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A Guide to Volunteering Abroad in Ireland

Ireland is a poetic land, with mighty cliffs, calming ocean waves, and deep green pastures, which have inspired wonder for thousands of years. Ireland offers a beautiful landscape, with a proud and friendly culture, upon a unique isle of the North Atlantic. As a volunteer in Ireland you will have the opportunity to contribute to the wellbeing of communities in need that are often forgotten. While volunteering in Ireland, international volunteers will have the chance to soak in all the fun, fancy, and folklore this magnificent Celtic island has to offer.


Dublin is Ireland’s capital, largest city, and economic, cultural, and educational hub. So basically it’s a big deal. Throughout Ireland’s tumultuous history Dublin has always been of central importance to the country’s well being. Today, with nearly 2 million people inhabiting its metropolitan area, the capital continues to host its fair share of social problems, so volunteering in Dublin presents an array of placement options. Architecturally beautiful, culturally enriching, and historically fascinating, this great city is undoubtedly the face of Ireland.

Other volunteer opportunities are available in smaller cities, which provide a comfortable and charming environment for volunteering abroad in Ireland. Volunteer placements in these cities, such as Cork, Limerick, and Galway, expose volunteers to a more intimate, small town feeling while volunteering in Ireland. Days spent working to positively impact communities and evenings spent casually fraternizing in local pubs, will make for time well spent in the latter waterfront townships.

Many volunteer programs in ireland will provide volunteers with access to the rural countryside, especially when volunteering in environmental preservation. Regardless of the location, volunteer work in Ireland will promote a desire to extensively explore the lush green countryside of this temperate island nation, and memories of its natural beauty will last a lifetime.

Projects & Placements

There are many opportunities to volunteer in Ireland in the fields of social work and community development in almost every area of the country. Education and youth work, along with care for the elderly and the homeless, are also popular areas for volunteering in Ireland, and areas where the need for volunteers is constant.

As the country continues to industrialize, Ireland’s mythical countryside remains in danger of pollution and environmental destruction. Therefore, many volunteer placements are also available in the fields of environmental preservation and animal welfare. Planting trees, contributing to sustainability initiatives on local farms, and natural habitat clean up are all examples of environmental volunteer work in Ireland. Individuals who volunteer in animal welfare, on the other hand, can work at animal shelters, assisting with animal adoption and even helping with basic veterinary tasks. 

Most volunteer programs in Ireland last a few weeks to a few months, often leaving program duration up to the preferences of each individual volunteer. Ireland can be cold, damp, and rainy throughout the winter months, so consider volunteering abroad in Ireland during the warmer temperate summertime if your schedule allows. The vibrantly green Irish springtime, though often rainy, would certainly not be a bad choice either.

Costs & Affordability

Although you will not be paid to work as a volunteer in Ireland, most programs will cover the costs of room and board through program fees. The cost of living is fairly high in Ireland, goods tend to be more expensive than in the U.S., but daily living expenses vary considerably between rural and urban areas. It is certainly possible to lead an affordable lifestyle as a volunteer in Ireland, just keep an eye on your spending and pub visits.

Accommodations & Visas

It is usually possible to live in a homestay or in an apartment while volunteering abroad in Ireland, and some programs will also organize group living arrangements for program participants. Homestays are a good way of becoming close with a local family, group living options are good because of the social opportunities, and individual apartments can be good for volunteers who seek more independence during their volunteer work in Ireland.

If you are planning to volunteer abroad in Ireland for more than 90 days, and you are not a European national, then you will likely need to obtain a visa. The visa process is fairly simple and most volunteer program providers will help you go through the necessary steps. It is important to get the ball rolling early, when it comes to applying for a visa, to avoid last minute hassles.

GoAbroad Insider Tips

The scenic beauty of this Celtic nation is matched only by the warming charm of the Irish people. On this sprawling green island of the North Atlantic you will become familiar with the ancient lore, rich modern history, and vibrant contemporary culture that makes Ireland one of the most visited destinations in the world. So let go of your troubles, go have some fun, and volunteer in Ireland to make a positive impact on the lives of those in need.

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ELI-Experiential Learning International

Volunteer with ELI - Experiential Learning International in Ireland and get the chance to work with animals at a shelter located on the edge of Dublin. The shelter is home to a variety of animals, including cats, dogs, rabbits, cows, goats, and snakes. Volunteers may be asked to feed the animals, assist in the adoption of animals, and clean enclosures where animals are kept.

ELI Abroad volunteers being picture taken under a huge tree in Ireland

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ISA Service-Learning in Galway, Ireland

Galway’s long tradition of student-led community service enables ISA Service-Learning participants to make a positive impact through group projects. As a city steeped in history, it is considered the cultural heart of Ireland. International experience combined with our academic curriculum help you reflect on your progress and grow alongside your host community on the Emerald Isle.

Row of colorful buildings beside a body of water in Ireland

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Volunteer in Dublin with Connect-123!

Explore the Emerald Isle as a Connect-123 Volunteer! Connect-123 Dublin has a range of hands-on volunteer programs available, that range from community service to health care to youth development to conservation - and everything in between. Programs are available throughout the year and are open to participants aged 18 and up.

Connect 123 volunteers exploring famous spots in Ireland

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IPSL Ireland: Art, Design and Technology

Explore what it means to assume the responsibilities of global citizenship from the lived experience of a specific place. Live in Dublin and study at ‘The Institute of Art, Design and Technology’ while working for community-based agencies. In addition to learning the practical skills of community organizing & social activism (COSA) courses can include: • English, Media & Critical Theory • New...


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Most Affordable Internships in Dublin, Ireland

Affordable internships in Dublin, Ireland are available from just two weeks. Friendly Irish homestay accommodation ensures affordability of the programs, while internship placements are based in the city center. Whether you’re spending weekends within the city to enjoy the urban attractions, or traveling further afield to explore more of Ireland, the program is great for students and young ...


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Volunteer Abroad with an i-to-i TEFL Certificate

Indulge in the culture of the Irish by joining an i-to-i UK program in Ireland. Programs are located in seven locations across the country, including Dublin and Sligo. Each program helps provide volunteers with learning experiences which will prepare them for teaching English abroad. Volunteers of any nationality who are at least 18 years old and fluent in English are welcome to apply.


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Quest Campus

Volunteer abroad in Ireland with Quest Campus. Volunteers can take part in the International Volunteer and Academic Internship Program, for anywhere from five weeks to six months. Participants are required to have at least two years of college or university experience. There are several intense projects offered, such as working with the Charleville Castle management team and PeaceZone activitie...


CTL Ireland - Affordable Volunteering and Internships

CTL’s volunteer and internship programs allow participants to contribute their skills and energy to support local organizations in achieving their goals. We have carefully selected a number of host organizations which provide participants with worthwhile and challenging work programs. Our programs involve an immersion within local communities and the Irish culture. We facilitate an experiential...


Receive Sponsored TEFL Certification in Dublin for £15

Take another career path teaching English abroad! At Angloville, you will spend up to seven days as a conversation partner to local clients who wish to improve their confidence and fluency in English. We are Europe’s biggest provider of language immersion programs, and we take pride in the support we give to aspiring teachers to become TEFL certified. This is possible through a unique schol...