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Volunteer at a youth hostel in the center of Barcelona while exploring all that the exciting city has to offer while meeting new and interesting people from all over the world! Barcelona is a vibrant city with many different historical, cultural, and architectural attractions. Volunteers will have ample free time to explore such attractions, relax on the warm beaches, or enjoy the bustling nigh...


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Volunteer in Barcelona and focus on making a difference in the lives of local youth through different activities and programs. Participants can work with children and teens in the community in several areas including development, recreation, and education. Sample projects could include workshops to build life skills, helping with child literacy programs, assisting teachers in the classroom, and...


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Volunteer abroad in Barcelona with Adelante International Internships and Study Abroad. Volunteers can stay for up to six months participating in Drug or Alcohol Recovery, Social Services, and Community Health. The program is open to volunteers ages 18 and older with at least an intermediate level of Spanish.


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Berlin  Amsterdam  London  Prague and more... Don't travel alone, join our fun group every July and August to explore Europe with our UK leader. Gapforce Europe is the quality way to experience Europe in 25 days. We use trains to speed us safely and comfortably between cities so you have the maximum time exploring. We are based in London  so will ensure you see all that's new in Eu...


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Travel abroad for less and learn the language of your host family in exchange, you teach them back yours. GoCambio connects millions of people who want to learn or improve the language they are learning with the millions of people who travel in search of unique and independent experiences. So, in exchange for a couple of hours a day helping someone improve the way they communicate in the ...


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Learn about Catalan culture while volunteering in Barcelona with i-to-i Ltd. Participants can join a TEFL course and take part in English teaching programs throughout the year for various lengths of time. All programs accept volunteers from around the world who are 18 years old and above and fluent in English.


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SPI Study Abroad offers high school language immersion programs for college credit in destinations throughout Spain, including Santander, San Sebastian, and Cadiz. Spain continues to be one of the most popular destinations for SPI participants, as it is an ideal setting for students to study, be immersed in the local culture, practice their Spanish skills, and participate in a variety of fun ac...


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Experience Catalan culture while volunteering abroad in Barcelona through the Instituto Hemingway. Volunteers spend a minimum of one month taking part in a wide range of volunteering activities in Veterinary, Teaching, and Journalism. The programs are open to volunteers of any nationality, available year-round, and have flexible start dates. Volunteers are provided with accommodation, a certifi...


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Explore Barcelona's unique blend of medieval history and modern architecture while soaking up the lively atmosphere of this international city in gap year programs from Andeo International Homestays. Programs include Spanish language courses, art classes, and a combination of both. The language school is less than five minutes walk from the Plaza Catalunya, which is the very center of Barcelona...


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Come with a Friend and Save 300 USD by mentioning this notice on your application. BEST's Volunteer and Train in Spanish NGO Program will arrange for you to obtain work experience in your professional field in one of Spain's many non-profit organizations. So, if you would like to fuse your need to make a contribution to society with a training internship in the administration of a Spanish N...

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Volunteering Abroad in Barcelona

Young travellers from around the world flock to Barcelona for its beautiful sandy beaches, stunning architecture, and vibrant nightlife. While volunteering abroad in Barcelona, international volunteers can enjoy these aspects and have the opportunity to go beyond by making a positive impact on a local community in one of Europe’s greatest cities. Whether interested in education, community development, or architectural preservation, volunteers will find a plethora of volunteer opportunities in Barcelona, and have the chance to take full advantage of all this Mediterranean metropolis has to offer.

Projects & Placements

Volunteer opportunities in Barcelona exist in a variety of fields. In the area of community development, volunteers can choose to educate disadvantaged youth, work at community centers, or take part in volunteer opportunities related to social work. Barcelona is a developed city, but it is also home to many migrant workers and poor families who do not typically have access to valuable resources for daily living.

Other popular areas for volunteering in Barcelona include art or architecture preservation, eco-friendly infrastructural development, and archaeological digs. Barcelona has been a historically important city ever since the Roman era, and there remains a continued effort to both preserve and modernize the city in many respects.

Many volunteer programs in Barcelona combine volunteerism with Spanish language study and a variety of outside cultural excursions. These programs tend to be more structured in nature, which may be an attractive option to many participants interested in volunteering in Barcelona.

Volunteer work in Barcelona is typically available year round, and the balmy Mediterranean climate ensures that any time of year is a good time to volunteer in Barcelona. Programs tend to last from two weeks up to six months, depending on the position type and the preferences of each volunteer.

Life in Barcelona

Life moves at a nice lulling pace in Barcelona. Between late afternoon siestas, late dinners, and even later nights out on the town, you will never feel rushed in Spain’s second largest city. During the week, you will likely be busy with volunteer work in Barcelona, but over the weekend you will have plenty of time to kick back and relax at one of Spain’s many beaches or the bars and cafes across the city. 

If you ever become restless while volunteering in Barcelona you will have the opportunity to select from a wide variety of culturally immersive activities to enrich you volunteer abroad experience. Barcelona offers some of Europe’s most unique and breathtaking architecture (most notably the works of Gaudi), a diversity of great museums, and plenty of unique cultural performances, such as Flamenco dances or Sardana. Soccer (known as futbol locally) is also an extremely popular sport in Spain, if you did not know, and FC Barcelona is considered to be one of the best clubs in the world.

Must Know. Though commonly considered to be part of Spain, Barcelona is actually the capital of the autonomous region of Catalonia. This means that Catalonian rather than Spanish is the tongue of choice for most native Barcelonians. Fear not however. Though proud of their Catalonian heritage, locals also tend to speak Spanish fluently and will be happy to interact with you in Spanish and English is spoken quite widely too.

Costs & Affordability

Spain is not the most expensive European country to volunteer abroad in, but because Barcelona is a major tourist destination prices tend to be somewhat inflated within the city. However, volunteers should be able to save money easily by shopping locally and using the metro to get around instead of taking taxis. Those who volunteer in Barcelona should stray away from dining and shopping near popular tourist destinations, as prices are hiked up significantly in these areas.

Although you will probably not be earning money as a volunteer, many programs offer housing and meals as a form of compensation. Still, upfront fees can become costly depending on what type of program you are enrolling in. Consult GoAbroad’s Scholarships Directory to learn more about funding options for volunteering abroad in Barcelona.

Accommodations & Visas

Homestays are quite popular for volunteers in Barcelona, and offer participants a valuable opportunity for practice their Spanish on a regular basis while immersing fully into Spanish culture. If you are wanting a more independent living arrangement, than most volunteer programs in Barcelona can help you organize group or individual apartment living as well. 

Foreign nationals who are planning to live and volunteer in Barcelona for longer than 90 days will likely need to apply for a temporary visa. Volunteer abroad programs in Barcelona will often help volunteers to organize the appropriate visas though.

Benefits & Challenges

Barcelona is without a doubt one of the most fun and culturally enriching cities in all of Europe. As a volunteer abroad in Barcelona you will have full access to the city’s deep cultural heritage, while working everyday to positively impact the local people and perfect your Spanish skills. Volunteering in Barcelona will allow you to experience all of this coastal Mediterranean wonderland, which is bound to be an experience that sticks with you for a lifetime.

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