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1747 Volunteer Abroad Programs in Africa

African Impact Responsible Volunteering

African Impact is an award winning volunteer travel organisation operating responsible volunteer projects throughout Africa and seeking to maximize the positive impact of voluntourism. To us, volunteering is a two-way thing. It’s not just about the help and skills that volunteers bring; it’s also about what we can give those volunteers in return.

Volunteering Programs with Projects Abroad

Delve into the rich culture and picturesque scenery of Africa while engaging in community service. Projects Abroad is offering international volunteer placements to participants from different areas of the world. Volunteers can choose between African countries such as Tanzania, Morocco, and Ethiopia.

Wildlife conservation and teaching programmes in Africa

Volunteer in Africa with Conservation Travel Africa. We only support responsible volunteer experiences and work hard to ensure all our projects are meaningful. Work with rhinos and elephants in Zimbabwe, on cheetah release and wildlife rehabilitation projects in Namibia, dive with whale sharks in Mozambique or work in rural communities in Victoria Falls. We have projects for volunteers aged 17+.

Carpe Diem Education

Latitudes = Group Semester Overseas + Volunteer Placement Latitudes is Carpe Diem's seven-month personalized study abroad program that combines a Focused Volunteer Placement (FVP) following participation in a group semester in Central America, South America, East Africa, India, Australia and the South Pacific, or Indigenous America (see our other listings for more information on these group ...

Program fees from $180! Apply now with IVHQ.

Volunteer in Africa through one of many incredible program opportunities developed by International Volunteer HQ. Volunteers can choose from a range of locations, including Kenya, South Africa, and Ghana. Programs typically last from two weeks to a month.

Global Volunteer Network

Experience highly rewarding volunteering programs in underprivileged African nations with Global Volunteer Network. Placements are provided in Ethiopia, Ghana, and Kenya. Volunteers can get involved in project in Animal Welfare, Marine Conservation, and Teaching.

Make a REAL difference with Love Volunteers – From US$175!

Love Volunteers has been trusted by thousands of volunteers to travel abroad and immerse themselves in new cultures, whilst providing help where it is really needed. Join us on an affordable, safe and responsible voluntary service project in Africa for a truly memorable experience! Check out our exciting program options!

GoEco - Volunteer Abroad in Africa

Help make the world a better place starting in Africa with GoEco. Volunteers from around the world can experience the unique culture of Zimbabwe, Tanzania, and Madagascar. Placements are offered in Marine Conservation, Orphan Care, and Animal Rescue.

Volunteer with Global Vision International

Join Global Vision International (GVI), volunteering in the Seychelles, Kenya and South Africa. They work with local charities, community organizations, and government bodies to organize vitally important projects, and connect them with the right volunteers.

uVolunteer, Volunteer Travel Abroad

Five volunteer abroad opportunities are available for interested participants from across the globe in Africa with uVolunteer. Participants can teach English, get involved in sports and physical education, or assist in an orphanage, among other placement options.

Volunteering Solutions

Volunteering Solutions offers 16 programs across Africa. Participants may choose to care for children in South African orphanages, be involved in English teaching placements in Tanzanian schools, or partake in medical programs in Ghanaian hospitals. They have the chance to immerse in the diverse African way of life.

Kaya Responsible Travel

Travel across Africa as a volunteer. Kaya Responsible Travel offers volunteer programs that focus on Wildlife Conservation, Ecology, or Child Care. Volunteers may visit countries across the continent, which include Mozambique, Swaziland, and Kenya. Participants fulfill roles at various placement locations, such as wildlife reserves, marine sanctuaries, and childcare facilities. Programs run fro...

Volunteer in Cape Town with Connect-123!

Volunteer in South Africa through Connect-123. Meaningful, hands-on projects are available in many different areas, including education, environmental sustainability, health care, human rights, microfinance, and more! Start dates and trip durations are flexible. Give back while experiencing all that this fascinating country has to offer!

Affordable Volunteer Abroad Programs: from USD180

Care for the elderly, help in local communities, and teach English in Africa while volunteering with CrossContinental. Placements are available in countries including Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya. Programs are open to worldwide participants and have flexible start dates.

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Volunteering Abroad in Africa

In the world of international education, Africa is one of the fastest growing destinations for volunteering abroad. From developing towns lacking basic necessities to well-developed cities with a desire for English education, individuals who volunteer in Africa will find placement opportunities in nearly any field, regardless of their background.

Why Volunteer in Africa

Choosing to volunteer abroad in Africa can be both a richly rewarding and globally strategic decision. Africa not only offers the chance to serve and help communities in need, but also has a number of venues to hone skills for your resume and network internationally. African nations fall widely across the spectrum of economic development, which means opportunities to both provide basic services in developing countries or further build infrastructure in more developed countries exist in Africa. The continent has also drawn interest from nonprofits around the globe making it the perfect place to volunteer abroad and meet global leaders.


There are volunteer programs available in every country of Africa. Just as the cultures differ across the continent, the needs of each nation or project location vary greatly. Africa is typically divided into five regions, North, West, Central, East, and Southern. While some debate exists about which countries belong in each region, there is some general consensus and therefore basic knowledge volunteers should have about each.

North Africa is typically a very safe destination for volunteering abroad in Africa. Political unrest has been known to occur in the western parts of the region, but as a whole the area is quite stable. Most volunteer placements in North Africa are in urban areas, specifically capital cities.

If you are looking for a more rural experience volunteering in Africa, West and East Africa are better options. The risks for volunteers are similar in both of these areas. Both regions have a history of civil violence, the West in the form of human trafficking while the East has experienced civil war, and recurring epidemics of disease. However, many nations within these regions safely welcome plenty of tourists and international volunteers every year. Volunteer program providers in these regions typically offer some degree of safety training and protective measures for the benefit of international volunteers too.

South Africa is a blend of both urban and rural volunteer work in Africa. From big coastal cities to inland villages, there are a variety of options when it comes to geographical location, which should depend most greatly on your interests as a volunteer in Africa. South Africa is perhaps the most stable region on the continent, with many long standing government units and rarely any political or civil demonstrations. 

Volunteer placements in Africa are also available in the rural areas of Central Africa. Conflict in Central Africa is frequent, unfortunately, but so is the need for international volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering in Central Africa, be sure to check with your program provider to find out what resources are available to you in case of emergency or there is a sudden change in the political environment.

Volunteering in Africa

Many volunteers choose to volunteer in Africa because of the opportunity to work with children. Most of the time volunteering with children in Africa occurs in an orphanage setting, where volunteer needs range from English education to basic health care. Additionally, volunteers may be asked to play sports, tutor, or practice hygiene skills with the children. 

Education—specifically in the arena of public health—is in great need when it comes to volunteering in Africa. As a developing field in much of Africa, there are lots of opportunities for education volunteering both in the classroom and in the administration of education (specifically in encouraging students to stay in school).

One of the top placements for volunteering abroad in Africa, in many countries, is wildlife conservation. Volunteers are needed in this field to help with game management and research most prominently. Conservation volunteering in Africa is great for volunteers with an interest in science, agriculture, and environmental sustainability.

With large scale disease outbreaks occurring frequently in certain regions, the need for medical volunteers in Africa is high. In addition to working with orphans who have lost parents to disease or helping to educate locals about specific disease prevention or treatment methods, medical volunteering in Africa often includes the actual treatment of diseases such as HIV/AIDS.

Many nonprofits in Africa attempt to tackle or improve social issues, such as human trafficking and gender discrimination. These nonprofit organization provide great opportunities to volunteer in Africa, including work in human rights, gender empowerment, and micro-finance projects.

Volunteer placements in Africa range in length from six to 12 weeks. English speakers are in high demand in most locations in Africa, so foreign language experience is rarely required of volunteers. Certain placements may have educational requirements, but most individuals who volunteer in Africa are current students or students on a gap year, although many programs provide placements for people of all ages, educational backgrounds, and interests.

  • Economic boom. Many African countries are experiencing rapid growth and incredible rates of development, therefore opportunities for volunteer work in Africa in a variety of placements and fields is popping up all the time.
  • Diversity. The cultures encompassed in Africa are incredibly diverse. From languages to religions, there are many unique lifestyles and beliefs that are found only in Africa.
  • Cost of living. While volunteering in Africa obviously won’t make you rich, many African countries are very affordable to live in. This makes it easy for volunteers—even recent graduates—to live comfortably while volunteering abroad.
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