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Marketing, PR, & Advertising Internships Abroad


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Intern in Britain: Learn. Explore. Grow. BUNAC's exciting Intern in Britain program gives you the chance to get closer to your career dreams, interning in the UK and gaining stellar professional experience for up to 6 months, Seize the opportunity to experience British life and culture from the inside. From world-class arts and culture to business and financial capitals and all of Europe...


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Join ELI in Africa to intern at a successful microfinance institution in Uganda. Microfinance institutions can provide a tremendous service to local communities, providing financial services to poor families through Savings and Credit Cooperatives (SACCOs). Interns will take part in a wide variety of projects including business skills development, microfinance education outreach, and developing...


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Intern in London offers 8 week customized international internships in England's fascinating capital. Participate in London's work life through an internship that complements your academic concentration and unique personal goals! The program combines work and professional development with cultural excursions: each week, you will intern for 20 hours and be involved in seminars, lectures, and exc...


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As a Cross-Cultural Solutions (CCS) Social Entrepreneurship & Microfinance Intern, you’ll develop skills in finance, marketing, and sustainable business practices through your work with a community mentor. Consult with local mic rofinance organizations and small businesses to introduce income-generating activities. Improve business practices, assist with marketing and public relations campaign...


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Make your resume stand out against all the others with an internship in Cape Town, South Africa! Connect-123 helps those looking to add international work experience to their background find the perfect placement in this amazing city. Opportunities are available in business, entrepreneurship, human rights, economic development, health care, public health, education and many more! With onsite ...


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Join academic and internship programs through Boston University Study Abroad. Students can take part in Marketing programs that provide practical work experience and will help advance their career. The program combines professional internships with core and elective courses.


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Do your international internship with Maximo Nivel - get international work experience in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru. - Education (K-12) - Special Education - Micro-Business - Hospitality & Tourism - Human Rights - Medical Since 2003, Maximo Nivel has been a leader in educational travel and study abroad. Our work-study-travel programs host more than 4,000 people per ye...


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Live abroad while completing an internship program. Established in 1999, Adelante provides expertly designed programs that guarantee a highly rewarding experience for participants. Interns experience professional development in a global environment while acquiring new language skills.


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Take a Marketing internship program abroad through Go Abroad China. They provide programs tailored to participants’ interests and background. Interns are place with high-profile and trusted companies.


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Projects Abroad offers a Business internship in China perfect for those interested in marketing, PR, accountancy, finance, IT, real estate, architecture, interior design, HR, consulting, trade, fashion, art, or sports. This is an excellent way to learn about international business and gain practical experience to boost your resume, studies, or current profession. Our placements in Shanghai and ...


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Gain international internship experience in a Marketing, Public Relation, and Advertising position with The Intern Group. Throughout the year, worldwide participants can earn work experience in China, Spain, or Australia. The intern abroad program provides accommodation, 24/7 support assistance, and cultural immersion opportunities.


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Experience Dublin’s exciting political, literary, and business life that awaits you as you intern on our Dublin Summer Internship Program. You will enroll in a required 3- or 6-credit academic internship seminar with other IES interns where you will learn about the city’s vibrant business environment that has emerged as part of Ireland’s economic recovery. Participating in an internship not ...


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Learn a new language while gaining practical work experience in Marketing with Global Experiences. Participants work with Program Consultants who help them find the right internship for them. Interns benefit from prearranged social events and excursions, housing, and language courses.


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Complete a Marketing internship abroad with the Institute for Global Studies. Participants benefit from academic and career advice they receive during the program. Interns receive academic credits and letters of recommendation upon completion of the program.


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Fashion Week Internships is the only specialist fashion industry internship provider. Working with over 2,000 industry leading brands, retailers, designers, labels and PR/events companies, our programs give motivated students and graduates the opportunity to experience the fashion industry up close! Milan is a city like no other. Steeped in history and home to some of the worlds best...

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Marketing, PR, & Advertising Internships Abroad

In today's world, intercultural awareness isn't just important, it's essential for anyone seeking a thriving career in the communications field. Whether you're interested in pitching journalists, brainstorming marketing approaches, or implementing a social media campaign, an international internship in advertising, marketing, or public relations can provide the experience necessary to better understand the global market. Each of these fields is diverse, and interns should expect the responsibilities and tasks of any marketing internship abroad to be just as varied, and the skills gained will likely follow suit.

Why Intern Abroad in Marketing

At its core, public relations is cultural work. It’s focused on understanding the needs and goals of a client, and then turning those goals into measurable results. Public relations internships abroad require interns to be involved in tasks like organizing a publicity event, compiling competitor analysis reports, or writing press releases. Administrative work is typically also part of this position. The result is an internship abroad that shapes future PR professionals into self-motivated, goal-oriented individuals who are well versed in fostering relationships with clients and co-workers.

Along those same lines, an advertising or marketing internship abroad is the chance to dive into the components of a successful marketing campaign. From strategizing a brand image to assisting with copywriting, advertising interns will learn about the ins and outs of promotion on a global scale. The ability to identify what an audience or client wants is honed by living and working abroad; it can be the best way to learn how to read cultural cues and communicate in a new environment. Traditional and digital strategies make the tasks associated with marketing internships abroad range from outlining a social media campaign on Instagram to managing internal company communications.

Altogether, an international internship in marketing, advertising, or public relations will provide hands-on experience that can be difficult to grasp without understanding cultural differences or similarities. With the world becoming more and more interconnected, it’s safe to say experience interning abroad will only become more important as time goes on. 


Marketing internship opportunities exist in a number of countries around the world. There are no shortage of placement options in Western Europe, with the chance to spend a summer interning in London learning more about British media as well as opportunities to intern in Paris, where the sights are as inspiring as the experience you’ll gain working with a French advertising agency.

Keep in mind, though, places like England and France can be quite competitive in comparison to less traditional locations, like Thailand or India. Though the latter Asian nations may require you to travel a bit further and acclimate to a new language and very different culture, the international experience will be all the more worthwhile and sure to stand out on your resume. Marketing internships in China are a particularly great choice too, specifically for those seeking a comprehensive experience, considering the government’s influence on traditional and new media forms. 

If you’re interested in interning in the Oceanic region, Australia has plenty to offer in terms of marketing internships abroad. Keep in mind that living expenses can be higher, depending on the location and the program you choose, but internships in Australia can cater to numerous businesses and industries, so there will be plenty of opportunities to get involved in the field.

Marketing Internships Abroad

One of the great things about the fields of marketing, public relations, and advertising is that almost every industry is looking for individuals who specialize in communications. The tasks and opportunities may vary by sector, but where there is an organization or brand to promote, there will surely be people behind the scenes making it happen. Maybe you want to better understand the Japanese tech industry, or graphic design in Spain; no matter what your specific area of interest, there will be companies looking for qualified interns. As such, the requirements and expectations for interns vary greatly by country and placement.

Generally speaking, it’s important that marketing interns be strong communicators, creative thinkers, and be able to work individually as well as part of a team. What an intern brings to the table will also influence the complexity of the work that is assigned during any marekting internship abroad. Depending on the specific internship abroad, interns may need to work some unconventional hours, but usually interns can expect to work hours that are standard for the particular country or organization.

In order to secure a marketing internship abroad, you may need to have previous experience in the field or at least some sort of academic familiarity. But, requirements will vary based on the specific type of advertising, PR, or marketing internship placement and its required tasks.

The typical recommendation is to participate in marketing internships abroad during your second or third year of university, though this is flexible from one organization to the next. The important thing to keep in mind is to get internship experience before graduating, as employers will be more likely to hire you for a part-time or full-time position when you can showcase some hands-on experience. Achieving this in an international setting is even better. 


A developed knowledge of different cultures can make for a highly desirable employee in the communications industry. Articulating that experience and utilizing it in a future position is highly sought after by employers. As an intern abroad, whether in marketing, public relations, or advertising, participants will be setting themselves up for success. Some kind of international experience is also found among the most desired qualities by hiring managers, especially as marketing campaigns become multilingual to reach a wider audience.

Added to the latter benefits, the experience of participating in marketing or advertising internship abroad develops a skill set that is varied and applicable to a number of sectors: business, graphic design, tourism, technology, film and media, the list goes on. Whatever your chosen career path, advertising, public relations, or marketing internships abroad are the key to unlocking the door to a successful career in communications. 

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