High School Language Immersion Programs in Africa

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SPI High School Language Immersion & Cultural Leadership

Founded in 1996, SPI offers college credit high school study abroad programs in Spain, France, Italy, Costa Rica and China. SPI's interactive language immersion programs combine inspiring global leadership experiences, volunteer service projects, and exciting travel excursions where language and culture come to life! What Makes SPI Unique? -Hands-on experiential approach to language ac...


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Custom Group Service-Learning Trips

Projects Abroad arranges customized group service-learning trips for schools, universities, companies, and other organizations. With hundreds of projects to choose from in over 30 countries, we will tailor your trip to the individual needs of your group and guide you every step of the way. You chose the dates, location, project focus, and goals. With over 600 staff working for Projects A...


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Study Abroad in Ghana

Get ready to embark on a journey of discovery. A Youth For Understanding USA (YFU) study abroad program is an experience that will immerse you in the lives, cultures, and communities of a real family in one of more than 40 countries around the globe. An adventure where you'll learn in a year, semester, or a summer, what life is like for teens in another part of the world. An experience that ...


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Cross-Continental Gap Year with Global QUEST

Did you know that 96% of gap year participants reported personal development, as well as increased self-confidence and maturity? This makes your “free” year before college or university more than several months of traveling, but also a period of growth and bold decisions. If you’re interested in joining a gap year program, sign up for our Cross-Continental Gap Program at Global QUEST. Throug...


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(Leadership Institute) South Africa: Peace & Politics

The program begins with leadership & activism training in Washington, D.C., prior to traveling to South Africa. Home to exceptional leaders & activists, South Africa provides a fascinating backdrop for investigating the complex dynamics of political & social change. Through leadership workshops, seminars, and field visits to sites of historical & cultural significance, you will build on the ...


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Carpe Diem Latitudes Program

Latitudes = Group Semester Overseas + Volunteer Placement Latitudes is Carpe Diem's seven-month personalized study abroad program that combines a Focused Volunteer Placement (FVP) following participation in a group semester in Central America, South America, East Africa, India, Australia and the South Pacific, or Indigenous America (see our other listings for more information on these group ...


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Broadreach Summer Adventures for Students

Broadreach offers experiential summer adventures for middle school, high school and college students, including scuba, sailing, STEM, animal science, marine biology, language learning and photography and multimedia programs that span the globe. Over the years, we've taken thousands of teenagers to some of the world's most incredible destinations -- the islands of the Caribbean, Australia, Fiji,...


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Budget Low Cost - Arabic & Islamic Studies in Fez

The Center For Study Abroad offers an Arabic language and Islamic culture study program this summer in Fez, Morocco. The program, which runs for three weeks and six weeks, is organized in collaboration with the University of Fez, Al Akhawayn, Meknes University, and the American University Center of Provence. Available at all levels, courses are taught by highly qualified university professors. ...


Traveling Summer Internship in Marketing in Europe

Forum-Nexus is a unique multi-country summer study abroad program that will take you to some of Europe’s best cities, all in one month! The Forum Europe Summer 2018 itinerary includes Amsterdam, Paris, Rome, Rhodes (Greek Island), Milan, Chamonix (French Alps), Geneva, Lugano, and Lake Como. Take advantage of the opportunity to gain real world experience through an internship with Forum-Nexus ...


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Southern African Triangle - 3 projects, 3 destinations!

This Southern Africa Experience is designed to offer you a varied and insightful volunteering, cultural and adventure travel experience. You'll do three separate 2-week projects in three of Africa' most appealing destinations, SOUTH AFRICA, ZAMBIA and ZIMBABWE. In South Africa, travel the gorgeous Western Cape Route, home of the majestic Outeniqua Mountain. Then experience Zambia and Zimbabw...


Madagascar: Island of Diversity

Madagascar: the eighth continent. Stunningly diverse and colossal in size, more than 80% of the plant and animal species in Madagascar are not found anywhere else in the world. The Malagasy people are similarly unique. Over the past 2,000 years, immigrants have paddled dugout canoes across the Indian Ocean and floated rafts across the Mozambique Channel, blending the influences of Southeast Asi...


CIEE Gap Year: Legon, Ghana / Service & Leadership

Grab this opportunity to make a difference in the lives of local children while immersing in Ghana’s rich culture. You will experience daily life in a region with 70 tribal groups and over 80 languages. A big part of your time will be spent on educating and providing mentoring to deserving underprivileged kids. Throughout the program, you will thrive in an atmosphere that fosters development...


High School Volunteer Abroad in Ghana with CCS

Explore all that Ghana has to offer when you choose a high school volunteer abroad trip to help improve education for local children or assist with the care of infants and children in Hohoe, Ghana. Whether you spend your days pouring over craft projects with children, planting local sustainable garden, or organizing a game of soccer for the local kids, you'll be able to effect real social chang...


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Make a Difference! Start your Adventure in Ethiopia

The population of Ethiopia is estimated to be more than 80 million, and over 50% of the population is under 20 years of age. Ethiopia is relatively less developed comparing to some of its neighbors, such as Kenya. People in Ethiopia appear to be more skinny and less well fed comparing to Kenya. Volunteer and interns can make a great difference by contributing to the local communities there. ...


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AFS Intercultural Programs: High School in Egypt

Egypt, the "cradle of civilization," embraces a unique mix of modern Islam and Christianity, Middle Eastern folk cultures, with Western culture. Because 90 percent of Egypt is desert, almost everyone lives close to the Nile. In sprawling, cacophonous Cairo, robes are as common as Levis, donkeys share roadways with BMWs, and buildings made of mud stand next to glass-and-steel high-rises.