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A Guide to 2-4 Weeks High School Programs

You want to see the world, save the world, meet new people, learn a new language, prepare yourself for college, and bulk up your brand new résumé? You’d love an overseas odyssey away from family vacations in tourist-trap resorts but aren’t quite ready for solo stays in dodgy hostels? Then 2-4 week high school programs abroad are for you! One of the safest ways to explore the world, opportunities abound for the intrepid high school traveler, from the teeming streets of Bangkok, to the lush jungles of the Amazon, to the tranquil Alpine towns of Switzerland and France. Time to grab that passport!


High school programs abroad for 2-4 weeks are perfect for first-time lone travelers who want a taste of independence and adventure without completely breaking the bank! Summer and spring break programs for high school students can whisk you away to a huge variety of incredible locations across the globe.

Costa Rica. Ziplining through breathtaking cloud forests, scuba diving, and sailing off the beautiful tropical coastlines, or hiking to the majestic Arenal volcano; Costa Rica is much more than a fantastic place to polish your Spanish! A great destination for animal lovers and budding ecology and conservation majors, you’ll be struck by the sheer abundance of wildlife, from photobombing three-toed sloths, to the aptly named resplendent quetzal—it’s no wonder Costa Rica is said to be one of the happiest nations on the planet!

Thailand. Whether your interests lie with Muay Thai matches and swimming with sharks, serene Buddhist temples and incomparable coral reefs, feeding elephants and trekking emerald-green jungles, or treasure-hunting in the famous night bazaars and floating markets—you’ll find it all in the Land of Smiles! The perfect opportunity to combine a once-in-a-lifetime adventure with an intensely rewarding volunteering experience, you could be rescuing stray puppies, teaching English to local children, or helping out in a national park forest! 

England. From the awesome weirdness of Morris dancing and the annual Gloucestershire cheese-rolling-and-wake, to the world-class festivals and colorful events of Glastonbury, Wimbledon and the Notting Hill Carnival, this green and pleasant land has a lot more going on than afternoon tea! Serious scholars will find brilliant summer school opportunities at world-renowned academic institutions such as Oxford and Cambridge universities.

GoAbroad’s Inside Scoop

Time to get packing! Not just a highlight on your résumé and college applications, a 2-4 week study abroad high school program is an amazing opportunity to encounter new cultures and perspectives, expand your global network, and develop independence and maturity. You’ll prove you can hack it in any environment (and won’t fall to pieces the second you move out of your parents’ home!) and get to immerse yourself in an exciting new culture with no need to worry about your meals, accommodation, transportation, or deep, dark fears of being stranded alone in a foreign country!

But be prepared and be realistic! Know exactly what you want to get out of the experience and make sure the program you choose is right for you by reading reviews from program alumni and contacting the placement organization to get your questions answered. If you’re looking to get academic credit, check with your school or the universities you’re hoping to apply to that they’ll award the credits. Check out GoAbroad’s scholarship directory and look into fundraising among family and friends to help fund your trip. 

Figuring out what you want to do with your life can be incredibly difficult and branching out on your own for the first time might seem nerve-wracking (or unbelievably terrifying…) but learning to head out into the unknown now will give you a huge head start in identifying your vocation and preparing for your future. The world awaits with 2-4 week high school programs abroad!

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A Guide To
2-4 Weeks High School Programs


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SPI High School Italian Language Immersion in Tuscany

In the heart of Tuscany and a short distance from Florence, Siena is one of the major cultural centers of Italy, making it a perfect destination for SPI Study Abroad’s Italian program! The region is rich in history as Etruscan, Roman, Medieval, and Renaissance influences are visible everywhere. SPI Siena program participants will study the Italian language, culture and history, while experienci...


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Medicine in Nepal with Projects Abroad (2-Week High School Special)

This 2 Week Special program is structured to give you an incredible insight into medical practices in Nepal. Your project will begin in the intriguing Nepalese capital Kathmandu where medical volunteers will spend time in a maternity clinic and visit a number of different hospital departments. Volunteers may also get the opportunity to visit a multi-specialty hospital in Chitwan and take part i...


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Sol Abroad: High School Study Abroad Program in Costa Rica

Explore the verdant cloud forests and tropical coastlines of Costa Rica, while immersing yourself into the local language. Learn Spanish in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, located in the heart of Central America. Our programs are located in either Heredia, a picturesque Costa Rican city located in the central highlands, or in Atenas, a traditional Costa Rican community. Hig...


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Germany: 2-3 Week Program - Explore Bavaria

Students who participate in the two-week short-term cultural and language program will have the opportunity to live with a German host family in Nuremburg, Bavaria. The host family portion of the program will last two weeks, with language courses and afternoon activities. Program dates are July 9-23 with an optional one-week extension tour to Weimer, Berlin and Munich for an additional $1,200.


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Travel For Teens: Thailand Service and Adventure

Thailand is an earthly paradise full of incredible contrasts, untouched beauty, and adrenaline-charged adventure. Our all-encompassing program showcases the best parts of this country and starts with an enriching 30-hour service project spent improving a local school at a hill tribe in Northern Thailand through various construction and maintenance projects. During your service work, you will ha...


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AFS Intercultural Programs: High School Abroad in France

Paris is magnificent, but France is more than one city. There's the beautiful countryside from the Atlantic to the Alps and from the English Channel to the Mediterranean Sea; a vibrant history and culture for you to learn; and an artistic soul that will inspire you. Each region of France looks and feels different, and with AFS, you'll discover what it means to live in France as a local. France'...


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Great High School Programs—Costa Rica | Guatemala | Peru

Maximo Nivel offers high quality, affordable, and safe programs for individual teens and high school groups in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru. Our academically-rigorous programs are designed to be fun and challenging adventures for teens. High School programs include: - Native Spanish Program - Service Learning / Volunteer Abroad - Adventure & Culture programs - Spanish Camp -...


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Westcoast Connection | Thailand Summer 2018

Embark to Southeast Asia with Westcoast Connection! Participate on meaningful community service projects and adventurous travel across Thailand. Students are engaged in rewarding service opportunities with children and animal conservation centers, both of which cultivate a deeper understanding of this beautiful nation and its people. You will have the chance to visit the canals of Bangkok and f...


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ISA High School: Study Abroad in Aix-en-Provence, France

Aix-en-Provence is a picturesque city in Southern France, located just 30 minutes from the Mediterranean Sea. It is the quintessential university town due to warm weather, proximity to incredible beaches, and rich artistic history. The festive summer atmosphere includes concerts, outdoor markets, art shows, fairs, and local celebrations. The area of France known as Provence or the French Rivier...


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High School Volunteer and Adventure Experience in Nepal

Leave your comfort zone and come and experience a true cultural immersion in Nepal, Pokhara. This region is a melting pot of multiple religions, languages, musical influence and foods, giving you a wonderful opportunity to expand your world view. You will be living in a traditional Nepali village, attending daily local language lessons, delving deeper into the local customs and traditions, all ...


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The Oxford University Experience-Summer Course for Teens

Be inspired and surround yourself with history, tradition and academic achievement that goes back 800 years. Join the longest running Oxford summer program, opening the doors to the world’s most celebrated university since 1984. Live and study at Oxford University and truly experience life as an Oxford undergraduate. Discover inspirational seminars and workshops while enjoying the widest variet...


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Spain: Technology & Innovation in Urban Culture

Your journey starts in Madrid, where people use innovations such as solar power, 3D printers, and other technology to transform public spaces, providing hightech alternatives to traditional industrial design. You will learn about urban design innovations improving daily life for people in cities. Take part in a workshop to analyze urban spaces from physical, social, and technological perspe...


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Advanced English Writing Skills

This class is aimed at Advanced English students who want to perfect their writing skills for essays and school reports. About this class. This class is aimed at Advanced English students who want to perfect their writing skills for essays and school reports. The course will also delve into poetry and English literature. Lessons include sentence structure, vocabulary and grammatical accuracy...


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Summer & Gap Year Programs with API High School and Gap Year

Academic Programs International (API) High School offers various Summer programs for high school students, and API Gap Year offers programs for recent high school graduates. These consist of study, adventure, volunteer, and immersion offerings in Europe Latin America, and Asia. All of our gap year programs (and some of our summer programs) are offered for college credit, and all provide an eye-...


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High School Exchange in Italy - From 4 weeks to 1 year

Live an unforgettable Italian full immersion, and a cultural and academic experience in Italy with Nacel. What we offer: - Placements with volunteer Italian host families - Local public (eventually private) High School placements - Placements arranged all over Italy - Personal orientation and ongoing support by the local coordinator - Credited and non credited programs available: a prior ag...