Volunteer Abroad in Australia & Oceania

155 Volunteer Abroad Programs in Australia & Oceania

Program fees from $180! Apply now with IVHQ.

Participants may choose from nearly ten program options in Argentina with International Volunteer HQ. Individuals may join childcare, heath care, or education-focused projects while developing a deeper bond with the locals. Typically, programs last for two weeks to a month.

Global Volunteer Network

Learn more about New Zealand and Fiji through a volunteering. In programs created by Global Volunteer Network, participants have the chance to dive into the azure waters of the Yasawa Islands in an incredible marine conservation project, or help with a non-profit organization in Taupo, enriching professional skills in the fields of Social Entrepreneurship as well as International Development. I...

Volunteering Programs with Projects Abroad

International volunteers can get involved with a local community in Oceania for a summer, semester, or gap year with Projects Abroad. They live with a host family and explore the stunning sights and the physical marvels of this region. The programs are based in Samoa and Fiji.

International Student Volunteers

Visit Australia and make a difference in Australia's wildlife and environment with International Student Volunteer projects. Projects include indigenous Animal Conservation, Habitat Restoration, and Scientific Research. The program may include excursions to Fraser Island, the world's largest sand island, and rappelling down the Blue Mountains.

GoEco - Volunteer Abroad in Australasia

Work with expert conservation researchers or teach children in Australia or Fiji through GoEco volunteer programs. International volunteers are provided with both meals and accommodation for the during of their program. Participants also have the opportunity to join excursions along with their placements.

Kaya Responsible Travel

Discover Australia or New Zealand through volunteering. Kaya Responsible Travel, an organization promoting social, environmental and economic development in local communities across the globe, offers placements for volunteers in areas such as Environmental Conservation and Marine Life Restoration. Programs last for up to a year and are available to participants aged 18 and above.

Volunteer with Global Vision International

Explore two of the most beautiful countries in the world by volunteering in Fiji and Australia with Global Vision International (GVI). Participants can help make meaningful contributions to numerous local communities while gaining field experience in a variety of interest areas offered. Volunteers will also go on exciting excursions to see the culture first hand.

Volunteering Worldwide with Frontier

Check out exciting volunteering opportunities available in Australia, Fiji, and New Zealand. Program participants can have the time of their lives exploring remote and spectacular landscapes, all while campaigning for wildlife care and conservation. They can also work with under-served communities.

International Internships in Melbourne, Australia

We provide you with top internships in Australia! Partnering with a range of great companies and NGOs, our Australia internship program will fulfill your career potential. We are regularly featured in mainstream international media like CNN International. Apply now to intern in the most liveable city in the world - Melbourne - and propel your career development! Melbourne is one of the most ...

Twin Work & Volunteer

Our origins lie in a department created in 2006 at Twin Group, a prestigious provider of educational, training and employment opportunities for individuals from around the world.

Pacific Discovery-Summer & Semester Programs Abroad

Pacific Discovery offers inspiring educational travel programs to the most amazing places on earth. Our summer, semester and gap year programs combine cultural immersion, volunteer projects in conservation and community development, sustainable adventure travel, personal and leadership development, and tons of fun. Join us on a life-changing adventure!

Volunteer with Vinaka Fiji

Vinaka Fiji offers volunteer programs that aim to improve the provision of basic needs and amenities in the remote Yasawa Islands, Fiji, with an opportunity to travel Fiji pre or post your volunteer project.


Witness firsthand the challenges and rewards of education in a developing country. Share the skills and knowledge gained through your education and life experience with students who have not had the same advantages, and you will make a concrete and lasting difference in their lives.

Rustic Pathways

Discover the land of Australia with Rustic Pathways. Gain a better understanding of the culture, lifestyle, and customs of the Australians and Fijians by engaging in a volunteer program for four weeks. International participants have a chance to choose from a wide variety of philanthropic options such as Animal Welfare, Marine and Environmental Monitoring, and Education.