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Rather than curling up with a cup of tea and a copy of Harry Potter, an internship in England will give you an authentic look at life in England. The motherland of the world’s beloved band, The Beatles, and one of history’s most prolific playwrights, William Shakespeare, England is a place with a fascinating history, and architecture and archeology to prove it. Since the 15th century, England has had a international legal and cultural influence. The mother country of the most widely spoken language in the world, there’s no denying England’s longstanding global significance.

Through internships in England young people will be able to learn all about the country’s past and present. An intern in England will learn that, in fact, all the world’s problems can be solved by putting on the kettle and sipping a cup of tea. With some of the world’s leading professionals, England also remains a crucial player in international business and politics specifically. Moreover, its modern cultural influence cannot be denied, exporting hit television shows, like The Office, and providing the world’s children with the fantastic tales of Harry Potter.

England also has tons to offer interns in terms of travel. Those who intern in England will have the opportunity to explore the beautiful British countryside alluded to by the likes of writer Jane Austen. To escape the London fog, surfing and sunbathing is a popular activity in Cornwall, which is located in southern England. Traveling north, on the other hand, will bring you to England’s beautiful lake district that inspired beloved children’s author Beatrix Potter. There is plenty to do and see in England, and even more reasons why you should intern in England. Read on to find out some of the most compelling reasons you should begin your search for an internship in England today.

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Working in London

My Dad says that being a Londoner has nothing to do with where you're born. He says that there are people who get off a jumbo jet at Heathrow, go through immigration waving any kind of passport, hop on the tube and by the time the train has pulled into Piccadilly Circus they've become a Londoner. -Ben Aaronovitch

With so many international visitors and immigrants, foreign interns will fit right into the London landscape, immediately becoming part of what makes the city great. Though the fog and rain may not seem too inviting, grabbing a “pint” after your internship placement ends with coworkers in the shelter of a cozy pub will make you feel immediately at home. Next thing you know you’ll be picking up British slang and obsessing over @VeryBritishProblems. 

The Internship

Rather than spending your days inside a classroom through a study abroad program, you can intern abroad in England and work in a real-world London office. Working 35 to 40 hours a week, interns will take London’s reliable public transportation system to get to their assigned work placements. During internships in England, which are available in a variety of sectors such as PR and marketing, fashion design, IT, and entrepreneurship, interns are given important work assignments and projects.

Working alongside established industry professionals in an international environment will give interns the chance to learn from the best, while also making vital contacts and gaining valuable multicultural experience.

Internships in England provide young professionals with work and life experiences they’ll never forget. Interns may get the chance to run the gamut when it comes to unique professional experiences, from attending London’s Fashion Week to working for the Olympics. These coveted experiences not only make for great anecdotes at the dinner, they’re also the kind of impressive international experiences that perk the ears of any potential employer during a job interview. 

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Getting to Know London  

As part of any internship in London, you will likely be given many chances to get to know the city, in terms of culture, diversity, history, and leisure. Interns will get to experience afternoon tea service and get a taste of the city’s longstanding, drinkable tradition. At the city’s famous West End, interns are exposed to some of the best live theatre in the world. To get better acquainted with the city, interns can also ride the city’s world famous ferris wheel, the London Eye, and take a river cruise down the River Thames. 

A City of History

London has the trick of making its past, its long indelible past, always a part of its present. And for that reason it will always have meaning for the future, because of all it can teach about disaster, survival, and redemption. It is all there in the streets. It is all there in the books. -Anna Quindlen 

One undeniable perk of internships in London is the unfettered access to some of the world’s most important historical buildings. For centuries, London has been a center point of civilization, industry, culture, and religion. After living in the city and visiting its historic sites, an intern will understand even better the city’s incredible contribution to Western civilization.

St. Paul’s Cathedral, for one, is a true English treasure. The Anglican cathedral is the mother church of the London Diocese. The original church dates back to AD 604. The current structure was built in the late 17th century and sits atop the Ludgate Hill, London’s highest point. The building is emblematic of the English Baroque style.

Buckingham Palace is one of England’s most iconic structures. The palace originated as a townhouse for the Duke of Buckingham in 1703 and is now home to much of the royal family. The palace has 830,000 square feet of floor space. The Palace of Westminster is home of both houses of the UK Parliament, the House of Commons, and the House of Lords. However, Westminster was first built in the eleventh century and was home to the Kings of England up until 1512, when a fire caused severe damage to the structure.

The Perfect Blend of Commerce & Culture

England has everything an intern is looking for. Rich with history and culture, but also home to one of the world’s financial powerhouses, internships in England provide life-changing experiences. Interns will without a doubt enhance their professional development and be culturally immersed in English culture through international internships in England, so don’t miss out on England; there are plenty of opportunities waiting for you there!

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