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A Guide to Interning Abroad in Honduras

Honduras is a small Central American country with a beautiful landscape, tropical climate, and population just exceeding 8 million citizens. It also remains one of the poorest countries in the world, plagued by political conflict and social inequality for much of the past century. An internship abroad in Honduras then is especially valuable on two fronts; it allows the intern abroad in Honduras to gain professional experience in their field of choice, while also contributing positively to local development on a variety of fronts.


Honduras is a tiny nation with a diverse mountainous landscape in the heart of Central America, sandwiched between the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Caribbean Sea to the east. While there are a few major cities in Honduras, it remains a relatively unindustrialized country and so much of the population continues to reside in more remote rural areas (where it is very much possible to pursue an internship abroad).

With a population exceeding 1.3 million people, Tegucigalpa is the nation’s capital and largest city, and so it is not surprisingly also the most popular destination where to intern abroad in Honduras. Tegucigalpa was founded in the 16th century by Spanish explorers and today survives as the major center of political, economic, and cultural activity in Honduras. It also continues to suffer from major problems of poverty and infrastructural inefficiency, making the efforts of the intern abroad in Honduras all the more valuable.

Other popular cities where you can intern abroad in Honduras include San Pedro Sula, El Progreso, and La Ceiba. These cities are much smaller than Tegucigalpa and so can provide for a more relaxed backdrop to your internship abroad in Honduras, if that is what you are looking for.

Internships in Honduras

Because it is a developing country, the most common internships abroad in Honduras are usually in areas such as medicine, education, and social work. There are many NGOs and other such organizations located across the country that continue to do good work in cooperation with local teams in these areas. An internship abroad in Honduras within any of these fields is the chance to do some majorly meaningful work while also gaining invaluable professional experience in the global sector.

Honduras is also a very ecologically diverse country, and so internships abroad in environmental studies and wildlife conservation are additionally quite popular among international workers. Working at a sea turtle research facility is one example of the type of work you may engage in within these fields as an intern abroad in Honduras.

Internships abroad in Honduras tend to last anywhere from two months up to one full year depending on individual needs and availability. Many programs in will also offer the opportunity to combine your internship in Honduras with the chance to earn academic credit, which can be a great way to double the worth of the experience if you are currently in pursuit of your degree.

Salary & Costs

As many internships in Honduras lean toward the form of volunteerism, you likely won’t be making much money (if any) as an intern abroad in Honduras. It’s not all bad news though: Honduras is a very affordable country to live in for most international visitors, and many internship programs will additionally offer compensation in other ways such as paying for housing, food, or transportation.

Accommodation & Visas

The most common forms of accommodation for interns in Honduras are generally homestays with a local family or group living situations with other international interns. Individual apartments are also often available if you choose to intern abroad in a major city such as Tegucigalpa. Different internship programs in Honduras offer different housing situations, so take this into account as you are searching for the perfect program.

Honduras has a fairly laid back visa policy when it comes to international internships. Usually you can apply for a 90 day visa upon arrival, and then when that period is over you can simply extend or reapply. You can check out our Honduran Embassy Directory for more visa information as it applies to your individual situation.

Benefits & Challenges

Professional Development. An internship abroad in Honduras will lead to tremendous personal and professional development, and will also provide a great opportunity to network within the global community.

Meaningful Work. Honduras suffers from high rates of poverty and many of its citizens lack access to basic rights such as healthcare and education. Interning abroad in Honduras is a great way to help locals fight these challenges.

Language Immersion. While fluency in Spanish is not a requirement of many internships in Honduras, if you are in the process of learning the language then this is the perfect opportunity to let your comprehension soar.

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