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A Guide to Volunteering Abroad in Brisbane

Try to imagine this as your daily routine while volunteering abroad in Brisbane. You’ll walk along turquoise blue water and pristine beaches while looking out at the skyline of Australia’s third largest city. You will be sipping on one of the country’s best coffees with a croissant in your other hand as you head towards a renowned art gallery. You will meet an international group of friends before you head off to volunteer with a local project. Doesn’t that sound a little bit magical? That could be your life when you choose to volunteer abroad in Brisbane, Australia!

What you need to know about volunteering in Brisbane

As the bustling capital city of Queensland, Brisbane has no shortage of things to entertain international volunteers (kangaroos excluded) before, during and after their volunteer work. Make an impact while also have a super fun experience!

Popular causes/projects in Brisbane. Australia remains one of the largest but most sparsely populated countries in the world, so a majority of the volunteer projects in the country involve some sort of environmental work. That is no exception in Brisbane! With close proximity to the Barrier Reef, several national parks and state forests, Brisbane has a bevy of options to offer international volunteers who are passionate about environmental work. Given its access to natural surroundings, some of the most popular projects in this region of Australia are animal welfare, reforestation and marine conservation. There is no shortage of outdoorsy causes to support!

Short term volunteer programs in Brisbane. If you only have a few weeks to dedicate to life down under, don’t worry—there are plenty of ways to participate in short-term volunteer work in Brisbane! Conservation related projects are incredibly popular because they give you a chance to get your feet wet (literally wet in the ocean!) for just a few weeks at a time. Brisbane suffers from a sweltering heat during the summer especially in January, so you’ll want to take that into account in your decision making.

Long term volunteer projects in Brisbane. If you’re going to fly all the way to Australia, you might as well stay for a while with a long-term volunteer project! Long term projects really allow you to make an impact the local community. Many of Australia’s urban areas, Brisbane included, have marginalized communities that can benefit from the work of long-term volunteers supporting their local causes. Plus, you’ll be developing some serious skills to add to your resume!

Life in Brisbane for international volunteers

There is no way to get around it—Australia is an expensive country. The cost of living in Brisbane will probably look comparable to your current budget and lifestyle if you are living in an urban area. Life as a volunteer in Brisbane won’t be cheap, so plan on bringing all your best cost-saving tips with you!

One way to keep things cheaper is to use public transportation. Brisbane has an extensive network of bus, train, and ferry options with access to the city and other parts of the region. Don’t miss a day trip to Toowoomba, a university town (full of other broke young people like you!) which is about 2 hours train ride west of Brisbane. This adorable town has beautiful architecture, stunning public gardens, and specialty coffee roasters.

Another suggestion to save some AUD would be to cook at home rather than eating out at the restaurants every day. Even though it is tempting to go out every night because the culinary scene in Brisbane is amazing, set a weekly food budget for yourself so that you can savor good meals without breaking the bank!

GoAbroad’s inside scoop for volunteers in Brisbane

The coastal areas surrounding Brisbane are idyllic yet rarely visited by tourists, who prefer more famous places like 12 Apostles or the Barrier Reef. We recommend taking a weekend to visit Moreton Island, which is a short ferry ride northwest of Brisbane. It is one of the largest sand islands in the world with only 100 permanent residents. There is a fantastic shipwreck for diving which features coral and tropical fish viewing. It is a blissful oasis from the urban lifestyle of Brisbane!

With a long history of the creative arts, Brisbane is home to a vibrant arts culture that is well-worth exploring. View some of the 17,000 works of art at the Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art, or take a walk through the Institute of Modern Art in Fortitude Valley. You can buy your own masterpiece from more than 100 artists at the weekly art fair at the Collective Markets. You’ll come home practically an art expert! 

Whether you’re a burgeoning conservationist or just looking for a chance to live in the land of kangaroos and koalas, volunteering in Brisbane is the experience for you! You’ll support some of the best marine and environmental projects available in Australia today, while enjoying all the benefits that comes from living in a modern, brilliant city. Your life will be filled with beautiful scenery, a dynamic art and music scene, delicious food and new friends from around the world. This lively metropolitan oasis offers the perfect balance between natural coastal beauty and modern urban life for international volunteers looking to experience life downunder. Volunteer in Brisbane, Queensland and make a difference today!

Can’t get enough from the land down under? Read our comprehensive guide to volunteering in Australia!

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