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Gain cultural understanding of Cambodia while volunteering with International Volunteer HQ. Volunteers interact with locals and give back to the community in addition to enjoying picturesque architecture and attractions. IVHQ Cambodia is based in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. Projects include Teaching, Childcare, Working with NGOs and Computer Support.

Volunteer in cambodia

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Love Volunteers provides individuals with the chance to travel abroad and immerse in a new culture, while participating in projects that provide help where it is needed most. Join us for a truly memorable experience volunteering abroad in Cambodia. All volunteer projects are responsible, safe, and affordable! Check out our programs!

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There are four volunteer program opportunities to choose from in Cambodia with Volunteering Solutions. Participants have the chance to work in an orphanage, teach children, or take part in group volunteer placements in the bustling city of Phnom Penh. All volunteers get the chance to experience life in Cambodia and expand their cultural understanding.


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Volunteer with Globalteer in Cambodia with one of our rewarding and affordable placements. Work with children or indigenous communities, rescued elephants or bears or help out with our sports project for underprivileged children. You can also tour the unforgettable temples of Angkor Wat, visit the bustling capital, Phnom Penh or laze on a deserted island beach. Placements area available year-r...

Volunteer in Cambodia

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Explore Cambodia's alluring seascape or trek through its tropical jungles with Frontier. These programs include placements in Marine Conservation, Community Development, and Wildlife Adventures. Volunteers make valuable contributions to local communities and bring home the experience of a lifetime.

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Adapt to Cambodian society while exploring the culture of modern Cambodia as a volunteer with Projects Abroad. Volunteers live in Phnom Penh for at least four weeks and work in a local community helping the less fortunate. This program offers a wide array of service options for international participants, including Community Development, Tourism, and Journalism.


Use a talent for music, drama, or dance to help teach eager students new music and dance techniques in a volunteering project in Cambodia with Kaya Responsible Travel. Most non-government organizations working with children offer some form of music, dance, or drama classes but often lack the skills or resources to do this regularly or to a high standard. The projects are keen to make sure the c...


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Make a difference as you discover the magic of Cambodia. We have volunteer placements with at-risk children, microfinance, social work and women's empowerment. Orphanage English-teachers are also desperately needed. You'll live in a Phnom Penh guesthouse and on weekends you can explore Cambodia’s stunning beaches, jungles and famed ancient temples.


Our Volunteer Program has been carefully crafted to ensure that your experience is as rewarding and enjoyable as possible - for you, and for your students. The eight week program includes: * Two weeks of abbreviated TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) training * Six weeks teaching and changing lives at one of the LanguageCorps' partner orphanages or schools * Traini...


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Experience Cambodian Culture by volunteering for children in the local community of Samraong. Be involved in various activities and get to spend an eco-trip after your placement.


API offers volunteer positions in Siem Reap. Volunteers can choose from many projects, including infant and childcare, teaching or tutoring, medical health and nutrition, and coaching. Volunteer programs include room and board, visa assistance, airport pickup, and medical and travel insurance, among many other services.


Explore the Khmer culture while volunteering in Cambodia with A Broader View. Volunteers can take part in meaningful programs including teaching English, giving love and support to orphaned children, and spreading HIV awareness to the street children in Phnom Penh.

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Volunteering Abroad in Cambodia

Cambodia is a thriving, welcoming country coming back from a tragic past. There are opportunities around each corner for those who have a desire to help Cambodians get back on the right track through volunteering. Individuals who choose to volunteer in Cambodia can participate in a range of project areas, from education to advocacy of social justice issues. A variety of opportunities in “Asia’s hidden gem” await eager volunteers from all over the world.

Geography & Demographics

Due to the horrific genocide engineered by the Khmer Rouge from 1975 to 1979, there is an entire generation missing in Cambodia. Approximately 1.7 million people were killed, and with them disappeared many native trades and skills traditionally passed down through the generations. Creativity, self expression, and knowledge were considered rebellious acts against the Khmer Rouge, so education and all means of making a living were halted. Though the country is rebuilding, broken pieces of the culture still remain and Cambodia is home to some of the most heartbreaking of social justice issues. 

The effects of this genocide remain present in many ways. One is in the staggering unemployment rate, which contributes to the massive poverty. Crippling poverty is a fact of life in Cambodia in many parts, and for some that can be hard to fathom. Many Khmer people live on less than $1 a day, and their futures can seem quite bleak. While a visitor coming to volunteer in Cambodia may feel overwhelmed by this degree of hardship, they must recognize that there is always a way to rebuild. Due to this lack of economic development in the country, there is an extremely low cost of living, so getting by on a tight budget is more than possible for international volunteers.

Volunteering in Cambodia

There are opportunities for volunteering in Cambodia throughout the country. One note of caution: many volunteer organizations in Cambodia ask for a long term commitment, the longer the better. This allows time for the volunteer to become well acquainted with the culture, language, and needs of the people. That’s not to say short-term trips aren’t beneficial; but long-term trips can accomplish more.

While Cambodia is still rebuilding educational systems, volunteers are needed to teach specialty trades and skills. Therefore, Cambodia is in need of English language instruction, and this can be a great volunteer project that has a lasting positive impact. With tourism ever on the rise in Cambodia, business leaders in that country are seeking bilingual staff and volunteers. Opportunities to teach English are available in adult classes, teenager classes, and even preschool settings. Teaching opportunities range from part- to full-time, and from classes, groups, to individual instruction in live-in settings.

Business development is booming and volunteers well versed in marketing, social media, business, economics, finance, and the like are extremely helpful and well received. Micro-finance companies are taking off with great success throughout Cambodia, allowing impoverished applicants to start small businesses. Not only do local program beneficaries have the financial support they need, but they have mentors and instruction to help them keep their businesses successful and thriving. This means of business development forges a community bond and keeps the successful loan program sustainable. Volunteers willing to mentor, finance, and play a role in this community and economic development are invaluable.

Human trafficking is very prevalent throughout a large part of Asia and is very evident in the form of sex trafficking. Volunteers in large part are needed in rehabilitation settings with women, men, and children rescued from forced bondage. Cambodia is home to many organizations working to combat sex trafficking. Two of the leaders in this area are Iris Ministries of Cambodia and Daughters and Sons of Cambodia. Both have options for short- and long-term volunteer opportunities, though “short-term” refers to a period of three to six months. Daughters and Sons of Cambodia will sometimes make an exception for a shorter visit if one possesses a particular skill set needed by the organization. These needs range from skills to help the organization itself (such as business developers, PR and marketing specialists, fundraisers, computer technicians, or to teach skills and classes to the participants (musicians, chefs, artists, photographers, etc.).

If you are looking to volunteer in Cambodia, you don’t need to look too far. There are jobs for every level of experience and all different passions, and you'll find that the benefits of volunteering in Cambodia are insurmountable. While you might need to make a longer-term commitment than in other countries, bear in mind it is always for the better of the company or organization hosting the volunteers; and staying longer than one anticipated only adds to the adventure that is Cambodia.

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