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A Guide to Volunteering Abroad in Seville

On the banks of the River Guadalquivir in Spain’s southern province of Andalusia lies one of the most charming cities in the Mediterranean. Formerly a powerful economic center, today Seville is known for its cultural integrity, rich history, and lively locals. It is Spain’s fourth largest city, yet remains less populated by tourists, making it the perfect destination for volunteers abroad in Spain. Get ready to share some tapas, dance flamenco, and meet new amigos while making a difference to the community of Sevilla!

Life Abroad in Seville, Spain for International Volunteers

Sevilla is one of the largest “old towns” in the world, with ancient history seeping into all aspects of everyday life. The city was originally founded by the Romans, came under Muslim rule for centuries, and finally joined the Spanish kingdom, and its rich history is reflected through its food, architecture, and fun.  Volunteers can wander medieval lanes lined with gothic cathedrals and baroque churches, practice their Spanish with locals in busy plazas, or take flamenco dance classes. Spend your days giving back to the community, and your nights eating tapas in crowded bars with new amigos, or sipping Spanish wine at sunset on the banks of the Guadalquivir River. 

Volunteers will be drawn to Seville for its affordability, especially when compared with other cities in Europe. Normally, program fees can cost more than €1000, but these will cover accommodation, food, and transport to your placement. On the ground, you’ll reap the benefits of settling in a less touristy area of Spain. Buy a coffee for just €1, or a three-course lunch for €12. Bus tickets will only cost €2 at most, but this charming city is small enough to explore by foot or bicycle.

GoAbroad’s Inside Scoop for Volunteers in Seville, Spain

When you volunteer abroad in Seville, you’ll love observing (and participating in!) how the Sevillanos have mastered the art of celebrating. The streets of Sevilla are alive and buzzing every day and every night, with the occasional silence in the afternoon during siesta time. Laid back vibes are accompanied by beautiful Mediterranean weather, and entertainment can be found in all corners of the city. Feast yourselves on fresh food at the many pubs, cafes, and markets, breathe in the salty air at the beautiful beaches, and check out the thriving nightlife after a long work week. If the timing is right, check out one of the many festivals that take place around the city.

With a laidback European lifestyle comes culture shock while volunteering abroad in Seville. Volunteers may be surprised when the city nearly shuts down every day during the famous siesta time. The days are split between morning and evening, so don’t expect to find open restaurants and shops in the late afternoon. Instead, volunteers will find themselves eating dinner late into the night with their host families, beginning around 10pm. Keep your mind open and practice your Spanish before your arrival to avoid culture shock when possible.

Volunteers in Seville will experience the best of Spain, from warm weather and laidback attitude, to cheap living costs and constant parties. Whether you spend a week or a year, you won’t regret this affordable, fun destination with many great volunteer opportunities. Avoid the overloaded tourist areas and jump into a new adventure, where you will fall in love with life itself in one of the most romantic cities in Spain. Volunteer in Seville and make a difference between all those churro binges. 

Not convinced yet? Take a siesta then read our comprehensive guide on volunteering abroad in Spain.

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A Guide To
Volunteering Abroad in Seville


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