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8 Study Abroad Programs in Norway


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The Oslo program offers the opportunity to live in a city made for outdoor enthusiasts surrounded by fjords and forests, with numerous sports at your fingertips in every season while enrolled at the University of Oslo in a range of courses taught in English.


Spend a semester or two studying in Norway. The University at Albany, SUNY offers a study abroad program located in the city of Bergen, where students may take courses in Geology, Information Systems, and Geography, among many others. The program can be taken during the fall and spring terms, and is open to worldwide participants. An optional full academic year course is also available.


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Study abroad in Norway with Youth for Understanding. American students can study for a semester or academic year in one of five locations, including Lillehammer, Oslo, and Trondheim. Participants will fully immerse in the culture by living with a host family, attending a local school, and studying alongside local students.


Studying doesn’t have to be spent in the classroom all the time. Grab this wonderful opportunity to join in study trips and travel as well as in volunteer projects and work placement through a 24-month program. “Fighting with the Poor” is a unique combination of various experiences - from traveling to working. You will spend six months studying development issues in Norway as well as part...


HECUA's New Norway program focuses on the social, cultural, and political effects of mass immigration, and examines attempts to engage new Norwegians who have come to the country as work migrants, asylum seekers, and refugees. Classroom time is shared with local researchers, community organizers, and government officials who are shaping policy and making change with regard to integration an...


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Learn Norwegian language skills in Norway and live in the capital city of Oslo for a few weeks with The National Registration Center for Study Abroad. Lessons are taught by native speakers of the language in private or semi-private tutorials. Participants are provided with accommodations, course materials, and an orientation.


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Embark on an intellectually-enriching program while cultivating familiarity with the culture, history, and people of Norway through this opportunity provided by the University of Agder. Nestled in Kristiansand, one of the country's largest locations, the University offers a friendly yet challenging study environment to international students. Although considered as Norway's newest University, t...

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Studying Abroad in Norway

Heading to a place like Norway is a different alternative to the typical study-abroad program in Europe. Known for its hauntingly beautiful natural attractions, Norway has famous fjords (the very narrow inlets of the sea), mountains, and the midnight sun. Norway has a far-reaching stretch through time: its vast arms span back to Viking times and the Sami, and forward to some of the most progressive trains of thought in the world.

Geography & Demographics

As explorer Julius von Payer said about the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights: “No pencil can draw it, no colors can paint it, and no words can describe it in all its magnificence.” The luminous bands of green, shimmering and rolling across Norway’s night sky, are a jaw-dropping spectacle of nature. The midnight sun is another awesome natural phenomenon, during the summer months when the sun remains visible at midnight.

The Norwegian countryside is a marvel of engineering with tunnels and ferries traversing the steep, dramatic, breathtakingly beautiful fjords that characterize the Norwegian landscape.

Food & Culture

Norway has a cool climate and warm people. Norwegian people are highly approachable, with an emphasis on self-reliance, equality, and a high quality of life.

Things to Do

Unlike other cities in Europe, Norway’s cities are not massive or sprawling. They can easily be explored on foot or through their extensive networks of public transport. The Norwegian capital, Oslo, is an extremely pedestrian-friendly city that offers many amazing vantage points overlooking its harbor and the surrounding mountain-scapes. Oslo offers ongoing free events and attractions every day. Explore canals and cobblestone alleys. View The Scream at the Edvard Munch Museum; be amazed by Norway’s fascinating history at Norway’s National Gallery and the Vikingskipshuset, the museum of the Viking ships Oseberg and Gokstad.

Experience unforgettable outdoor adventures in Norway, such as mountain sports like skiing, whitewater rafting, hiking, climbing, and mountain biking. Kayak on glacier lakes, visit the Runde bird sanctuary, an island of puffins, or hike and climb the Folgefonna Glacier. The fresh air, clean water, and abundance of space is perfect for nature lovers studying abroad in Norway.

Studying in Norway

Have we mentioned it’s free? Students at a Norwegian university, whether national or international, are not charged tuition fees, since public higher institutions are funded by the state. For independent students who can arrange their own visas, enrollment, housing, and other necessities, the only expenses when studying abroad in Norway are travel and living expenses. The academics in Norwegian universities are excellent, offering research and university-level instruction in subjects from vocational studies to graduate and postgraduate degrees abroad. Norwegian campuses tend to be modern and safe learning environments.

For students who want support and planning help on their Norwegian odyssey, the University Study Abroad Consortium has a study abroad program in Norway that includes assistance with student visas to Norway, transcript assistance, Norwegian language courses, financial aid advising, parental support and advisement, and other services. The program lets students study abroad in Oslo for a semester or full year, and choose from courses in: Scandinavian Studies, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Mathematics, Medicine, Medieval Studies, Middle East Studies, Nordic Languages, Peace and Conflict Studies, Gender Studies, Education, Law, and Graduate Studies.

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