You’ve Gotta See These 20 Amazing Destinations with Trips for Teens

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Being a teenager is very much an on-the-job-training experience. As one of the most pronounced times of growth and development as a human being, these years bring many challenges and changes where your ability to adapt, overcome limitations, and pursue strengths are tested. Instead of shying away from this type of learning, lean into it by taking a trip abroad as a teen!

When you think of the word ‘destination’ you’re probably thinking of a place worthy of travel or maybe the end of a journey. But a destination is a not only a physical place. A destination is also the purpose for which someone (*cough*you*cough*) is meant for. Deciding to take a teen trip is an intentional act of proclaiming that you are destined for a life of meaningful travel! Take the leap, embrace the change, and watch your life come alive before your eyes!

two teen girls in athletic gear sitting in shade

Skip cross-country training and go cross-continental!

Popular trips for teens

Trips for teens manifest themselves in a variety of different ways. You can do meaningful community service trips for high school students, immerse yourself in a foreign language, study abroad, or tour some of the world’s most spectacular terrain in the most adventurous of ways. Whichever type of teen trip is calling your name, the most important part is that you’re getting outside of your comfort zone bright and early.

Whether you’re looking for an alternative spring break, a better way to spend your summer break, or a gap year between high school and college, trips for teen abound and there’s a program out there for you. 

So, get started with your search now and check out these 20 amazing destinations for teen trips, for as summer trips for high school students and more!

Trips for teens in great places—our top 20

Oh, the places you’ll go! When you start to get overwhelmed with excitement, and the burden of too many choices, check out our list of the top places for trips for teens.

1. Italy

A destination coveted by millions, Italy is a gracious host of teen trips full of soul-stirring and Insta-worthy scenery. We first fell in love with the idea of Italy watching Lizzie McGuire jet around on the back of a vespa and that love still hasn’t faded. After you leave, Italy will always have a pizza your heart. 

city on a cliffside, Manarola, Italy

It’s im-pasta-ble not to have a (meat)ball with teen trips in Italy!

Recommended programs:

2. Spain

Practice your Spanish lisp as you navigate the streets of España. Teen trips in Spain are full of unforgettable experiences like ogling original art by Picasso, ordering tapas (successfully) in local cafés, and relaxing along the Costa del Sol. 

Cathedral through the trees, Majorca, Spain

You’re in for a Major(ca) personal transformation traveling in Spain.

Recommended programs:

3. France

Taking a trip to France will be Louvre at first sight. Learn to embrace the luxury of simplicity through the decadence of a fresh croissant or the hypnotization of the piercing blue sea of the French Riviera or the tickling of your ear by the beauty of the language.

Cheese shop display, France

We don’t want to be too cheesy, but teen trips in France are seriously life changing.

Recommended programs:

4. England

Taking a trip across the pond is just about the closest you can get to time travel (or is it?). Teen trips through England are a journey through history. But not dull, dusty, retired-museum-guide history—history you can feel and relive.

White cliffs of dover, England

What if you just dove(r) right into your Brit-trip?

Recommended programs:

5. Costa Rica

Teen trips to Costa Rica—the peaceful soul of Central America—is where adrenaline junkies unite. Learn how to sink into the easygoing rhythms of the pura vida before the stress of adulting gets to you first! This is the perfect spot to find service trips for teenagers with a side of espanol.

Surfboards lined up along fence in Costa Rica

Ride the wave of teens traveling in Costa Rica and absolutely loving it.

Recommended programs:

6. Ireland

The Irish are perhaps the most welcoming people on the planet, making it an excellent location to get your feet wet in the ways of traveling abroad. Plus, Ireland is a cultural hotspot, so wherever you go you will be sure to get your daily dose of culture. 

Irish Castle, Cong, Ireland

Now you know what waits for you at the end of the rainbow in Ireland.

Recommended programs:

7. Vietnam

A teen trip to Vietnam will be something you remember pho ever. Outstanding food, surreal scenery, history that demands self-reflection, and jaw-dropping adventures—Vietnam has it all for teens that want an exotic, outside-the-box trip abroad.

Ninh Binh, Vietnam

Teen trips in Vietnam are pho’real.

Recommended programs:

8. New Zealand

Middle Earth may be fantasy, but New Zealand certainly isn’t. Take a walk on the wild side and see what life looks like on the other side of the world where you can enjoy, rather than endure, a teen trip abroad. Just remember that summer trips for teens here are actually in their winter!

Split apple rock, New Zealand

If you’re wanting to go on an adventure, New Zealand is the place to do it.

Recommended programs:

9. Australia

For a koality teen trip abroad, Australia delivers mate! Australia is wildly beautiful in cultural, land, and spirit, and is something every teenage soul MUST experience firsthand. Service trips for teenagers down under almost ALWAYS help our furry friends! 

Boats in the harbor, Sydney Australia

You’re in for a boatload of fun with teen trips in Australia.

Recommended programs:

10. Cuba

You’ll be Havan-a good time when you take a teen trip abroad to Cuba! Practice your Spanish and pick up some sweet dance moves—Cuba is an island full of indefinable magic and trips for teens allow you to marinate yourself in the zest of it.

Pink hot rod on old road with cuban flag

Every Instagram-able street aside, teen trips to Cuba guarantee improved Spanish and dancing ability.

Recommended programs:

11. Nepal

If the mountains are calling and you must go, Nepal is likely on the other end of the line. Teen trips to Nepal are full of breathtaking views (not just because of the altitude) and experiences of a lifetime. Take the time to explore eastern traditions and Buddhism, enjoy a warm chai, and really get to know the locals.

Kaal Bhairav, Kathmandu Nepal

Don’t take a nap on Nepal—you’ll regret not going on this adventure.

Recommended programs:

12. Argentina

Check some of the most iconic bucket list items, like Patagonia and the Andes, off your list in your teen years. If nothing else, the intense concentration of passion that resides in Argentina will seep into your soul and will be a souvenir you can carry around for life. Spend your typical beach-going months snowboarding when you sign up for summer trips for teens in Argentina. 

Fitz Roy, Torres del Paine national Park

Argentina will only cry for you if you pass up this awesome teen trip.

Recommended programs:

13. Chile

Chile shelters some of the most pristine parts of our planet, and they shouldn't be missed. Climbing in the mountains of Chile during a teen trip abroad might just be where you reach a new peak in life. Just don’t forget a jacket… you know, in case you get cold.

Colorful buildings in Valparaiso, Chile

Between the vibrant cities and idyllic countrysides, you’ll love chilling out in Chile.

Recommended programs:

14. Tanzania

Waka waka , eh eh! It’s time for you to take a trip to Africa! The land of safaris will give you opportunities to get up close and personal with not only assorted animals, but opportunities for getting to know the country's diverse array of people and cultures.

jeep driving across savannah in Tanzania

If your only understanding of Africa comes from The Lion King, you’re about to have your mind. Blown. (In the best way.)

Recommended programs:

15. Iceland

What’s cooler than being cool? Iceland! Trips for teens to Iceland have a whimsical, quirky, creative spirit that sparkle with life and warmly invite you to be a part of the fairytale-like magic. You’ll feel like you’re on another planet among the lava fields, crystal blue waters, waterfalls, and geysers. Here’s hoping you get a peek at the northern lights, too! 

Seljalandsfoss from above, Iceland

Contrary to popular belief, chasing waterfalls is exactly what you should be doing in Iceland.

Recommended programs:

16. Thailand

When you’re wanderlust has been relentless nagging you to take a trip and you finally cave and say, “Phuket let’s go,” Thailand will be waiting to take you on the teen trip your itinerant soul has been craving. Hop on the back of a motorbike, swim in warm, clear water, and enjoy a heaping pile of noodles post-adventure. 

flip flops and the Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

Don’t flip flop around on this—sign up for teen trips in Thailand.

Recommended programs:

17. India

Teen trips to India are a reminder—and a beautiful opportunity—to let go of rigid Western schedules and busy-ness and simply live life day-by-day. Explore and learn about all the different regions, religions, languages, and customs of each state and region within this incredibly diverse country.  

Pink sky in Kolkata, India

Everything about your time in India will be colorful—the sky, the textiles, the food, the personalities.

Recommended programs:

18. Japan

Udon even know how amazing of a trip Japan will be. There is nowhere else in the world where ancient traditions are still carried on amidst such a modern, high-tech, futuristic society—something you have to see to believe.

storefront in Tokyo, Japan

Don’t noodle around! Slurp up the opportunity to travel to Japan.

Recommended programs:

19. Fiji

Set your watch to island time, or just trade it in for the ambling milieu of Fiji. Full of welcoming people and jam-packed with underwater adventures, teen trips to Fiji are a truly immersive experience. You don’t know how far you’ll go (until you actually do… I guess).  

aerial shot of boat across crystal clear water

Expect a lot more than just an island getaway with teen trips to Fiji and the South Pacific.

Recommended programs:

20. Ecuador

You are going to Ecu-adore the sublime scenery and dazzling diversity of this tiny, but lively country. Whether you’re a future conservationist, botanist, or just looking to break out of the classroom, a teen trip to Ecuador is guaranteed to knock your flip-flops off. 

Cuenca domes, Ecuador

Galapa-get-up-and-go to Ecuador already!

Recommended programs:

Next steps to finding teen trips

Ready to take the next step towards a teen trip abroad? Check out these additional resources to help you get the ball rolling:

So that was a lot of information thrown at you all at once, huh? Try not to be intimidated or overwhelmed. Take a breath and remember that will all be worth it. 

Teen trips for all!

No matter what you’re into, you know what’s in you—a desire to travel meaningfully. Taking a teen trip to one of these amazing destinations will be an amazing gateway to a future life of traveling abroad with purpose! So what the heck are you waiting for? Get out there and do it!

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