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A Guide to Studying Communications Abroad

So, you’re thinking about studying communications abroad, but you aren’t sure how to start? Communications is an incredibly wide ranging discipline that incorporates concepts from nearly all areas of the humanities and social sciences, not to mention journalism and business. Therefore, choosing the best way to study communications abroad may seem overwhelming at first, but don’t worry! It is better to have too many options than not enough, and studying communitication abroad in any country, through any program, will surely develop your knowledge in the field of communications.

Why Study Communications Abroad

At its core, communications is the study of how human beings interact and communicate information effectively. In the rapidly globalizing world of today, cross cultural dialogue is becoming an increasingly important aspect of every professional field and sector of society. If it isn’t clear yet, there is hardly any better way to gain a leg up in the field of communications than by taking your studies abroad. Studying communications abroad is your opportunity to greatly deepen your knowledge of the discipline while exposing yourself to all different forms of communications, social settings, and societial customs.


Language acquisition can be considered one very important part of the study of communications, and therefore, should be a major criteria you look for when deciding where to study communications abroad. If you are currently learning a language at your home university, choosing a country where you can speak it regularly with natives and deepen your fluency should be one of your top priorities. You will be amazed at the progress you can make in your language abilities during your study abroad program!

Of course not all communications students decide to pursue a foreign language; if you are not currently studying a foreign language, the answers to where you should study communications abroad will be more based on your area of interest, the local culture, and the type of communications study abroad programs available. In the English-speaking world, you should have no problem gaining access to the full course catalogue of local universities, whereas in many other regions of the world, where English is not the medium of education, your options for communications study abroad may be more limited (but nonetheless beneficial).

Some of the most prestigious universities in the world for studying communications are found in Australia, Singapore, England, and the United States. However, since communications is such popular and broad discipline, it is possible to study communications abroad in nearly any country. Generally, most universities offer communications courses, or courses in highly related fields.

When studying communications abroad, it seems the world is your oyster, so try going somewhere that will challenge you!

Studying Communications Abroad

The best way to ensure that the communications courses you take abroad will transfer back to your home university is by studying abroad at a large university. Communication courses covering a wide array of topics are typically available at most universities worldwide, ranging from oral communication to media studies. However, inevitable language barriers do inhibit foreign students from enrolling in local universities in some countries, in which case you may have to look elsewhere for opportunities to study communications abroad while staying on track for your degree. 

If you want to study communications abroad outside the English speaking world, but are unfamiliar with the local language, there are still plenty of options. One alternative is to choose a study abroad program that is conducted by an independent team of staff members and instructors through an international center or third party provider. Additionally, you can also opt for communications courses offered at a satellite school or international campus. Classes at these institutions will be taught in much smaller groups and will be designed specifically for international students, which can provide a great way to familiarize yourself with the local culture in a comfortable environment.

While communications courses might not always be available at smaller institutions, chances are good that you will be able to select from a handful of related disciplines, such as economics, political science, or sociology, and still earn credits that are useful for your degree. No matter where you choose to study communications abroad, be sure to consult your home university about which classes will and won’t transfer back!

GoAbroad Insider Tips

Cultural Exchange. A vital part of completing a communications degree is learning how to communicate information efficiently, which includes across cultural and linguistic boundaries. Studying communications abroad will be an invaluable experience to add to your education. 

Language Acquisition. Whether a beginner with no experience or close to fluent, making the effort to learn as much of the local language as possible while studying abroad will not only create a more immersive experience, it will help give you deeper insight into your field of study as well.

Growth Experience. Leaving your home country behind to have a larger experience in a different cultural context will cause your perspective of the world around you to mature greatly, and it will also be one of the most fun things you will ever do!

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Learn Filmmaking & Acting in the Heart of Florence, Italy

New York Film Academy (NYFA) in Florence has been providing intensive, hands-on programs since 2003. We currently offer Filmmaking and Acting for Film courses, with a duration ranging from 1 week (3, 4, 6, 8 weeks) to a semester. The facilities of NYFA Florence are just a block away from the central market, which boasts of bustling activities that help give the city’s energetic vibe. Wander t...


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Intern in Barcelona (Spain)

Get a sneak peek at your future career in the heart of one of Western Europe’s cultural and business hubs. On Intern in Barcelona, you’ll gain relevant, career-oriented skills while living in a playful, lively city that rarely sleeps. We’ll tailor your internship to match your goals and interests, giving you real-world experience in your chosen field. There’s more to love about spending four to...


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AIFS Study Abroad in London: Semester or Year

As one of the world’s top university cities, you can expect plenty of wonderful opportunities while on a study program in London! Join AIFS students in England’s vibrant capital for a semester or academic year and earn up to 15 credits attending classes at Richmond, the American International University in London. AIFS in London offers a unique academic program: Traditional Academic Program,...


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IES Abroad London - Study London Semester/Year Program

Come supplement the value an undergraduate degree with a study abroad or international internship experience in London! Programs include: Economics, Health Practice, International Business, Womens Studies, Film, Communications, Literature, and Performing Arts. The possibilities are numerous. Choose between a semester or a full year program with the ability to participate in subject-specifi...


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Boston University: London Internship Program

The London Internship Program of Boston University offers a semester of study and work in England's exciting capital city. This program combines a professional internship with coursework that examines a particular academic area in the context of Great Britain's history, culture, and society, and its role in modern Europe. Courses in each academic area are taught by selected British faculty excl...


Intensive Chinese in GAC's Small Group Program

Go Abroad China is a 13-year-old organization devoted to fostering international understanding through Internship Programs, Chinese Language Study Programs and other exchange programs. So far more than 1500 students from over 50 countries have joined GAC programs and many students enjoy their GAC experience so much that they return for a second time, or recommend their friends to join GAC. ...


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Athena Study and Intern Abroad in Florence, Italy

Athena's partner school in Florence, Italy, Lorenzo de' Medici (LdM), is a private institution located among several buildings in the center of this charming Renaissance city. The campus' main building dates back to the 13th century and, before being renovated, was originally a convent and church. Florence was the heart of the Renaissance, and its artistic flair is still tangible. With that ...


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Semester Study Abroad in Seville, Spain - Adelante Abroad

Seville, Spain is a beloved destination among tourists. Enjoy a semester in one of southern Spain's most popular Andalusian cities! In Seville, students are sure to develop their Spanish language, conversation, and reading composition skills. Language acquisition and cultural immersion are always at the forefront of Adelante Abroad's programs. Candidates have the option to take up to five cour...


Budget Low Cost - University of Oxford (Summer)

Take advantage of low-cost study abroad programs in the UK and spend your summer at the University of Oxford, from which the city and university town revolves around. Earn college credit for English-taught courses in Liberal Arts (Humanities) and other disciplines. See the website of CSA for course listings within your track or area of interest. You have the option to attend for two or four wee...


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Syracuse University London Center

Study in the heart of London for a semester through Syracuse University's London Center program. You will take courses in liberal arts, as well as professional courses in architecture, music industry, design, business, public communications, and theater. This program includes internship placements in real work settings, allowing you to prepare for a career in today's highly globalized economy. ...


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USAC ITALY: Torino-International Business/Politics & Art

The Torino program is ideal for students who are interested in studying International Business, Art/Architecture, and Italian Studies in an exciting, cosmopolitan setting. Named the Youth Capital of Europe in 2010, Torino is an excellent location to study and practice the Italian language and to experience Italys rich culture away from the crowded tourist areas. Torino is home to many prominent...


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API at LdM in Florence, Italy

Be inspired by immaculate Renaissance architecture, passionate art pieces, as well as a vibrant and historical culture! Florence is arguably one of the most desirable cities in the world and offers a great learning environment as well as opportunities for internships, service learning, and volunteering. Ideal for someone who doesnt mind the hustle and bustle of a touristy city and for those...


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ISA Study Abroad in Madrid, Spain

Broaden your knowledge and perspective in Spain through our study abroad program! Through ISA, you can enroll in courses (based on your Spanish proficiency) at any of these universities in Madrid. • Universidad Antonio de Nebrija: Spanish Language, Liberal Arts and Business; Hispanic Studies; or Spanish Language and Regular Courses • Universidad Carlos III de Madrid: Business and Communicat...


CIEE Advanced Liberal Arts in Seville, Spain

Don’t just study in Spain – immerse yourself in the people, places, and events that have made it what it is today. Take part in CIEE’s challenging Advanced Liberal Arts program in Seville. Awaken your senses during excursions and cultural activities. Build your Spanish language skills during homestays, a conversation exchange, and more. And dive into the Spanish history and culture during cours...


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Native Spanish Program—Costa Rica | Guatemala | Peru

Live and study in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru. Maximo Nivel offers the most intensive and professional Spanish immersion program in Latin America. Our Native Spanish Program emphasizes oral communication and integrated skills development to help you really build your Spanish language proficiency - this is a great immersion experience. Our native-speaking Spanish teachers are highly q...