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198 Study Abroad Programs in Australia

Study Abroad in Perth, Australia with AIFS!

Spend a semester or academic year in the vibrant and energetic city of Perth with AIFS. You’ll earn up to 16 credits through a variety of courses studying at Murdoch University. Live in student apartments at Murdoch University Village, just a few minutes’ walk from the center of campus. AIFS in Perth offers a unique Pacific Studies Program in Fiji through the University of the South Pacific.

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Study Abroad including Paid Internships in Sydney, Australia

Study in Australia in a castle overlooking the beach. The International College of Management, Sydney, offers a wide assortment of courses, including business administration, management, cultural studies, sports, tourism, and marketing, advertising, and public relations. Students may choose up to four subjects for each trimester in the program.

View of the International College of Management Sydney at dusk
Griffith University

Enjoy studying in either the relaxed beach lifestyle of the Gold Coast or the bustling inner-city of Brisbane as a student at Griffith University in Australia. Griffith is open to students worldwide interested in studying for a semester or an academic year. While studying abroad, students can also participate in one of the university's Griffith Community Internships too.

Macquarie University

Study in Sydney with Macquarie University. Students will be immersed in a multicultural environment with a university that has thousands of students from more than a 100 countries worldwide. Macquarie University offers programs in a number of subject areas including Psychology, Women's Studies, and more.

Academic Programs International

API students have the opportunity to study abroad in Sydney, Australia at Macquarie University. Macquarie University was established in 1964, and has a student population of nearly 40,000 (over 11,000 of which are international students). Its beautiful campus is located in one of the largest business and technology precincts in the southern hemisphere, a mere 15 km from Sydney’s central busi...

Summer and Semester Programs in Australia

Travel, live, and study in Australia with the Institute for the International Education of Students. Live in one of the sophisticated, cosmopolitan cities of Australia for a semester or a full academic year. Students can choose to take courses in Finance, Medicine, Architecture, and other subjects.

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Study Abroad Programs with ISA

Inspiring landscapes, diverse cultural identities and a flair for the creative are a few things one will find on a study abroad experience in Australia. With contributions to international science and research fields, high quality educational opportunities and international collaboration, visiting students will leave this great country with countless memories and a diverse educational knowledge.

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Pacific Discovery-Summer & Semester Programs Abroad

Pacific Discovery offers inspiring educational travel programs to the most amazing places on earth. Our summer, semester and gap year programs combine cultural immersion, volunteer projects in conservation and community development, sustainable adventure travel, personal and leadership development, and tons of fun. Join us on a life-changing adventure!

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Boston University Study Abroad in Sydney

Take the opportunity of studying at one of the prestigious universities in Australia through Boston University Study Abroad international academic studies program. Students, with American nationality, will gain knowledge and travel-learning experience while participating in excursions in Sydney. The Australian study abroad program offers Writing, Engineering, Film Studies, and more.

New York University Sydney

Experience Australia firsthand in New York University's Sydney program. Investigate the unique art and culture of the Land Down Under, while taking courses in environmental studies, journalism, communications, or anthropology. Venture outside tourists areas on faculty-led excursions to see the REAL Australia.

KEI Study Abroad in Brisbane/Gold Coast, Australia

Study at Griffith University in one of their Gold Coast and Brisbane campuses. The University offers a wide range of courses in several areas of study. Students can earn a maximum of 18 credits in one semester. Programs are available in the following terms: -Semester I (early March to late June) -Semester II (late July to late November) -Academic Year (early March to late November) ...

The College at Brockport (SUNY)

Explore the dynamic culture and lifestyle of Australia with the College at Brockport, State University of New York (SUNY). Participants from all over the world can join in the unique study abroad programs available in the summer, fall, and spring semester. Students can take courses at some of the nation's universities in Lismore and Queensland.

CAPA International Education

A CAPA International Education program is available in Australia, where courses encourage students to step outside the classroom, that focus on student learning through interaction with the local culture and people. Students are urged to become active in the city, and participate in events, discussions, and activities in the region. Programs are available for American and Canadian participants.

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Studying Abroad in Australia

You’ve heard about it — that giant island with beautiful beaches, the Outback, tons of sunshine, surfing, and shrimp on the barbie. Forget what you’ve learned from Crocodile Dundee and the Outback Steakhouse — those Americanized versions of Australia are a weak comparison to the real thing.

Geography & Demographics

For starters, it’s “prawn,” not “shrimp,” and you’re more likely to find sausages, burgers, or chicken (or even fish or octopus) on an Australian barbecue. And Aussies are not all surfer babes — the diversity of Australia’s population usually comes as a surprise to anyone who’s never visited. Equally interesting is the country’s rich history, with civilizations having lived there for more than 40,000 years. 

The wide range of ecosystems, landscape, plant, and animal life in Oz goes way beyond “beaches and bush,” making study abroad in Australia a truly educational experience every minute. Geology, anthropology, archaeology, natural resources, botany, oceanography, and zoology majors especially find studying in Australia to be one of the best educational and career decisions they ever made. 

Of course, the bit about stunning beaches and great surf is true. But venture away from the shoreline in Queensland and New South Wales, and you’ll find rainforests with trees over 70 meters tall. Travel to South Australia and you’ll find rolling hills and great treks, along with copious vineyards. In northeastern Victoria you’ll find incredible mountain views, even some with snow. Western Australia boasts a wealth of natural resources, including coal, zinc, and gold, making it one of several major mining locations in Australia.

Food & Culture

They speak English. Can it be that different? Yer, mate! Aussies definitely have their own language. Differences in the way they speak extend far beyond the accent. Australians like to abbreviate, particularly with a y or an -ies on the end: sunnies, trackies, boardies, brekie, bikkies, bikey, footie, esky, pokies, stubbies, sparky, freshie … (translation: sunglasses, sweatpants, board shorts, breakfast, biscuits, motorcycle rider, Australian National football, picnic cooler, poker machines, beer bottles, electrician, freshwater crocodile.) Common terms in the U.S. mean something completely different in Australia. Biscuits are cookies, flip-flops are thongs, chips are fries, a bench is a countertop, and full-stop is used in the context of punctuation (a period), and declared to emphasize a point. 

It may seem weird to lump “humans” in with the natural attractions of Oz, but the Aussies may be your favorite thing about studying abroad in Australia (I know it was mine). Strangers are often overwhelmingly welcoming, helpful, and non-judgmental. Navigating public transport in a different country can be intimidating at first, and in Australia, the locals were happy to offer assistance to international travelers. Australians have an innate appreciation for humor and sarcasm. It is worth knowing ahead of time that they like to tease and poke fun — prepare to get some good-natured flack, and prepare to give it right back to them, and you’ll fit in just fine. 

Australians believe in the concept of a healthy work/life balance. They live for spending quality time with friends and family, and they appreciate punctuality, sincerity, and honesty. Aussies are passionate about sports, and with so much to see and do, they enjoy living active, adventurous lifestyles.

Things to Do

If you’re seeking the heat, it’s to the Northern Territory you go. Alice Springs is home to Ayer’s Rock. The massive red sandstone rock formation is considered sacred to the Aboriginal people of the area, who call it Uluru, “rock island.” One of the world’s largest monoliths, it’s the centerpiece of a land dotted with ancient paintings, caves, springs, and water holes. 

Destinations such as Kangaroo Island and Tasmania provide breathtaking natural vistas. The Tasmanian Trail is a famous challenge for cyclists and adventurers, who explore the exquisite scenery of Tasmania via a 430-km. route around the state’s circumference. A trip to Australia is incomplete without a visit to the Outback. It sets the scene for sheep farms, for old mining towns like Broken Hill and Silverton, and is an absolutely brilliant star-gazing spot. Amid the scenery from the famous Mad Max films, there’s a museum dedicated to the film’s production. Take a camel ride, visit an underground mine, and join your mates around a campfire to watch the moon rise from behind giant hills in the black sky.

Let’s face it — if you’re studying abroad in Australia, you’ll want to hit the beaches. The variety of ocean views throughout Oz is an integral part of the continent’s indisputable beauty. Let’s start with … drumroll, please … the natural Wonder of the World, viewable from outer space, largest single structure made from living organisms, World Heritage Site … ladies and gentlemen, the Great Barrier Reef! Divers, prepare to have your minds blown. Then there are the Whitsunday Islands, also located off the Queensland coast — they’re 74 submerged mountaintops. They can be appreciated from a zooming, zig-zagging ocean rafting tour. On some days, your raft guide can take you flying through patches of rain clouds for a refreshing spray and then swerve right back into the hot sun. 

Whitehaven Beach is on one of the islands, known for its pure white silica sand. Another island here, Fraser Island, is notoriously home to a large dingo population and beautiful vegetation. As the island is covered with sand dunes, the best way to get around is via 4-wheel-drive buses. It makes for a bumpy but exciting ride, and the glass clear waters surrounding the beaches are a sight for the bucket list. 

Australia has several lively ports and harbors well worth a visit: Darling Harbor, home of the Sydney Opera House; Port Douglas, just north of Cairns; Victor Harbour, renowned for whale-watching tours; Port Lincoln, where you can dive with sharks; and the Melbourne Docklands, always active with cultural events, unique shops, carnival rides, and restaurants.

Studying in Australia

Studying in Australia offers a variety of world-renowned universities, which encourage global diversity and recruit faculty from all around the world. Students on a year or semester abroad in Australia typically have a class structure consisting of lectures and tutorials. The lectures are generally large, sometimes with multiple professors, and can last up to two hours (but not every day). Tutorials are smaller classes that supplement the lectures, letting students and teachers interact on a more direct level. 

Australian institutions foster independent learning. There are not often small quizzes and regular assignments to keep the class on track; rather, there may be two or three major assignments and an exam. In some courses there may be only one major test or assignment, called a “hurdle” exam, upon which most, or all, of your grade is based. This can sound intimidating to students used to smaller classes and individual attention, but it is always beneficial to experience a different learning environment. Professors are generally supportive and will meet individually with students during office hours. 

Because universities are quite large in Australia, they have heaps of activities and clubs. This is a great way to make friends and meet people from all over the world, as people come far and wide to study abroad in Australia.

In a country with immigrants and students from many different countries, it is exciting to be able to meet so many international people, but do make sure you also get to know the locals. When in Australia, do as the Aussies do!

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