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Get Down Under with Frontier and experience the best of Australia on an unforgettable conservation trip. Participate in various conservation projects around the country. You could be helping to conserve endangered and unique wildlife like koalas and kangaroos, planting trees, surveying and monitoring flora and fauna, or a range of other conservation based activities. After your project why not ...


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The immense country, Australia, attracts many tourists each year, due to its diverse landscapes. This programme allows you to explore the country away from the beaten track, helping to preserve some of the natural wonders Australia has to offer. From deserts to snowy mountains, from colourful coral reef to bustling cities, there is so much to see – it is no surprise Australia remains so popu...


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Tasmanian Devils are in fast decline due to a contagious cancer that is decimating the population. Join Fronteering and help with the effort to rescue, care, rehabilitate, breed and ultimately release of Tasmanian Devils and other wildlife. You will have some of the following responsibilities: - Initial training, orientation and health and safety requirements - Animal feeding & Care - ...


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This program is open to EU citizens only. An au pair program with Work Overseas is an amazing cultural exchange, allowing candidates willing to practice their English at reasonable cost to learn while living with a family abroad. The au pair girl (or male au pair), will get full board and lodging, and a weekly refund of expenses. They will take care of children and do some domestic tasks. Th...


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Become a volunteer for this conservation program is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the beautiful Australian countryside while making a contribution to protect, preserve and restore the unique and beautiful Australian environment. As part of a team, this volunteer experience give you the chance to meet people from across Australia and the world.