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Affordable Volunteering Peru: Cost from USD 250!

Volunteer in Peru with International Volunteer HQ. Participants get to enjoy the comfortable mild climate of Lima while doing orphanage work, teaching English, or assisting in medical placements. Programs are available throughout the year.

International Volunteer HQ
Global Volunteer Network

Global Volunteer Network provides individuals with the opportunity to partake in a wide range of community service projects abroad. Based in Peru, participants learn more about the warm and welcoming Peruvian people while contributing to the improvement of their quality of life. Volunteers must be 18 years old to participate.

Global Volunteer Network
Gain Insight with Love Volunteers

Become immersed in Peruvian culture through Love Volunteers programs. Participants can live in the rural areas of Peru for an average of four weeks. Volunteers work with children or save mother nature through multiple volunteer projects. This program is open to all nationalities.

Love Volunteers
Short-Term Volunteer Abroad Programs in Peru

Learn about the culture of Peru through volunteer work in the communities of Lima. Cross-Cultural Solutions provides individuals, from different parts of the world, with the chance to partake in a 12-week long volunteer program. A variety of placement options are offered, including Indigenous Issues, Sports Volunteering, and Community Development.

Cross-Cultural Solutions
ELI-Experiential Learning International

ELI - Experiential Learning International volunteer programs in Peru focus on educating children and empowering young adults. Stay in Lima and help teach academic subjects to street children. Make your way to Cusco and work with an orphanage to educate and provide nutrition to orphans or with an organization that guides young mothers gain necessary life skills to care for their children. Partic...

Maximo Nivel: Volunteer and Internships in Peru

Maximo Nivel offers volunteer programs that are customized to fit individual volunteer skills and interests. Participants get the chance to help local communities while living in the beautiful country of Peru. Volunteers can also build their Spanish language skills through this program.

Maximo Nivel
Peru's Challenge

Experience a unique mix of adventure and volunteering with Peru's Challenge programs. Volunteers can spend a week working with children, teaching them about personal hygiene, English, or computers. Participants can also explore the city of Cusco in their free time or get to know the culture of the Inca throughout the country.

Peru's Challenge Listing Photo
Volunteer in Peru with Projects Abroad

Participants from all over the world can journey to Peru through Projects Abroad. A wide array of volunteering opportunities are offered, including Animal Welfare, Youth Development, and Adult Education. This program is focused on the improvement of living standards of local communities situated in Cusco and Puerto Maldonado.

Tutor or Work Abroad in Peru with GeoVisions

Work for a community in Lima or Cusco teaching English and other subjects at a kindergarten. As a teaching assistant with GeoVisions, volunteers may spend time playing and singing with children, taking care of the nutrition of younger children aged 2 to 5, and sharing culture with a local family. Health and wellness programs in Peru are also available.

Volunteer in Peru: Affordable, Supportive & Real Impact

Connect with Peru and join the world’s most respected international volunteer organization. Join UBELONG in Cusco or the Sacred Valley. Opportunities exist in Teaching English, Childcare, Small Business Development, Health and more. Volunteer 1 week to 6 months and become part of the UBELONG family.


Help rescue abused dogs or teach English to local children while perfecting your Spanish in Peru with Globalteer. Volunteer placements are offered in Cusco. Required program fees include housing, organized excursions, and in-country support.

Volunteer in Peru with Cultural Embrace by API

Cultural Embrace by API offers volunteer positions in Lima, Chiclayo, Cusco, Puerto Maldonado, and Trujillo. Volunteers can choose from many projects, including infant and childcare, teaching or tutoring, social justice, medical health and nutrition, environmentalism, and construction,. Volunteer programs include room and board, Spanish lessons (dependent on location), visa assistance, airport ...

Volunteer in Peru Starting at USD200 Only

Partake in a Peruvian volunteering adventure through Volunteering Solutions. Offered at affordable rates, programs give students the chance to choose from over ten different locations in Peru. Participants may either work with street children in Cusco, provide medical assistance in Lima, or get involved in childcare in Arequipa. Placements usually last for about two weeks to a month.

Youth Education and Medical Opportunities with Kaya

Develop a better understanding Peru through volunteering. Kaya Responsible Travel offers projects that deal with special education for deaf and blind children, mental health and drug addiction, and child nutrition and development. Participants work in health centers, orphanages, and clinics in the city of Cusco. Placements are available for independent or group volunteers.


Open to participants who are at least 17 years old, this volunteering program allows individuals to partake in community service projects including Animal Welfare, Conservation, and Wildlife Surveying. Volunteers will contribute to the protection of the Amazon rainforest, spend three weeks in Peru, and brush up or gain more knowledge of the Spanish language. Volunteers also get to take a trip t...