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Studying Business Abroad

With the way the world has evolved over the last century, it is impossible to study Business and ignore the blooming global connectedness that has become a fundamental component of corporate structures all over the world. Studying business abroad is the first step towards gaining an appreciation of how the field of business is developing on a global scale. Business students who choose to study abroad will have the experiential adventure of a lifetime, by living abroad and embracing another culture, and expand their business knowledge immensely.

Why Choose Study Abroad

Business is a truly universal discipline. By studying business abroad you will come to appreciate the intricacies of how other cultures facilitate everyday bartering, transactions, and negotiations that keep societies afloat. Whether you are interested in a career in domestic or international business, studying business abroad will be a great advantage for you in the future, since you will be able to explore and come to understand how business models work at both fundamental and complex levels. Plus, studying abroad will be an incredible adventure that won’t look too bad on a resume when you start applying for jobs.


You can truly study business anywhere in the world and from each place you would take away a little something different. Starting at the top, some of the best business schools in the world are located in Europe and East Asia. Countries, such as England, Japan, Germany, Singapore, Switzerland, and South Korea, that are rich in well-established corporations, boast reputable academic institutions, and thriving cultures of efficiency and innovation are great nations to study business abroad. Studying business within the context of an advanced industrial economy, like that of the latter countries, can leverage your international education greatly by providing invaluable culturally immersive experiences on top of your study abroad coursework.

Still as they say, there is book smarts and there is street smarts. Studying business in a developing country, where most of your business transactions occur in the form of bartering and every price is negotiable, will give you incredible practical experience that not all business students get exposure to. In certain regions of South America, North Africa, and India especially, you can test your business mettle through everyday bargaining shopping at local markets or shops. Studying abroad in one of these regions will also afford you with the rare chance to embrace a culture on the other side of globalization, and enlighten you on the real value of fair business practices. 

Many study abroad program providers even offer programs that take students to multiple countries during the course of a semester, which are definitely unique programs for students to seriously consider.

Wherever you decide to study business abroad you will undoubtedly return with an improved knowledge of macroeconomics and how businesses around the world are becoming increasingly interconnected. Whether your ambitions lay on Wall Street or Main Street, studying abroad will expand your world perspective in a way that will decisively shape your knowledge and understanding of business and business culture.

Courses & Programs

The specific courses offered through business study abroad program vary greatly depending on your host school and your selected region of the world. Most schools tend to offer classes in the fields of Marketing, Economics,  Finance, Entrepreneurship, Business Administration, and Accounting, just to name a few. Additionally, related courses, such as Cross-Cultural Communications or other Culture-focused courses, will be invaluable bonuses to studying abroad. Browse course catalogues for many international schools you are interested in attending and consult different study abroad programs early on to inquire about what business classes are offered in which countries. Also inquire with your home university about what academic credits will be transferrable from international programs you are thinking about participating in.

It might also be beneficial to supplement your academic experience abroad with an business internship or service learning opportunity, thereby gaining professional experience in an international setting along with academic coursework. An internship abroad will not only be a gold star on your resume, it will also give you valuable practical experience and first hand insight into the business culture of another country. Literally learning while on the job will certainly benefit your career prospects and professional development.

Some other things to keep in mind when considering different schools or programs – the language barrier can be an obstacle to entering many prestigious schools around the world, where classes are instructed in the country’s native tongue. If you are not bilingual then make sure to inquire if classes are offered in English as well, or join a program to expand your language skills, which are yet another valuable skill you can gain while abroad.

Also check out the term structure to make sure that the study abroad program you choose has dates that align appropriately with the schedule of your home university.


In today’s rapidly globalizing world, business has become a discipline which at its core demands increasing cross-cultural interaction and understanding. Studying business abroad will not only enhance your international career prospects and broaden your knowledge of the subject, it will be a life changing experience which allows you to dive headfirst into a foreign culture. You will be challenged, learn more than you ever knew possible, and make lifelong friends and connections from around the world in the process.

Study business abroad and return home ready to take on the world of business.

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UCFB’s Short Study Programmes are a chance to learn skills vital to attaining a job in the business of football, sport and events industries, and provides the opportunity to study in and around Wembley Stadium, London. Get behind the scenes of an ever-changing industry and experience what life is like in one of the world’s most exciting and vibrant cities, and the business capital of Europe.


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Take Business courses in sought-after locations abroad through CISabroad. They provide study programs for international students in more than 80 locations around the globe. Students have the chance to undergo personal development while broadening their academic perspective and global awareness.


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Spend a semester or academic year in the modern and cosmopolitan city of Barcelona with AIFS. You’ll earn up to 15 credits through a variety of courses studying at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Courses are taught in English or Spanish, and no previous Spanish language study is required. AIFS in Barcelona offers students the opportunity to take courses in Spanish language, business a...


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The London Internship Program of Boston University offers a semester of study and work in England's exciting capital city. This program combines a professional internship with coursework that examines a particular academic area in the context of Great Britain's history, culture, and society, and its role in modern Europe. Courses in each academic area are taught by selected British faculty excl...


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With China's growing presence in international markets and its influence on global economics, a sound knowledge of international business issues is becoming increasingly important for university graduates seeking roles in both international and local organizations. The BA International Business program at the Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University will provide students with an additional language ...


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Securing your working future Experience the great Queensland lifestyle and build up your CV by working while you study. Griffith’s 5 campuses are located in sub-tropical South-East Queensland, Australia which averages 300 days of sunshine per year. Enjoy either the relaxed, beach lifestyle of the Gold Coast, or the bustling, inner-city life of Brisbane. The Community Internship is a c...


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Enroll in a high quality study abroad program abroad through Center For Study Abroad (CSA). International students can earn academic credit while immersing themselves in a foreign culture through language courses, excursions, and cultural activities. This semester-long Business course is offered in Brazil, Scotland, and Thailand.


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Enrich your knowledge about the international Business world through Syracuse University. American students can earn academic credit at an elite Chinese university. This study abroad program is offered in Beijing and Shanghai.


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Partake in a unique study course program through University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC). International students studying Business can have the chance to gain valuable knowledge about the business industry on a worldwide scale. Thrive in the rich academic culture of various countries such as Germany, Japan, and France.


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Participate in a study abroad experience that places emphasis on both outstanding academics and immersive cultural experiences. API provides programs in 40 cities across Latin America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Business courses are available year-round.


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Join one of ISA's study programs in England. Students can take Business courses at prestigious institutions like King's College London, the University of Westminster, London South Bank University, and the University of Reading. They provide programs lasting a summer, semester, trimester, or full academic year.


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The Institute for Global Studies (IGS) Intern Around the World Programs allow students to mix and match internships in two or three countries. Students can choose from any of the countries and internships available. Typical durations are four weeks to 12 weeks in each location. IGS will help students determine which internships and countries compliment each other. Sample itineraries: Paci...


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Don’t just study in Spain – immerse yourself in the people, places, and events that have made it what it is today. Take part in CIEE’s challenging Advanced Liberal Arts program in Seville. Awaken your senses during excursions and cultural activities. Build your Spanish language skills during homestays, a conversation exchange, and more. And dive into the Spanish history and culture during cours...