Internships Abroad in Brighton

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Interning Abroad in Brighton

Well-known as England’s most rambunctious city, Brighton offers more than just a myriad of live music, festivals, and Chinese-style palaces built by the Prince of Wales. Brighton is also home to a large culture of tourism as well as a booming economy, making the city an excellent location for individuals looking for internship experience in a diverse and growing metropolis.

Internships in Brighton

Typical internships in Brighton can last anywhere from six weeks to six months to one year. Although there are a number of fields in which you can build your professional resume, internships in Brighton in the following areas are most common.

Business. As a booming economic and commercial center, Brighton is an excellent city to undertake an internship in the fields of business or finance. Aside from the European headquarters of American Express, there are also an incredible amount of large and small businesses that call Brighton home. Those looking to gain experience in the world of British business will find a variety of opportunities to intern in Brighton in the business realm, in a booming economy only an hour and a half away from the sprawling metropolis of London.

Tourism. Brighton’s first explosion of tourism began in the 1800’s and never really stopped. While the Victorian Era saw visitors taking seaside strolls under parasols while sipping tea, today Brighton is a fusion of seaside boutique and bohemian quirkiness. There are a vast number of internship opportunities in hospitality as well as in museums, theatre, and travel management in Brighton, which is one of the top tourist destinations not only in the UK, but also in Europe.

Media & Information Technology. Known as the “Silicon Beach,” Brighton can claim to be the home of multiple media development and management companies such as Cogapp and Brandwatch, with many internships for those interested in internationally-focused media and PR strategies. The city also houses multiple software and information technology companies, such as Madgex. For those wanting to keep a finger on the pulse of media and information technology, internships in Brighton are an excellent option.

Life in Brighton

Brighton is an intriguing combination of quaint, picturesque streets lined with cobblestones and storefronts booming with color, antique shops boasting war memorabilia, and a Chinese-style palace with architectural style that puzzles locals and visitors alike. For those looking for a British experience that is a little quirkier than your daily tea and scones, Brighton is the perfect city for your internship abroad.

Just a stone’s throw away from the famous chalk cliffs and a short train ride away from London, Brighton is brimming year-round with both tourists and a large student population due to its two large universities, a perfect combination for interns. Situated perfectly beside the sea, Brighton is also home to a vibrant music scene, the oldest-working aquarium in the world, and a very LGBT-friendly community.

To become immersed in the sometimes outlandish and quirky Brighton lifestyle one must simply walk the streets. It is here that the pulse of the city comes alive to the sound of music pounding on the pavement and waves crashing against the coast. It is a city where tightrope walkers set up their lines across cobblestoned alleyways, beaches stretch for miles, and a love of theatre spills out of the Theatre Royal and into the daily lives of locals.

Salary & Costs

Paid internships are far more common in the United Kingdom than in other countries, making internships in Brighton somewhat more feasible for international applicants with limited budgets up front. Depending on the level of work you are assigned through your internship placement, you may be eligible for multiple forms of compensation, or stipends.

The cost of living in the UK can be somewhat high, especially with recent exchange rates, and Brighton can be expensive since it is a very touristy city. Interns can budget and save money by taking advantage of student discounts, or under the age of 25 discounts. As in most of Europe, the UK has excellent public transportation, but most of Brighton is accessible by foot.

Accommodation & Visas

The most common form of accommodation for interns in Brighton is apartments (“flats”) or townhouses. Many internship providers include accommodations in internship program packages, or will at least assist interns in finding a place to live.

In order to intern in the United Kingdom, regardless of whether the internship is paid or unpaid, you must have a Tier 5 Visa. This visa requires that you be sponsored and obtain a certificate of sponsorship from the company or organization with whom you are interning with.

You can apply for this visa no earlier than three months before your date of travel to the UK, however you must obtain the visa at least three weeks before entering the country. The visa application process is relatively straight-forward, but it is important to have all of the necessary paperwork and to be prepared to present it when you arrive at the airport. With this visa, interns can stay in England for one to two years, depending on the length of their internship in Brighton.

Benefits & Challenges

  • Little Competition. Many graduate students in the UK are actually required to undertake internships or “apprenticeships” in order to complete their degree. As such, competition for available internships in Brighton can make it challenging to find a placement, especially since the city has a large student population.

  • Personal & Professional Growth. To this day, Brighton remains a cultural powerhouse in both Britain and the rest of Europe. Obtaining professional experience through an internship in Brighton, a thriving and metropolitan environment, will equip interns with the skills necessary to perform well in a multicultural, challenging professional environment in the future.

  • Small City, Big Benefits. Interning abroad in a smaller city allows you to become fully entrenched in the local culture, and the real British lifestyle. You’ll find that Brighton manages to combine all of the amenities of a large city with the charm and familiarity of a small town. As a result, your personal and professional ties to Brighton will be that much stronger at the end of your internship abroad.

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