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International Student Volunteers

Now is the time to extend your reach to the world! ISV programs are for everyone who wants to make a leap of difference abroad! ISV does quality programs with the combination of informative, hands-on, and educational volunteer projects, mixed with exciting adventure programs in a safe and well-organized environment as well as fun and supportive staff.

Volunteering Programs with Projects Abroad

If you want to spend a period of time working as a volunteer abroad in the developing world, look no further than Projects Abroad. We have directly-employed staff in every destination that will organize all aspects of your project, and guide you through your time with us.

GoEco - Volunteer Abroad

GoEco was created by experienced volunteers for people who are eager to travel and contribute to the community, wildlife and environment they visit. Based on years of practice and in-depth field reports, GoEco presents you a careful selection of excellent yet affordable volunteer and ecological minded vacations

Kaya Responsible Travel

Kaya gives you the opportunity to volunteer abroad, learn a language abroad, gain valuable work experience overseas, take a gap year or become TEFL qualified. With over 200 volunteer projects and work experience opportunities in more than 20 countries across the globe, Kaya can offer you a world of choice!

ELI-Experiential Learning International

ELI - Experiential Learning International offers a wide range of volunteer opportunities in Africa, ranging from wildlife conservation in Ghana and organic farming in Uganda to teaching orphans in Kenya and Northern Tanzania, and medical outreach in Dar es Salaam. Most volunteering programs include food and accommodations with a host family, and in-country orientation and staff support.

Connect-123 Internship & Volunteer Programs

Connect-123 develops and administers volunteer, internship and study abroad programs in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Cape Town, South Africa. In both countries, internship and volunteer work opportunities are hosted by local companies, non-profit organizations, schools, research institutes and health care clinics.

Volunteers For Peace - Discover the world by volunteering!

Volunteers For Peace is a Vermont non-profit with over 30 years of experience coordinating meaningful international voluntary service opportunities. We offer projects in more than 90 countries for volunteers ages 15 – 99! Find a project and use the coupon “gab14” for a $25 discount on your registration fee today!

A Broader View Volunteers Corp

A Broader View Volunteers is a 501(c)(3) based non-profit organization based in Pennsylvania. With a love for humankind, and a motivated spirit to help others, A Broader View was created on the belief that one person can make a difference in the lives of others.


The leading provider of study, intern and volunteer opportunities in Ecuador. Its objective is to share the local culture by providing opportunities for students, interns and volunteers from other countries to come and explore the rich environment and fascinating culture of the Ecuadorian nation.

Biology Program in Panama

The Biology Program focuses on conducting biological field research, such as the cataloging of flora and fauna in and around Kalu Yala. The Biology team spends many hours hiking and exploring the various ecosystems surrounding the property. You will have the opportunity to make observations, ask your own questions, and seek your own explanations. Whether you already have a particular passion in...

Art in Tanzania

Volunteering with Art in Tanzania is an opportunity to make a genuine difference to the local communities who benefit from your support. To make your time in Tanzania as worthwhile, enjoyable and safe as possible, we have prepared programs for many different projects.

Trees for Zambia - Conservation Volunteer in Zambia

Help us plant around 5,000 trees at schools, subsistence farms, and deforested areas. Zambia has one of the highest deforestation rates in the world. This project develops a culture of planting trees and promoting alternative energy sources. To continue to make Trees for Zambia a success, we fully rely on the support of volunteers. As a volunteer you will play a vital role in the project by hel...