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202 Study Abroad Programs in Eastern Europe & Russia

CISabroad - giving you the best value in study abroad

CISabroad offers affordable, fully-supported study and intern programs on 6 continents, 19 countries, 80+ locations. Study in your major in Australia, England, France, Italy, Scotland, Spain; work in China, Ireland, Ecuador, New Zealand; immerse yourself in the culture of Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru, Thailand, the Czech Republic, South Africa, or Ghana.

American Institute For Foreign Study

The American Institute for Foreign Studies (AIFS) hosts programs in Russia and Turkey for American students studying abroad. Both countries offer programs in the summer or during the regular academic year. Students gain the opportunity to live and study in St. Petersburg or Istanbul. Accommodation varies based on the program and location.

IES Abroad (Institute for the Int'l Education of Students)

Become immersed in Turkish culture and lifestyle with IES Abroad. American students can directly enroll in courses offered through the Turkish universities of Sabanci and Bogazici. Courses include but are not limited to International Relations, Molecular Biology, and Management.

Global Learning Semesters

American and Canadian students can be international leaders through Global Learning Semesters international study programs. Spend a semester in Eastern Europe and Russia and travel with classmates and professors to approximately 25 cities all over Europe. The program offers several academic courses to choose from such as Art, Business, International Relations, and others.

Study Abroad with Syracuse University

Syracuse University offers study abroad programs to students from the United States in Turkey. Participants have the chance to travel to Turkey and live and study for a semester or a full academic year. Courses offered include Anthropology, Interior Design, Engineering, and more.

Low Cost Academic Programs with CSA !

The Center for Study Abroad has been promoting low-cost, high quality academic programs are offered throughout Eastern Europe and Russia. Students from all over the world have the opportunity to earn academic credit, study the Russian language, and experience Slavic culture. The program is available year-round.

Academic Programs International (API)

Offered to American and Canadian participants, this API program, in Eastern Europe and Russia, is based in three of the region's most interesting countries namely, Hungary, Poland, and Croatia. The wide array of academic programs are taught in English in an rich environment with a group of other foreign students. Also, in the programs in Poland and Hungary, participants will earn up to 18 unit...

CAPA International Education

Participate in a study abroad program in the South America with CAPA International Education in Argentina. Students engage the colorful culture throughout their program. Accommodation is provided at a private university in Central Buenos Aires, the Universidad Austral. Programs are available to American and Canadian participants only.

University Studies Abroad Consortium

The University Studies Abroad Consortium offers study abroad programs in Eastern Europe and Russia. They work with the prestigious universities, Griffith University and Deakin University. Griffith University offers highly specialized and innovative courses, such as Biomolecular Science, Visual Media, Telecommunications, Computing, Banking and Finance, and International Relations. Deakin Univers...

AmeriSpan Study Abroad

Study Abroad in Russia through programs offered by AmeriSpan Study Abroad. Participants can take up courses in History, Russian and Slavic Studies, or Culture. Students attend in-depth daily lessons on the Russian language, live with a local host family, and engage in a guided city tour. Programs are offered throughout the year.

Language Learning Worldwide with Eurocentres

Travel and learn the history and language of Eastern Europe and Russia with Eurocentres programs. Participants can visit the beautiful countryside, stately palaces, and fairy tale castles, while savoring the best dishes of the region. Eurocentres accepts individuals of almost any age and all nationalities, which creates a multicultural learning environment.

SIT Study Abroad

SIT Study Abroad programs in Eastern Europe and Russia are primarily focused on Peace and Conflict Studies. Participants will learn the basics of reconciliation, peace-building, and the struggle for human rights in the Balkan countries of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, and Serbia.

SIT Study Abroad
School of Visual Arts

Aspiring artists from around the world can immerse themselves in a new culture to expand their creative horizon in Eastern Europe and Russia through the School of Visual Arts. This program helps students replenish their imagination and gather inspiration by introducing them to various places in different areas of the region. The program is open to undergraduate students.

The University of Minnesota

Offered in the fall and spring semesters, travel to Eastern Europe to live in Turkey through the University of Minnesota. With its rich historical and religious significance, participants can study Ottoman and Byzantine Architecture, Turkish Language and Culture, and Religious Studies. The academic studies program is open to students worldwide.

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