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A Guide to Interning Abroad in Bath

Along a breathtaking range of limestone hills, on the southern edge of the Cotswolds, lies the city of Bath. Deemed a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Bath is known for its Roman-built baths and historic architecture. Home to many cultural venues including museums, theaters, and sports fields, Bath always has something for you to do and learn. Thanks to these features, one of the principal industries in Bath is tourism and hospitality. Internships in Bath are a good fit for individuals who love exploring history while also gaining direct work experience in their field.

Internships in Bath

Ever since the time of the Romans, Bath has been known for its service-oriented industries thanks to the large numbers of tourists who visit each year. As such, popular ways to intern in Bath with internships in the hospitality industry as well as for au pairing — if you love helping people, you will find a great fit in this city. More recently, Bath has also built a strong tie to many different aspects of the business world including marketing, sales, and tourism. In addition to these major industries, you can also find internships in Bath in sports, engineering, communication, and more!

Au Pair. Interning as an au pair in England is a great opportunity to share your love for children while becoming fully immersed in the day to day life of locals. All you need to succeed is some experience with children and basic English speaking skills. Some internships require you to be at least 18 years old with a high school degree. Working as an au pair generally requires a longer time commitment than other internships to allow for time to get to know the family and children. Be prepared to spend a minimum of two to six months with a family with the possibility of extension should it be a good fit.

Hospitality. The hospitality industry is constantly seeking help with the task of accommodating the more than one million visitors who stay in Bath each year. With internship positions available in reception, housekeeping, kitchen, restaurant, and bar, there is no doubt that you can find a way to be involved in this booming industry. Some internships require you to be at least 18 years old with either a high school degree or some time spent at a college or university. Intermediate English skills are a must to succeed in these customer focused positions while interning abroad in Bath.

Business. If you’re looking for a professional internship in a growing business hub, you will be excited by the many opportunities available in Bath. You can find internships in more traditional aspects of business such as human resources and international trade as well as internships in more creative fields such as web design. With no professional experience required, the minimum requirement for many of these programs is basic to intermediate English skills and some college or university experience. Programs vary in length from as short as one month up to six months or more.

Life in Bath

Tucked in the Valley of the River Avon, just shy of 100 miles from London, lies the historic city of Bath. You can expect a wet and mild climate with an average temperature of 10 degrees Celsius. With the only hot springs in the UK, Bath has been considered a spa since its inception. You can admire the beautiful, luxurious Roman-era baths surrounded by statues and historic temples. Take time to soak in the healing minerals of the geothermal springs at the more contemporary Thermae Bath Spa.

Bath is widely known for its 18th-century Georgian architecture and use of local golden bath stones for many of its major buildings. The Bath Abbey, a church from the 16th century, hosts a beautiful mixture of this unique stone and intricate stained-glass windows. The Royal Crescent, a collection of townhouses in the shape of a crescent, is considered one of the best examples of Georgian architecture in the UK. Everywhere you look you will find this magnificent honey-colored stone and crescent architecture as well as terraces and squares.

If you’re looking for a fun day out or a night out on the town, internships in Bath for international students will not disappoint. Much like other parts of England, Bath is home to numerous theaters, museums, and sporting venues. Most famous for their Rugby, Cricket, and Football teams, you can find a sporting event almost any time of the year. If sports aren’t your cup of (English Breakfast) tea, you can enjoy the bountiful boutique shopping pausing to enjoy one of the many restaurants, bars, and cafes. Don’t miss out on some of Bath’s famous treats including Sally Lunn Buns - a local teacake, Bath Buns - a sweet roll, and Bath Olivers - a dry biscuit.

Salaries & Costs

Due to its popularity and size, Bath has one of the highest costs of living in the UK besides London. Rent tends to be expensive if you are looking for a nicer place in the city center, but you can find reasonable accommodations outside of town. Additionally, thanks to the two universities and large number of students, there are many cheap lower end housing accommodations available for rent.

The cost of food varies greatly based on what you are looking for. There are many expensive fancy restaurants if you are looking to treat yourself, but there are also a good number of cheaper places and pubs. Based on your living style and habits, a good monthly budget for one person is somewhere between $900-$1,400.

To help offset the costs associated with living, many of the internship opportunities in Bath are paid. Internships in hospitality and as an au pair are almost always paid and have reasonable (and liveable) minimum weekly salaries. These internships also tend to provide free accommodation and meals during your time there. Other internship opportunities, such as in business or communication, tend to be unpaid unless you commit to spending at least six months with the company. In addition to weekly stipends, many internships provide additional benefits such as a certificate at the end of your program, language courses, orientation, or in-country support.

Accommodation & Visas

As briefly mentioned earlier, there are some internship opportunities that provide accommodations as a benefit of the program. Most of the time these living arrangements will be an individual room in a shared apartment or with a family. If your internship does not provide accommodations, you can arrange to live with a host family or find an apartment either by yourself or shared with roommates.  If you are striving to gain strong English skills or are interested in the intricacies of Bath’s culture, living with a host family or with locals in a shared apartment will set you up to succeed.

If you intend to take an internship in the U.K., regardless of whether it is paid or not, you will need to obtain a valid visa. The most common type of visa for interns is the Tier 5 visa, or the temporary worker-international agreement visa. The company you intern with needs to sponsor your visa, and you cannot switch companies while remaining on the same visa. Plan on the visa process taking a couple of months, and you will be rewarded with being allowed to stay in England for up to two years. Students can intern abroad with a Tier four student visa as long as at least 50 percent of their time is dedicated to school and no more than 50 percent of their time is spent at the internship/work placement. Visit GoAbroad's Embassy Directory for more information.

Benefits & Challenges

Connect to History. No matter where you look, life while completing internships in Bath is filled to the brim with rich history. Between the Roman-era buildings, Georgian architecture, and being home to the fictional Jane Austen, you will find yourself being taken back in time. Be sure to explore the many mysteries and insights left by those who lived in Bath years before you.

Quality Professional Experience. This popular and historic city has years of experience in creating and maintaining customer service industries and has been ramping up its business industries. You have a wide variety of internships to choose from and will be given the opportunity to work with individuals and companies with years of experience in your field. No matter what you are interested in doing, your internship in Bath will propel your career forward and set you up for success.

Cost of Living. The thought of moving to an expensive city can seem overwhelming and almost impossible. Don’t panic! The benefit of interning in Bath is that you will likely be taking on a paid internship and will be rewarded with learning the interesting history of this wondrous city and excellent professional experience. If you work hard to save up money before going and live frugally while you are there, this experience of a lifetime will be well within reach.

Interning in Bath, a historic and beautiful city, will fulfill both your professional and personal goals. Create the perfect balance between worthwhile professional work and adventurous cultural exploration. Follow your heart to this ancient city and you and your resume are sure to be grateful!

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A Guide To
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