8 Best Programs for England Internships in 2018

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Some run good England internships, others run BRILLIANT programs for England internships.  When you step up to the plate, which will YOU rely on, not only as an investment in your safety, convenience, and learning, but also as the organization you’ll look back on someday and think, “Interning in England was the best experience of my life.” 

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Dear hiring manager, here’s why I’d like to be the Corgi-walking Intern this summer...

Even though England is one of the best intern destinations in Europe in 2018, you have to take your intern abroad plans a step further and figure out who you’re going to intern with.

You might not realize it, but choosing between schools and programs in England is a big decision. Since we’re on YOUR team, we wanted to make your decision process a little easier for you so you don’t get stuck in some dodgy situation. Here are the best England intern abroad programs in 2018 according to our community of intrepid, meaningful travelers just like you.

What makes the “best” intern abroad programs in England?

As you start to drill down and tune in more on all of the internship ins England for international students that you fancy, there are a few key details you need to pay attention to in order to assess the quality of the experience.  Yes we know you are looking at reviews, ratings, and other fancy shmancy data; but you have to find the right program for YOU. Just like you would never dare give that comfort food diner that’s so popular on Yelp five stars, so too might your needs, opinions, and goals vary from those who’ve left reviews of their intern abroad experiences.

Start digging through your closet of options (here’s how to actually pick an intern abroad program if you want a shortcut), and while doing so, pay attention to these factors:

  • What reviews and other alumni have to say about their experiences. Again, your needs might not be theirs, but you can give some level of credibility to the “horse’s mouths.” Consider their feedback as you discern your options for college intern abroad programs in England. 
  • Clarity and availability of information. If you have to hunt down basic program details, there might be something funky going on.
  • Organizational partnerships—most are partnered or work with other respected national, local, or international organizations. 
  • Resources for alumni, like how to put your experience on your resume!
  • Demonstrated respect and care for local culture, environment, individuals. You can get a feel for this in the photos and language they use to market themselves. 
  • Level of support and assistance. Do they email you back promptly? 
  • Respect within your field of study. Consider a program that makes people that you look up to go “Wow.” 

GoAbroad’s 2018 round-up

intern group

1. The Intern Group-International Internships & Volunteer Programs in London—9.6 Rating

“My time at the office has been nothing but amazing, I had the opportunity to experience the intense London work life for a whole summer, and it gave me a taste of what the future has in store. The company I worked for taught me so much, and I was able to put theory (from what I had learned at University) into practice,” — The Intern Group alum

  • Where: London 
  • When: Summer
  • Why: Looking for tip-top Summer Internships in England internships in one of the most famous, bustling, and historic cities in the world?  Check out The Intern Group!  They partner with a wide variety of great companies, NGOs and so much more.  Their London internship program will fulfill your career potential, give you a leg up in your area of interest, boost your CV , and all while having a fantastic experience in a new and exciting country.  What more could you ask for when looking for an internship in England? 

More Intern Group programs in England:

ies internships

2. IES Internships - London Summer Internship—9.9 Rating

“The knowledge and skills I gained through my internship experience are so relevant and will stick with me throughout my professional career, and help me stand out in the job world.  IES is one of the best programs that I have ever been a part of. They only have one thing on their mind and it is their students, and making sure they have the best experience ever.” — IES Internships alum

  • Where: London 
  • When: Summer
  • Why: Get experience in the workplace, complemented by seminars, and bring together the global leadership skills you didn’t know you had...all while obtaining academic credit!  Learn about a variety of local business settings and opportunities.  Get to know London first-hand during you guaranteed Summer internship in England placement and gain an understanding of life, work, and culture by exposing yourself to activities and opportunities you never thought possible.  IES really does hold true to their name; Intern. Explore. SUCCEED!
absolute internship

3. Intern in London with Absolute Internship—10.0 Rating

“My summer experience with Absolute Internship was better than I ever projected. You hear and see online that people say this was the “best summer of their lives” and actually it is...The best part of the program were the fun trips and events that the program organizes. Paris, Stonehenge… amazing. Two months of lots of love!” — Absolute Internship alum

  • Where: London
  • When: Summer
  • Why: It’s almost that time again.  No, not lunch time!  Time to broaden your professional and social network whilst gaining invaluable skills in your industry of choice.  Step out of your comfort zone to stand out in the world by interning this Summer.  Explore new cultures and gain a global perspective that employers all around the world increasingly seek and value.  With Absolute Internships you are guaranteed a placement in your industry of choice, you’ll be living in Central London, be given a travel card, given opportunities to join in on workshops, weekend trips, career events and SO much more!...Heck, even I’m thinking about interning.
student works

4. Student Works - Internship and English Courses In the United Kingdom—10.0 Rating

“Working for Student works has been a really grateful experience that has given me the chance to see how work an English company let me know a lot about English bureaucracy. I think it is an experience that everyone has to live by oneself. And of course I improve my skills at communicating in English.” — Student Works alum

  • Where: Bournemouth, London, Southampton 
  • When: Semester, Year, Summer
  • Why:  “Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore.”...Well, no, you’ll be in London.  But at Student Works, employees speak English, Polish, French, Spanish and Italian in the office, so it’ll sure be a whirlwind of different cultures, that’s for sure!  Interning with Student Works gives you good contact with their partners to find the best suitable program for you, aaaaand did I hear 10% discount on any school prices in the UK (WOOT!), and free assistance and guidance is provided, so if you have any questions, consultations come at no charge.  With programs in Accounting, Administrative, Education, Hospitality, Marketing, Advertising, &, PR, Sales, Sports, Tourism, you’ll have no problem advancing your career.  Plus, they also welcome those who wish to become a host or an au pair family, so if you wish, you’ll always have a support system!
we find work internships england

5. We Find Group - Intern in London | The Global Internship—8.8 Rating

“My experience with this program has been the best and most rewarding time of my life. I got a work a job that I woke up everyday excited to go to. I made the greatest friends while in London. And I got the chance to experience so much of the world and broaden my horizons.” — We Find Group alum

  • Where: London
  • When: All Year Round
  • Why: While working with We Find Group, your program will provide you with a taste of almost any field of interest that your heart desires! Work within Au Pairing, Aviation, Web Design, Wildlife Sciences, and so much more with brands across Europe.  While creating relationships with the biggest organisations, broaden your knowledge and build confidence in sports as well as European work settings.   Buckle up and get ready for the ride of your life!
performing arts abroad

6. Performing Arts Abroad - West End Musical Theatre Training in London—9.5 Rating

“This was an amazing program. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in theatre. I learned so much valuable information and met some amazing and talented people. Experiencing London not only as a tourist but also living there was and being immersed in West End was amazing.” — Performing Arts Abroad alum

  • Where: London 
  • When: Year Round
  • Why: Grab your ballet shoes, slate board and your thinking cap, we’re going to London!  Get into the groove of working on West End shows while knowing you are in the good hands of a current or past cast member; first-hand experience, ACTION!  Take classes focused  on singing, dance, stage combat, and audition technique, and all that jazz.  Enjoy backstage tours, West End show tickets, and receive a completion certificate at the end.  Are you star-struck yet?  Well then now’s the time to start your internship in England.  CUT!
bunac logo

7. BUNAC - Intern in Britain—9.0 Rating

“This was a phenomenal experience! I had to obtain and apply for my internship on my own, but BUNAC was there every step of the way helping me through the process of applying for my work visa. They were helpful in giving me the support and information I needed for the best possible experience. They were especially helpful when it came to providing social activities to get to know people outside of my internship placement....I would 100% recommend BUNAC and would use their services again in the future.” — BUNAC alum

  • Where: London 
  • When: Year Round
  • Why: It’s your time to shine!  Show international employers you are driven, cultured, and can work effectively in an overseas environment.  Plus, the real world experience is a great CV booster!  By working with BUNAC you will be sponsored for your visa, get help setting up your bank account, get to enjoy regular social activities, and last but not least, you get all this for a great cost!  You’ll have no problem adjusting to life abroad with BUNAC, so just sit back and enjoy a nice cuppa with some biscuits, they’ve got you covered.
capa intern abroad logo

8. CAPA - International Internships in London—9.5 Rating

“This program helped me grow so much. I gained confidence both personally and professionally. The internship has helped me land other internships since being back and has made me confident in what I would like to do in the future. I am also now much more confident in speaking to people from all over!” — CAPA alum

  • Where: London
  • When: Semester
  • Why: Receive 3-6 academic credits upon successful completion of the internship course.  Internships available include businesses of every kind, as well as nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations.  Our local staff visit each CAPA internship site, many of which are frequent recipients of CAPA interns. Students are placed in sites that best meet their individual interests, abilities and academic background. The internships are within commuting distance of the center. Our internship placements are available for students interested in a wide variety of industries and from virtually any field of study.  From Accounting to Anthropology, they have what you are interested in. Students receive training and guidance and are monitored throughout the internship. For over 35 years we have expanded our vast network of businesses, organizations and nonprofits to be able to match students with extraordinary opportunities to develop lasting skills while working in a truly international work environment.

Check Out More Intern Abroad Programs in England

More resources to intern abroad in England

We’re hoping some of these programs already have you packing your stuff and ready to say “Cheerio!”.  However, if none of these programs are quite what you’re looking for, take a gander through our entire England intern abroad program directory. There are filters galore, allowing you to really hunt down the program that you’ve been daydreaming about.

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Stop running around the English moors shouting for internships, we’ve got them right here!

Overwhelmed by the options? We get it. Our Online Advisors are here to save the day. Just tell us what you’re looking for, and we’ll do your homework for you / send you a handful of specific recommendations to your preferences.  No sweat!

Pro tip: One of the most important steps to figuring out which intern abroad programs in England are right for you in England—that many students unfortunately skip—is identifying your WHY(s). Why are you interning abroad? Why intern abroad in England in the first place? To learn a language, to travel tons, to make friends from all over the world, to learn beside the experts in your industry of choice? Know your goals, then use them to influence the England intern abroad programs you’re considering.

And last but not least, not everything comes for free in life...who knew?!  I know, it’s just the hard but honest truth, but lucky for you, sometimes paid internships can be the way to go when interning abroad in England.  OH, and don’t forget that some good ol’ fashioned savings wouldn’t hurt either. 

Intern abroad in England in 2018, poppet!

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*Coffee break gets more English* 🇬🇧💂

England is an international theme park of cultures from all around the world!  Choosing to intern and dive deeper into your area of interest can do nothing but help you get ahead of the game.  You will be amazed at what you can accomplish.  CHEERS!

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