18 GOTTA HAVE IT Internship Opportunities Around the World

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What do you think of when you hear the word “experience”? Is it something you need in order to beef up that resume or is it something you crave as you yearn to travel abroad? Don’t worry if you’re having trouble deciding because by now you should know that you don’t have to! Internship opportunities — for college students, high schoolers, young professionals, and even those looking to make a jump from their current career path — exist in every nook and cranny of our big beautiful globe, making it easy to gain invaluable skills from all over the world.

From the startups to bakeries, here’s a few stand-out international internship opportunities around the world to spark up that wanderlust. 

Internship Opportunities in Europe

Europe is a big leap yet a safe bet for international internships. It’s a region of world affairs, global leadership, and where innovation and history stride hand-in-hand. Whether you choose an internship in Western Europe or venture a bit further to Eastern Europe and Russia, you’ll be surrounded by unlimited professional opportunities and picture-perfect landmarks to experience at every turn. For many, Europe is where many experienced citizens of the world first earn their stripes. Ready for yours?


The Florence Dome with mountains in the background.
The architecture will act as your muse here.

Head to “The Boot” then kick off your boots because Italy is one refreshing way to kick off an international career. This treasure trove of mouth-watering cuisine, varied geographies, and cultural activities makes for the perfect basecamp abroad. Check out this arts administration internship that offers interns the opportunity to manage, train, and perform at an international arts company in Florence. Located in the beating heart of Italy’s artistic heritage, interns will be inspired and supported with this organized and flexible program to suit a wide range of creative interests. Prego!

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Piccadilly Circus at night with lots of people.
Join the hustle and bustle in England.

England is pretty much the world’s stage for global affairs and one of the most popular places in the world for business. This means there are no shortages of internship opportunities in this juxtaposed world of castles and skyscrapers. For the future entrepreneur, take a look at Corkscrew’s Startup Experienceship. Based in the entrepreneurial haven of Exeter, interns spend four weeks improving their professional skills, meeting with mentors, and consulting on a live startup project. It’s the perfect springboard for anyone interested in owning their own business and Exeter’s culture, history, and entertainment are an added bonus.

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A doctor with a patient on the table.
Get on-the-job experience while communicating in Spanish.

Set fire to your passions in a land of late-nights, sprawling cities, and brand-new experiences. Spain is a country so full of life, you’ll find yourself completely revitalized with the energy to pursue your professional interests. Well, maybe after a quick siesta. For the progressing pre-med student needing a change of scenery, a pre-med shadowing internship provides the opportunity to shadow doctors 20+ hours a week. A cure for the common pre-med crises, the program runs around most university breaks meaning you won’t have to choose between exam preparation and an unforgettable global experience. 

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Internship Opportunities in Oceania

Your dream internship may just lay oceans away. Luckily, that’s no longer a problem! Just a couple hours above the big blue and you’ll find yourself coastin’ around coastal metropolises, striking landscapes, and heaps of internships for college students. Oceania is a region soaked with adventure (and internships!), but few stick around for the chance to gain real-life work experience abroad. Fools.


The Sydney Opera House with the Harbour Bridge behind it.
Here’s a good place to start, and you’ll want to venture even more!

Frankly put, the Land Down Under is more than just kangaroos and that fancy opera house. The continent may be relentless wilderness, but Australia is an ode to the arts, culture, and humanity that has grown from it. A Sydney film festival internship program provides the chance to deepen your understanding of Australia through work in film and television while studying contemporary film in the spirited city of Sydney. The festival itself is one of the world’s longest-running film festivals and you’ll have a backstage pass to all the action. Good on ya, mate!

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New Zealand

Small red boat in water with mountains in the background.
Learn to traverse land and sea to help those in need.

Do you really have a bucket list if it fails to mention New Zealand? This destination IS the goal of many adventure travelers with its awe-inspiring mix of landscapes and culture. Although it’s regarded as one of the safest countries, completing a disaster risk and emergency management internship in New Zealand may prepare you for a world where that suddenly can change. You’ll participate in an immersive case-study addressing potential crises unique to New Zealand (presumably the war between Sauron and the free people of Middle-earth) and the associated risk, resilience, and recovery efforts. Not only will you get to travel to incredible locations, but you’ll receive college credit for this tiki-tour too.

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Beach and ocean with palm trees on the right side.
Dive into beauty in this serene atmosphere.

Just imagine spending your days submerged in some of the world’s best waters for scuba diving, collecting valuable ecological data for marine conservation, then emerging as a PADI divemaster. If this sounds like a whale of a time to you, then make waves with a marine conservation and PADI divemaster internship in Fiji. It’s a program where participants experienced themselves making a huge, positive difference on this beautiful archipelago of over 300 islands. It’s also a crash course in how a base operates proving perfect for aspiring marine conservationists. Far from the tourist track, you’ll fall in love with the Fijan laid-back lifestyle and the communities of vibrant life both above and below the water. 

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Internship Opportunities in Asia

Knowing where to find internship opportunities on the largest continent in the world is a big task; factors such as language, culture, and economic structure make choosing the perfect internship harder than choosing which Asian cuisine is best. From the Tiger Economies of the Far East to the developing nation of the south, you will experience a completely new way of life wherever you go when you find internships in Asia.


Four young Chinese children in a row sitting on chairs.
You can’t resist their cute little faces!

An elaborate history and forward-thinking has fostered this nation of contrasts. To best understand how China’s past and present work together, turn to the future - children! LoPair Au Pair is the perfect program for those interested in child care and the opportunity to learn Mandarin and Chinese culture. It’s a well-funded, coveted program with amazing host families! If you’re looking for an authentic, reciprocal exchange of culture in the middle kingdom, you’ve just hit the jackpot. 

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A green jeepney and a small red tricycle taxi.
Why not go to work in a stylish vehicle?!

With over 7,000 islands of brimming smiles and waterfalls, the Philippines is a never ending paradise to be explored. As a Media intern, you will traverse city streets by beeping jeepneys, catch sunsets aplenty, and find just enough time to make a difference too. By pairing up with a Filipino nonprofit organization, you will develop and execute strategies aimed to raise awareness and increase donations for various causes. If you value independence, NGO grit, and some good ol’ fashion fiestas, the Philippines welcomes you wholeheartedly. 

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Large mountains in the background and on each side with a valley and roads.
Help protect these beautiful landscapes for years to come.

An internship in Vietnam is a dance between crafted career moves and non-stop thrills. From the hidden hills of Ho Chi Minh City to the emerald waters of Halong Bay, internship opportunities for college students in Vietnam are simply un-pho-gettable. For instance, this ecotourism and community development internship is a practical and multidisciplinary role in the evergreen industry of travel. By living like a local and promoting responsible tourism, Vietnam will leave a powerful impression on you and your resume.

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Internship Opportunities in Africa 

Commonly referred to as the birthplace of humanity, Africa is a continent so vast, wild, and diverse in culture that it’s difficult to know where to start your internship search. As a region with the most critically developing countries, you’ll notice a ton of nonprofit placements in fields related to medicine and community development. All internships in Africa are undoubtedly life-changing; however, let’s break from the herd and take a look at some highly recommended outliers.   


Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca
You might just film the next...Casablanca.

Welcome to Northern Africa’s marketplace of culture, activity, and color. Nomads and traders have been making their way to Morocco’s ancient medinas for centuries and today is no different. This documentary program outreach internship offers the chance for young filmmakers to research, write, film, and edit their own documentary. You’ll arrive in the imperial city of Marrakech in search of a local changemaker worthy of worldwide attention. Then, you and three others will assemble as a team to tell this unique story while navigating the winding world of Africa’s european gateway. Although this program is only for a few weeks, you will return home having made a few lifelong friends and a tremendous addition to your portfolio that may just change the world.

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South Africa

Young man in wetsuit wakeboarding.
Off the clock? Time for some Cape Town fun!

Aptly referred to as the “Rainbow Nation,” South Africa is a testament to the power of diversity, and VA Corps wants to uphold that with their remarkable refugee internship program. As an intern in Cape Town, you will assist asylum seekers with the technical and practical skills they need to earn an income, achieve self-reliance, and ultimately become totally independent. It’s meaningful yet heavy work so VA Corps offers free weekly excursions to ensure you experience all that Cape Town has to offer including hiking, surfing, and even chocolate tasting. It’s a big task, but you’ll quickly find your footing as you help others with theirs.

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Three women in a row have their arms out.
You’re “Ghana” love dancing here!

A stable government and rapid economic growth has made Ghana an optimistic destination for anyone seeking an energizing, immersive African internship. Performing Arts Abroad’s summer music program is arguably one of the more entertaining internships on this list. You’ll travel throughout the country with some of Ghana’s most accomplished musicians while learning to perform, dance, cook, and play the Ghanaian gyil. Volunteer projects and tons of excursions ensure that this is one jammed-pack, jammin’ internship that you won’t want to skip. 

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Internship Opportunities in Latin America

Buckle up, because there’s a lot of ground to cover on the western hemisphere. If the phrase “work hard, play hard” sounds like you, make North America your next playground. The Caribbean offers interns the chance to awaken their old soul whereas South America beckons the mystery-lover and outdoor enthusiast in all of us. Or, say Hola! to adaptation at a steady-pace atop the sweeping vistas of Central America. When it comes to internships around the world for college students, the Americas is an open road of professional possibility.  


Palm trees in the background with two docks above blue water.
Take a break from the city life to experience true Panama.

If interning abroad was a coffee shop, here’s your double espresso. This small, tropical nation has been key to worldwide trade for over a century. Tucked between the turquoise waters of the Caribbean and the deep blues of the Pacific, Panama is a dense jungle of internship opportunities. The Science Exchange's sea turtle internships will blow you right out of those deep blue waters, or immerse you directly in them, rather. You’ll have the chance to progress your understanding of marine conservation while contributing to something utterly unique. Panama is a confluence of diverse dreamers and Latin energy that will keep you buzzing for more.

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Mountains with cloudy skies and Machu Picchu in the middle.
Explore Peru to make an impact bigger than Machu Picchu.

Welcome to the land of the Andes, the Amazon, and the unimaginable in-betweens. Peru is ideal for interns looking for immersion or Spanish-language opportunities with local, national, or international organizations. Residing in a wonderland of lost and evolving civilizations, a Sacred Valley of the Incas internship presents you with the chance to work at a local Peruvian company and explore the Andean communities of Urubamba. You’ll be nestled between the major city of Cuzco and, of course, Machu Picchu, as you improve your Spanish and impact local lives. It doesn’t get much better than that, amigos.

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After much political and social conflict over the last century, Honduras is a country well on the rise. Shoulder to Shoulder offers an internship program for serious changemakers interested in alleviating poverty and empowering local communities through education. Fueled by optimism and baleada (delicious street food), teaching assistants and mission coordinators will become fully integrated into friendly, rural communities adjacent to Honduras’ majestic sceneries. For those unafraid to roll up their sleeves, this program is the perfect professional experience that will leave a lasting impact for everybody.

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Internship Opportunities in the Middle East 

Often overlooked, an internship in the Middle East is a tremendous way to stand out from the crowd and get out of that dreaded comfort zone. It’s the birthplace of most of the world’s religions, languages, and technologies and this age-old region does much to honors its past. Achievement appears to be deeply rooted in the Middle East, and for those up for the challenge, interning here will certainly earn this brag-worthy experience.


Three trucks with people go toward desert mountains.
Adventures in Jordan + Meaningful Work = Amazing

One of the most diverse countries in the Middle East, Jordan is a hub for culture, transit, and business a millennium in the making. Open-air markets, camel caravans, and a Rose City (Petra) straight out of Indiana Jones; Jordan is non-stop adventure. This service-learning program in the capital city of Amman partners with community-based organizations addressing social issues from around the world. You’ll walk away with a portfolio of reflection-based assignments that will develop your own sense of civic responsibility and guide your professional career. It’s an experiential and introspective program that you simply won’t find anywhere else.

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Two men chat behind the counter in a cafe.
The best part of waking up is Israeli coffee in your cup!

Stone-paved streets and the best hummus you’ve ever had are just the beginning. Israel’s sacred sites, breathtaking natural environments, and cosmopolitan cities make this “Holy Land” a modern marvel. It’s also home to the most unique internship on our list: a vegan bakery internship. This program blends small business, cultural immersion, and veganism into a surprisingly delectable treat with no prior cooking experience required. This up-and-coming Bakery in Tel Aviv is the sweetest way to taste the sights, sounds, and raw ingredients of Israel. 

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United Arab Emirates

Dubai skyscrapers at night.
Helping others in a beautiful environment for one, please!

The UAE is almost like being on another world. Quiet desert dunes abruptly transform into colossal cityscapes taken straight out of science-fiction. The UAE is the most westernized country in the Middle East and its competitive business environment continues to thrive. hospitality internships are a great way to familiarize yourself with the UAE and progress in the hospitality and tourism industry. Interns will receive a tailor-made staff position at a top ranked hotel in Dubai, a city of endless entertainment, and interact with guests and expats from all over the world. Not only is this internship paid, but your meals are covered too. Cha-ching!

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And you thought international internship opportunities were few and far between….

If you’re ready to stand out from the crowd and get out for a little bit, an international internship is right for you. It’s the best way to get that resume/CV the love and attention it deserves while embarking on an incredible, personal journey you won’t regret. Although you’ve been introduced to a variety of specific internships, keep in mind that there are tons of relevant internship almost anywhere in the world. You just have to search for them. Your next big move might actually be the best one for your career and there is a world of opportunity out there. Literally.

Find the right internship opportunity for you now.