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A Guide to Volunteering Abroad in Dublin

Itching to go traveling whilst doing some good at the same time? Volunteer in Dublin, the land of St. Patrick and the only country where the rest of the world celebrates alongside Irish people. With their lyrically tilted accents, the always-smiling folk welcome you. The green pastures, untouched countryside just kilometres from Dublin, lure people from all over the world to relax, explore, and enjoy. So, what better way of spending a few weeks (months?) than using your skills to volunteer in Dublin? Read on and find your dream adventure waiting for you.

Life in Dublin for Volunteers

You’ve located the countless castles and pubs you want to visit and chosen the volunteer project, but not sure about the daily life in Dublin? Aye, laddie/lass, don’t fret, the Irish folks are internationally known for their kindness and welcoming spirit.

Dublin is what anyone would imagine a major European city to be, but even better:  beautiful architecture, cultural spaces, world-class universities adding academic vibes to the cobbled streets. Having produced musicians like U2 and golfers like Rory McIlroy, you can sense that Ireland is their lucky charm. Must be all the freshly produced milk and Irish brown bread (best eaten with a slab of farm made butter and homemade jam, only in Ireland) the locals consume. Try sticking around for a bit and see what type of miracle you go back home with.

As a country that welcomes 7.6 million tourists a year, the city is very familiar with tourists. So don’t worry, no matter how vast the cultural differences are, the Irish people have the patience and the generosity to help you get settled in. After all, you’re volunteering your time and skills and they want to show the same kindness back to you (as well as guaranteed homemade Irish cream bundt cake). Who can say no to that?

GoAbroad Insider Tips

It’s hard for a traveller to familiarise themselves in a surrounding long enough to be comfortable in it. It’s a whole new ball game to reach the stage to call it “second home”. By volunteering in Dublin, you’ll immerse yourself in the Irish culture, its people, and its ways so fully that by the time you leave, the people you met are now your second family. It doesn’t hurt when they cook up a feast and can drink you under the table too, ‘aye!

Whilst you’re volunteering your skills, you’ll also acquire new ones! Through the time volunteers spend during the projects, they will be exposed to different aspects, such as admin, logistics and marketing, that by the end, there won’t be enough space on the C.V. to explain it all! Think about it - boosting your C.V. and explore career options all the while making great new friends from all over the world. Not a bad deal!

Sometimes, differences in culture can lead to homesickness. If you’ve never been away before or for a long period of time, it may seem daunting at first. Don’t fear; it’s a temporary feeling that goes away with a swoosh of an amazing-friends-and-food-combo wand. So, Instagram the Irish out of the pubs and make your friends back home jealous!

The gratification and happiness volunteers feel when they make an impact in society is parallel to none. In Dublin, there are many projects that need passionate people willing to give their all to influence and help people and communities. Volunteer in Dublin, embrace the Irish culture, explore the quaint countryside all while making a difference. St.Patrick will thank you with rainbows more colorful than anywhere else and a pot of gold at the end of it!

Feeling lucky? Read our entire guide on volunteering abroad in Ireland.

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A Guide To
Volunteering Abroad in Dublin


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