious institutions with track records which boast multiple Nobel laureates and a thick resume of cutting edge scientific achievement.

If you are looking to move beyond Western civilization, try to study neuroscience and behavior abroad in the increasingly competitive Asian university system. The National University of Singapore in Singapore, Seoul National University in South Korea, the University of Tokyo in Japan, and the University of Hong Kong in China are all top ranked universities in their home countries and each boast respectable neuroscience and behavior departments. Exposing yourself to Eastern civilization will culturally supplement your classroom education with an entirely different context under which to approach the social manifestation of neuroscientific phenomena.

There are Universities all over the world which offer an intriguing blend of neuroscientific study with enriching cultural immersion. It is important to keep in mind that when studying neuroscience and behavior abroad, especially if only for one semester, that location can often prove more rewarding than the prestige of any academic institution. If you are wanting to study abroad in a developing country in South America or Southeast Asia for example, do not let the lack of internationally acclaimed educational institutions deter you. You will learn much more from daily life in these places than you ever could in a classroom.

Courses & Programs

What neuroscience and behavior courses you take abroad will depend heavily on your area of concentration within the broad field of neuroscience and behavioral research, as well as available courses at your host university. Consider branching out and exploring new focuses while studying abroad. Neuroscience is a highly interdisciplinary field so you will likely be offered courses in the areas of psychology, chemistry, biology, genetics, physics, and more which will transfer credit back to your home university.

Also take advantage of your new cultural surroundings by enrolling in general education or extracurricular courses outside the field of neuroscience. For example if you are studying abroad in Japan, do not spend all of your time struggling with chemical principles which are universally applicable – try to enroll in a Japanese History or Eastern Philosophy class to supplement and enrich your unique academic experience living in that country!

GoAbroad Insider Tips

If you take the opportunity to study neuroscience and behavior abroad it will allow you to advance your knowledge in the field and apply lessons learned in the classroom in your everyday experiences as a stranger in a strange land. Learning how behavioral issues and neurological disorders are handled and viewed in the context of a different culture will widen your academic and cultural perspective on the subject, as well as personal development.

For students of any discipline, studying abroad is often the independent growth experience of a lifetime. By studying neuroscience and behavior abroad you will not only gain a wider perspective and cultural context through which to more thoroughly understand your area of scientific focus, but you will also grow immensely as an individual who is capable of forming their own opinions of how the world works.

Science is first and foremost a discipline which is centered around skepticism of the existing body of knowledge. In order to stay at the head of your field you must learn how to look forward, think outside the box, and never stop questioning the established status quo. Not only will studying neuroscience and behavior abroad be the definitive first step in this direction, but it’ll be a whole lot of fun too.

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A Guide To
Studying Neuroscience & Behavior Abroad


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Shadow doctors in Spain. 20+ AAMC-compliant hrs/week.

The Atlantis Fellowship gives pre-medical and pre-health students AAMC-compliant, ethical shadowing hours in international hospitals. The Atlantis mission is to help pre-medical and pre-health students pursue their callings in medicine passionately through their interactions with international healthcare. Atlantis is committed to partnering with students on their way to becoming a doctor, wh...


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IES Internships - Barcelona Full-Time Semester Internship

As the economic and cultural hub of the Iberian Peninsula with internship placements in commerce, media, fashion and more, Barcelona is the perfect place for your semester-long internship abroad. With IES Internships, you are guaranteed an unpaid, for-credit, 12-week internship of at least 30 hours per week in a business or organization that suits your career goals. Build a global network of pr...


USAC THE NETHERLANDS: Maastricht - Undergraduate Coursework

The Maastricht program is ideal for students interested in earning credit toward their degree while engaging in hands-on, student-led learning in an international setting. Regardless of the term you choose, your coursework will be supplemented with experiences such as field trips, museum visits, and seminars on locations. Since the majority of Dutch citizens are fluent in English (and extremely...


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API at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

API students have the opportunity to study abroad in Wellington at one of New Zealand’s top universities – Victoria University of Wellington (VUW). VUW carries the prestigious “triple crown” of business school accreditation (AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA), and features comprehensive offerings in subjects such as architecture and design, education, computer engineering, humanities and social sciences, law,...


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New York University

Complete a degree in Neuroscience at New York University Shanghai. The campus is the newest addition to the NYU global network that provides four-year degree programs. Dedicated faculty at NYU Shanghai provides fulfilling classroom experiences while expanding their own scholarship and research.


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Global Health Semester Program at the UPF

The Global Health at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) is for those students majoring in health sciences, medicine, biology, veterinary science, nursing, or any other health-related field and/or who is planning to apply to medical school after graduation. This program offers academic rigor and a high degree of cultural immersion. The highly regarded UPF has organized a dynamic set of program ...


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Study Abroad in London at the University of Roehampton

The University of Roehampton offers students the opportunity to live and learn on a close-knit collegiate campus just a stone's throw away from the sights and sounds of the capital city. Students can really experience the 'best of both worlds' at London’s only parkland campus. You will study for one semester or a full year alongside Roehampton students from over 130 countries worldwide. Guar...


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Mente Argentina: Semester & Academic Year at Top Universities in Argentina

Study abroad for a semester or an academic year in Argentina through Mente Argentina's flexible, exciting Academic Semester and Academic Year Programs. Study in an Argentine university and obtain academic credit at their home university. Mente Argentina has made agreements with the most prestigious universities in Argentina. We offer individualized pre-departure consulting for each student t...


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American University of Beirut

The American University of Beirut has long been admired for the strength and breadth of its academic programs and its commitment to a broad-based liberal arts education. All entering undergraduate students are required to complete a number of general education courses that provide them with the opportunity to explore many different disciplines. The University's Faculties of Agricultural and Foo...


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Summer Spanish Immersion - Study &/or Intern!

The perfect opportunity to greatly improve your Spanish! Immerse yourself in the Spanish language and culture! Take Spanish courses for academic credit, live with Spanish speaking roommates, and use Spanish in daily life. Additionally, you have the option to add an internship, for credit, in your field. This program is ideal for those who truly want to improve their Spanish language skil...


Middlebury School in Spain: Madrid

Madrid is a vibrant city of more than three million residents. As the capital of Spain, it is an important political, economic, and cultural center, and is home to several museums, theatres, and an active nightlife. The student population in Madrid exceeds 200,000, which gives the city an exciting, boisterous, and friendly atmosphere. And even though Madrileños are accustomed to living a cosmop...


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Study Abroad at Queen Mary University of London

Queen Mary University of London [QMUL] is one of the UK’s leading research-focused higher education institutions. With over 20,000 students in total, including over 900 study abroad students welcomed to campus each year, QMUL offers a truly global experience. Based in a creative and culturally diverse area of east London, we are the only London university able to offer a completely integrated r...


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Study Abroad at Bangor University in Wales, UK

Many students choose to study at Bangor University, North Wales as visiting study abroad scheme students. Every year, well over 100 students from North, Central and South America, Asia and mainland Europe undertake a semester or a whole year at Bangor and transfer the credits achieved to the home University. This means that students who are taking a degree course at another university can vi...


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DIS Copenhagen – Summer Courses

Our summer calendar makes it easy to mix and match sessions between Copenhagen and Stockholm and stay for the amount of time that is right for you. Choose from three-, four-, or seven-week sessions, or combine sessions to stay up to 10 weeks. You can earn up to 12 credits over your summer. Visit our website for the complete list of session course offerings! DIS HOUSING OPTIONS DIS hou...