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25 Study Abroad Programs in South Korea

Best Friend Korean Language School

Study Korean language in Seoul, South Korea. Best Friend Korean Language School has a study program that focuses on basic, advanced, and business Korean language lessons. Students may also take subjects in Korean cuisine and culture, or participate in a Language Exchange with a Korean student partner. The program may be taken throughout the year and is open to worldwide participants.

Study Abroad in South Korea with ISA

Explore the beautiful country of South Korea with International Studies Abroad. Students may choose from a variety of courses taught in English alongside local students in the areas of Engineering, Business, Sciences, History, Fashion, Film and more. Students will attend either Korea University, the oldest higher education instituion in Korea, or Konkuk University, one of the country's top priv...

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Direct Low Cost - Konkuk University (Seoul)

Konkuk University in Seoul offers low cost, non-profit academic programs through CSA. Students earn academic credit. Courses offered are Liberal Arts, Business, and Science and taught in English through the International Summer Program. Korean Language and Culture programs are also offered year-around. Low cost housing is available in the campus dormitory. Cultural activities and excursions inc...

University Studies Abroad Consortium

University Studies Abroad Consortium offers study programs in one of the top rated academic institutions in South Korea. Hosted by Yonsei University, ranked among the Top 200 World Universities, the program ensures that students get high-quality academic training. They also offer activities that let students engage in South Korea’s colorful culture.

Hankuk University of Foreign Studies

Spend the summer in Seoul, the capital city of South Korea, on a study abroad program with Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. The program offers intensive Korean Language courses and East Studies courses, which are taught by some of the most prestigious faculty in the area. Throughout the courses participants study side-by-side with local students, and they are given the chance to experience...


Designed to provide international students with cross-cultural training by offering a range of courses in various disciplines, the Korean Studies program, offered by the Council on International Educational Exchange, is available in South Korea every summer and academic year. The Arts and Sciences program starts every fall and spring semester. Explore South Korea society and discover how it bec...

Sogang Korean Studies Summer Program

Travel to South Korea on a study abroad program with the Sogang Korean Summer Program. Students can choose from a broad variety of courses, from Architecture and East Asian Studies, to Culture and History. The program provides students with excursions to various points of interest like the Changdeok Palace and the DMZ, or Demilitarized Zone.

Study Abroad in South Korea

Begin your year in Korea with a five-day arrival orientation that will include Korean language training, culture and customs classes, and cultural excursions to palaces and historical sites. As a student in Korea, you will attend a local Korean school and live with a Korean host family. As all of Korean high schools begin in early March, the program begins in mid-February. During your stay i...

University Study Abroad Programs in South Korea

Strategically located in the state capital of New York, the University at Albany is an internationally recognized public research institution that brings "The World Within Reach" to over 17,000 students at the graduate and undergraduate levels. The varied perspectives and life experiences of a student body and faculty that represent more than 100 nations provide a diversity that enriches learni...

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Studying Abroad in South Korea

Study abroad in South Korea, land of technology and rich tradition, and you will be engulfed in a diverse culture full of ambition, independence, and certainty.

Geography & Demographics

The Republic of South Korea is located on the southern half of the Korean Peninsula, fenced in by the Yellow Sea and the Sea of Japan. Around seventy percent of the country is mountainous. The climate is very cold and dry in the winter, and very hot and humid in the summer. While the language of study abroad programs will most likely be English, Korean is the main language of the country’s 48.87 million inhabitants.

Food & Culture

Korean cuisine often varies according to the season, so our taste of Korean cuisine will depend on the time of the year you’re studying abroad. South Korea has satisfying cuisine with a wide variety of flavors that hit every part of your palate. Kimchi refers to strongly pickled vegetables, traditionally cabbage, with a variety of seasoning, often spicy. Banchan are little side dishes made up of pickled vegetables, noodles or a variety of fish, which are placed in the middle of the table to be shared. Usually, meals consist of rice, soup, banchan, kimchi and a meat dish. Meat lovers will rejoice over pulgogi, Korean barbecue: thin slices of beef marinated with soy sauce, sesame oil, and other spices. 

The people of Korea have strong traditions of which they are very proud. The Gangneung Danoje Festival is the largest countrywide festival, held to pray for a good harvest. Music, dance, literature, drama, and handicrafts reflect the history and life of commoners. You will also be able to partake in a traditional tea ceremony, meant to help Koreans find relaxation and harmony in the fast-paced new Korean culture.

Things to Do

From the ancient tombs of Jisandong to the spectacular beaches of Songjeong, South Korea has so much to offer. Some of these amazing destinations might be added into your study abroad program as excursions — work with your program provider to figure out if and what excursions are included. Check out the Hwaseong Fortress located 30 miles south of Seoul and surrounding the center of Suwon. The fortress was built from 1794-1796 and stretches for about 3.5 miles. It is quite the sight to see! Also, if you enjoy shopping you can’t miss the Dongdaenum Night market. It is located in Jongno-gu, Seoul, and has more than 30,000 shops.

Studying in South Korea

If you like the hustle and bustle of big-city life, Seoul, the capital of South Korea, has several options for study abroad. In Seoul, top-notch institutions such as Seoul International University and Yonsei University offer courses in a variety of academic fields, including Asian studies. For a smaller city, check out Ajou University, located in Suwon and offering courses in business and social sciences. 

In order to study abroad in South Korea, you need an up-to-date and valid passport. If your study term is longer than 90 days, you are required to get a student visa for South Korea. You won’t need a visa if you are participating in a short-term study abroad program, and staying in the country for less than 90 days. Apply for your student visa through the Korean consulate.

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