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Spend a semester or academic year in the lively capital of San Jose with AIFS. You’ll earn up to 23 credits through a variety of courses studying at Veritas University. Courses are taught in English and Spanish and no previous Spanish language study is required. AIFS in San Jose offers unique academic opportunities: Spanish and Humanities Studies, Environmental Sciences or an Internship and ...


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Take advantage of the chance to live and learn in Sydney, one of the most beautiful and livable cities in the world! Students can immerse themselves in the academic and student culture of Macquarie University, the University of New South Wales, or the University of Sydney. All offer an array of disciplines covering the spectrum from engineering to art history. Sydney will be your classroom....


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The vibrant and cosmopolitan city of Sydney, Australia, is the setting for the Boston University Sydney Internship Program, which offers eight weeks of coursework and participation in a professional internship. Courses explore Australia's political systems, contemporary culture and cinema, and its place in the modern world. Students will gain a critical understanding of the major political inst...


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Athena Study Abroad offers students the opportunity to study Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics courses in Scotland at the University of Aberdeen. The Old Aberdeen campus is the historic heart of the university and combines immaculately preserved buildings with modern facilities for learning, research, and recreation. The charming atmosphere is perfect for inspiring students whil...


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Experience the culturally rich port city of Valparaiso while attending courses among a diverse student body! This program is perfect for those who prefer an urban environment and those who are curious, independent, and interested in exploring Chile and Chilean culture. Students will study at one of the best universities in Chile, which offers courses in a wide variety of subjects. Students...


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Summer-long service learning opportunities allow you to gain professional experience while improving your Spanish. Service learning projects allow you access to the work culture and daily life of local citizens, often hidden to students studying abroad, and to more fully integrate into the local culture. When applying for a service learning project, you have the benefit of specifying what y...


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Get involved, make an impact, and learn to serve! University credit is available for our local service learning programs in Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Peru. Service Learning Project Areas: - Working with Kids - Teaching English - Conservation - Construction - Animal Care - Eco-Agriculture - Indigenous Immersion - Medical & Healthcare University credit is awarded ...


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Curriculum Highlights: With an outstanding track record spanning over 27 years in providing successful multi-country summer programs to worldwide participants, Forum Nexus has planted its mark as an ideal venue for students to venture into new cultures while earning academic credits. In these independent study courses, pre-med and nursing majors can explore the medical landscape of dynamic Eur...


Sign up for an affordable study abroad option this coming Fall semester on the beautiful campus of the University of Roehampton. University of Roehampton students can take classes from all departments, including Dance, Drama and Theatre Performance, Education, English and Creative Writing, Humanities, Life Sciences, Media, Culture and Language, Psychology, Social Sciences and the Business Schoo...


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Ecuador is your portal to South American life, food and culture! Guayaquil, the largest city in Ecuador and the country's commercial center, is an hour drive from tropical beaches, Amazon basin and Andes mountains. ACADEMIC & PROFESSIONAL CONCENTRATIONS - Business, Law & Diplomacy - Ecology & Environment - PreMedicine, Health & Nutrition - Spanish Language & Ecuadorian Culture SESSIO...


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Sage Corps’ semester study abroad program is your chance to not only learn in a foreign classroom setting but also gain incredible professional experience building a company. While abroad, you'll also establish a global professional network. Your semester study abroad will be an amazing cultural experience and may be the ticket to your dream job. For most students, semester study abroad is thei...


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Spanish immersion study abroad & internship program over the summer in northern Spain! This program is ideal for those who truly want to improve their Spanish language skills. Away from the crowds of Americans that flock to more popular destinations like Barcelona, students experience true immersion in the Spanish language, delicious Galician cuisine, fun nightlife, and beautiful beaches. With ...


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Middlesex University offers a range of innovative and challenging courses. Students will experiment with the latest technology, access and contribute to world-leading research, meet like-minded practitioners and build international contacts through our exceptional industry practice links. Our students are provided with study areas, practice equipment, and support services ensuring a fully immer...


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Auckland, New Zealand's largest city, has a population of around 1.4 million, which represents approximately one third of the population of the whole country. Situated in the north of New Zealand's North Island, Auckland occupies a narrow isthmus between two stunning harbors. Auckland is also the gateway to surrounding attractions, being just a few short hours drive from the scenic delights of ...

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Studying Physical Therapy Abroad

Studying abroad when pursuing a major based in science can be challenging. However, since Pre-Physical Therapy isn’t typically an actual major, students eager to study physical therapy abroad usually have more flexibility in selecting courses. PT students frequently find that study abroad programs provide the perfect venue for completing elective courses especially. Physical Therapists also must understand the science of movement, be caring, nurturing, and patient individuals with a real passion for helping people. All of these are excellent characteristics to be gained from studying abroad.

Why Study PT Abroad

The skills you need to be a successful physical therapist are both emotional and scientific, and field experience in both are needed to develop your skills. Gaining experience or exposure to the health field in an international setting takes your learning to an even higher level, and it will help you feel even more equipped to fulfill the needs of your patients in the future. 

Since transferring science credits can sometimes be challenging, physical therapy students will be happy to know that many prerequisites for PT programs include social and behavioral sciences, which are some of the most accessible subjects when it comes to study abroad programs. Certain physical therapy degree programs even have an international component built into them, since it is such a growing area of healthcare around the world, so some students won’t have much trouble fitting study abroad in to their studies.


Though studying abroad is available in almost every country in the world, there certain countries that remain the best places to study physical therapy abroad.

Costa Rica. As one the richest and most popular destinations for study abroad in Latin America, Costa Rica has one of the top, if not the top, healthcare systems in Latin America. It is a well developed, beautiful, and safe country. It also happens to be a very popular location for biology courses. Costa Rica puts a great amount of resources into the health of its natural environment as well as its people and communities. Studying physical therapy in Costa Rica will provide students with an interesting, diverse immersion experience into both community health and government run healthcare, as well as access to high standards of education abroad.

South Africa. Health sciences is one of the most popular areas for study abroad in South Africa. Medical resources are often stretched thin in South Africa, but the government is restructuring to increase access and quality. The country is developed and developing at the same time, but provides excellent higher education in either state, and that includes the chance to study physical therapy at some of the nation’s top universities.   

United Kingdom. The U.K. in general is a popular area for health and behavioral sciences. Many students pursue graduate degrees in Psychology in England and Scotland is home to one of only three schools accredited by The Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education outside of the United States. Physical therapy programs in the United Kingdom are well developed and well respected.

PT Courses Abroad

Since majors vary between pre-physical therapy students, study abroad courses available to PT students also vary based on location and academic institution. It can be helpful for PT students to reserve some general education requirements or elective classes for their study abroad experience, since these courses will be more flexible, not to mention fun, when you are faced with all the unique courses offered abroad. 

Some of the best prerequisite courses to explore while studying abroad are Psychology, Nutrition, or Physics. Finding a psychology course abroad will be easy and since the psychological needs of physical therapy patients can be just as important as their physical needs, it is a valuable course for physical therapists. Physical therapy is unique in that much of the work is tangibly in the hands of the patient and their physical therapist, which requires a good deal of psychological understanding. On the other hand, physics, which is always required for physical therapy degree programs, is a highly accessible course to take abroad as well. The push of STEM courses is opening new doors all the time too. Students may also find opportunities to earn special certifications while studying physical therapy abroad. 

It is important to discuss transferring credits with an advisor that specializes in pre-physical therapy before deciding on a study abroad program, because your courses may not even be able to transfer back to your undergraduate institution, which is the essential part of making study abroad beneficial to your degree. The requirements of perspective physical therapy schools will be very important, so you will also need to take into account if they will accept your credits from abroad as meeting the prerequisite requirements.


  • Empathy & Understanding. Fulfilling the needs of your patients is all about seeing things from their point of view and being able to communicate effectively. These skills can be even more important in physical therapy than in other areas of health care, because therapists work very closely with patients and on a regular basis. You will need to assist them through movements and coach them through the most difficult time in their lives, which will be easier after you’ve experienced the inevitable challenges of living and studying abroad.
  • New Approaches. Treatment plans are all about how therapists look at the issue. Studying physical therapy abroad will expose you to many different new or alternative methods of treatment.
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