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East Africa Semester - Tanzania, Uganda, and Rwanda

From the rolling hills of Tanzania's Southern Highlands to the sparkling blue waters of Zanzibar, the shores of the Nile River in Uganda and the fast-pace city life of Rwanda, the Carpe Diem Education East Africa semester will introduce you to an East Africa beyond your imagination - and your stereotypes. Travel with a small community of like-minded students and 2 experienced Overseas Educ...


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Take a break from traditional classroom education and join CrossContinental International High School program in Uganda. The combination of Language Study, Cultural Immersion, and Community Service is what makes this placement unique and exciting. International students can gain international understanding and rewarding learning experiences while staying in Kampala, Mukono, or any Ugandan rural...


Munywani Wange: Uganda, The Road Less Traveled

Partnering with the Kasiisi Project and Elizabeth Ross, Ph.D. and Housemaster at Harvard University, we provide educational support to students in the community, in addition to helping villagers construct bee hives, not only for honey but also to help protect crops! Elephants in the area are known to trample fences and crops, but actively avoid bees. Having hives around is a harmonious way for ...


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Volunteer in Uganda with FIMRC

Standing at the foot of Mount Elgon in Uganda, about 150 miles east of the bustling capital city of Kampala, stands the Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children's clinic at Project Bumwalukani. The community is composed of about 10,000 to 15,000 inhabitants with an average annual income of USD 200.Due to the scare access to medical facilities, the most rampant issues plaguing the...