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2282 Study Abroad Programs in Western Europe

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CISabroad - giving you the best value in study abroad

CISabroad offers study abroad programs in key historical and cultural destinations in Europe. Students benefit from the hassle-free and expertly prepared comprehensive program packages that include tuition, airport pick-up, insurance, accommodations, social and cultural activities, leisurely excursions, and support before, during and after the program.

American Institute For Foreign Study

Study abroad programs in Western Europe, open to American students, are available through the American Institute for Foreign Studies (AIFS). Program locations include but are not limited to Italy, Spain, and England. Students can study a range of courses and participate in year long or semester long programs depending on the location. Many countries offer courses in History, Business, and the A...

Study Abroad Programs

Study abroad in Western Europe with ISA. A number of well-rounded educational programs await the participants in different locations. Participants will gain knowledge on their chosen fields of discipline while taking a closer look at the region's colorful region and delving into their various languages.

IES Abroad (Institute for the Int'l Education of Students)

International participants from the United States and many other countries can enroll in study abroad programs in Europe with IES Abroad. Students can experience new cultures while studying at universities in Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, and other European countries. Course offerings include Art History, Sociology, and Religious Studies.

Athena Study Abroad's Semester and Summer Programs

Athena Study Abroad was established with the aim of providing high-quality study abroad experiences combined with authentic cultural immersion. Programs are designed with student's academic and personal needs in mind. Study programs are available in a range of European countries, including England, Greece, and Italy.

Global Learning Semesters

Gain an understanding of Western Europe by participating in one of over 20 international learning programs provided by Global Semesters. Participants can choose from a variety of academic courses and can become immersed in the local culture and lifestyle. Programs are open to American and Canadian participants only.

Study Abroad with Syracuse University

Syracuse University offers programs to study in Western Europe for the whole academic year. American participants can choose from a wide range of courses such as Journalism, Communications, and Art History.

Lorenzo de' Medici

Lorenzo de' Medici is committed to providing a high-quality education that enables students to realize their own potential, develop and apply their creativity, and interact successfully with the community worldwide.

Low Cost Academic Programs with CSA !

Journey to Europe while studying for a semester or a full academic year with the Center for Study Abroad. Students from all over the globe can gain a better understanding of the history, culture, and language of the Czech Republic, France, and 9 other European countries. This program offers courses fields including European Studies, International Relations, and Ethnic Studies.

Barcelona International College

Take Intensive Spanish Language Courses with Barcelona International College, and earn between 12 and 15 credits per semester. Participate in various courses like Business, European Studies, Politics, and Marketing taught by experienced professors holding Masters Degrees and PhDs in their fields of expertise. Students have the option to choose their living arrangement including apartments, home...

DIS - Danish Institute for Study Abroad

Travel to Europe on a semester-long study abroad program with Danish Institute for Study Abroad - DIS. Choose from a wide variety of courses ranging from Communication and Sociology to International Business and Global Economics. Get the chance to explore the Scandinavian countries of Denmark, Finland, and Sweden. Most programs are open only to American and Canadian applicants.


The Adelante program illuminates the language and cultural aspects in a way that no other program does, through work assignments and independent living situations, so candidates experience life much like the locals live. We provide an 'open door' in more ways than one.

Academic Programs International (API)

This API programs in the Western European region gives students the opportunity to pick among a wide variety of academic courses such as Film, International Policy and Diplomacy, Sports, and a whole lot more. Participants will indulge in the combination of Western European cultures as they receive high quality education, earn units of college credit, and explore the way of life in the region.

Study and Intern Abroad

Offering international learning programs for over 40 years, CAPA International Education continues to build various opportunities all around the world. Program locations is Western Europe include, Ireland, England, and Italy. American and Canadian participants can apply for this program for study throughout the year.

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