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A Guide to Volunteering Abroad in Canberra

Want to have an AUS-some time? Come volunteer in Canberra, Australia! Canberra, besides being the capital of this amazing and far away country, also happens to be one of most secure, friendly, and beautiful cities in the world! If you’re looking to go far away, meet an incredible community, and most importantly, make an impact, make like a kangaroo and jump on a plane to volunteer in Canberra.

What you need to know about volunteering abroad in Canberra

Energetic, lively, and wild! Since the city is located between two mountains—Black Mountain and Mt. Ainslie—as well as the ancient lands of indigenous people, Canberra’s name is believed to mean “Meeting Place.” By traveling to the capital of one of the most unique and biodiverse countries in the world, you should expect your experience to be surprising, new, and meaningful. Get pumped and review some of the most popular ways to volunteer abroad in Canberra: 

Popular causes/projects in Canberra. From semi-arid and arid deserts to alpine heaths and tropical rainforests, Aussie has it all! There’s no surprise that some of the most popular causes to volunteer in Canberra are related to environmentalism. Explore areas such as conservation, animal care and natural building. These are some options that will provide you with knowledge and useful information. Not to mention, that you will be contributing positively to the ecosystem. 

Australia is often seen as an advanced country, economically stable and with little to no internal conflict; nevertheless, there are several NGO’s and organizations which work hand to hand with local institutions and happily provide an array of volunteering options focused in community development, education, health care, orphanages and even assistance to the indigenous communities. 

Short-term volunteer programs in Canberra. How long you want to stay in this unique city, full of friendly people, history, architecture, and causes to work on it’s totally up to you! Most programs are very flexible and will surely accommodate to your needs. You can opt for a short program, ranging between two to twelve weeks. With a short amount of time, you will still be able to impact the society and the cause you’re working on positively and will definitely make a lot of friends sharing some of your passions. 

You might be thinking that summer months are the best time of the year to embark on an adventure, but, Australia is so exciting and different that it twists your ideas—summer for you might be winter for Aussies!

Long term programs in Canberra—you know, the kind that last a couple of months or even YEARS— are the way to go. If you’re adventurous enough and want to stay in Australia longer, Canberra has the right programs for you! Australia’s aquatic life and land ecosystems are among the most important, recognized and vital to promote life on Earth; unfortunately, today more than ever, they’re facing constant threat of destruction. The shocking, but not so surprising part, is that this is happening mostly due to human activity. 

Let your time abroad be meaningful and rewarding, get involved and stay longer to maximize your impact.

Life in Canberra, Australia for international volunteers

Volunteering abroad in Canberra would not be complete without appreciating the rainbow sky. Flying in a hot air balloon over the city is one of the most popular and probably breathtaking activities you can do. Is there a better way to appreciate the capital’s charm than peacefully flying over it? Shift your perspective of the city and admire it from the top! 

Volunteering in Canberra goes beyond working. Are you a museum junkie? Do you love arts, culture and galleries? You can enjoy almost every museum and art exhibition for FREE! This leaves space to spend that extra money on food! Like Dampers, Lamingtons (Australia’s national cake) or the traditional Tim Tams! Indulge in excellent gourmet treats and desserts, and partake in various food events, such as the Truffle Festival, where you can try some of the best truffle dishes at cafes, local restaurants, and wineries. 

If you’re more into the outdoors and sports, make sure to bring that energy with you! The city’s landscapes are perfect for mountain biking, rock climbing, and many marathons! Additionally, make sure you visit Lake Burley Griffin. Here, you can do some kayaking, paddleboard, rowing, sailing and—most importantly, picnic!

GoAbroad’s inside scoop for volunteers in Canberra, Australia

Although the most spoken language is English and communication shouldn’t be a problem, there are some challenges you need to take into account when you decide to volunteer in Canberra. 

One of these challenges of volunteering abroad in Canberra is freedom! It might be difficult to manage your time wisely with so many things to do; navigate your environments safely, and accomplish your goals on your own, but; making the decision to volunteer in a country like Australia will definitely provide you with the insights and skills you need in order to acquire a bigger perspective and understand the world more clearly. Since Canberra is very safe and friendly, it will allow you to discover new things and help you grow as an individual. 

Freedom doesn’t have to stop in Canberra! Australia has many natural wonders, including the Great Barrier Reef. Don’t think twice when considering traveling around the country. Visiting some of these popular highlights and exploring other sources of information will definitely complement your personal and volunteering experience in a positive way. 

Finally, the biggest challenge is talking about Canberra and your time abroad ALL THE TIME once you go back. You will surely call this place home as soon as you leave. Come volunteer in Canberra! 

With all these resources, love, kindness, and opportunities, can you ever get enough? Read our comprehensive guide on volunteering abroad in Australia.

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A Guide To
Volunteering Abroad in Canberra


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