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Mangia Your Heart Out In Italy!


526 Study Abroad Programs in Italy

Fairfield University - Study Abroad in Italy

Be captivated by Italian culture in the city of Florence with Fairfield University. Students can choose from programs that range from Anthropology and Sociology, Film and Communications. Participants earn 15 college credits during the program, and they can opt to enroll in an Italian Language course, earning an additional three college credits.

Colourful delicacies for sale at the local market
Study in Rome, Florence or Perugia with CISabroad!

Join CISabroad for a study abroad experience in the art capital of Italy, Florence. American and Canadian students can enroll for a summer, semester, or for a full academic year. Students can choose from a wide range of courses, including Media And Cultural Studies, Various Arts Focused Subjects, and History.

students painting the city view
Study in Italy: Various Academic Options Available

Venture on a study abroad trip to Florence with AIFS. Students get to indulge in the historic streets and infamous art of Florence while studying a range of subjects. Course options include Communications and History, as well as Italian language classes. AIFS programs also include cultural activities to increase learning.

American Institute For Foreign Study
CAPA International Education

Study Liberal Arts, Language, and Art in the city of Florence in Italy with CAPA International Education. Students can take part in the CAPA Florence Program and receive 12 to 18 credits, which are made transferable by Northeastern University. CAPA accepts American and Canadian students only. This program includes housing and provides students with access to a multitude of cultural activities.

Group of students in orange vests doing volunteer work in the streets
Semester and Summer Programs in Italy

Build up Italian language skills and become immersed in Italian culture through studying abroad in Florence with Athena Study Abroad. Programs are open to American students and allow participants to spend a summer, semester, or full academic year studying Italian language and culture, among other courses, such as Art History, Business, and Graphic Design.

Study abroad in Italy

Experience study abroad in Italy through StudentUniverse. Students can choose from a wide range of deals offered in Florence. Individuals must be undergraduate students to avail StudentUniverse programs.

Study Arts and Languages in Italy

Study abroad in Florence with Lorenzo de' Medici. Lorenzo de' Medici provides students with courses that cover a variety of subjects, such as Visual Arts, Media And Cultural Studies, and Theater. Students can earn as much as 18 credits depending on their chosen course schedule.

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Study Art and Design in Italy

Accademia Riaci provides over 20 international learning opportunities in Italy. With programs geared towards enlightening and challenging young artists to fully develop their utmost potential, students will learn how to blend both classical and contemporary techniques in one awe-inspiring masterpiece. Academic programs include the areas of Design Management, Culinary Arts, and Fashion Marketing.

View of an Italian art and language school
The Aegean Center for the Fine Arts

Have you dreamt of a place where you could study art, indulge your curiosity, and experience another world? The Aegean Center offers a classically based arts education in two compelling historical locations, Greece and Italy. Surround yourself with beauty, immerse yourself in art, and discover the joy of real education.

The Aegean Center for the Fine Arts
Study Abroad & International Internship Programs in Sorrento

Live, study and intern abroad in the famous sun-kissed town of Sorrento, Italy in southern Italy. Take courses in Social Sciences, Business, Natural Science, Humanities, Italian Studies and Architecture. Course highlights include History of the Mafia, Vulcanology, Archaeology, Creative Writing and International Business. All courses are accredited through US partner institution.

Sant'Anna Institute
Study Abroad in Italy at The American University of Rome.

Providing students with the opportunity to earn academic credits in Italy for over five decades, The American University of Rome gives students the chance to study in Rome during any term. Through three seperate programs, undergraduate students can explore the historic city while expanding their education internationally.

Students graduating in The American University of Rome
Study in Italy with API

Study abroad in one of Europe's most beautiful cities, Florence, with API. Students can study a wide selection of courses, from Liberal Arts and Humanities to Fashion Design and Merchandising. API programs accept American and Canadian students only, and are available all year round.

Earn your College Credits in Italy Today

Take part in this comprehensive study abroad program provided by Global Semesters in one of Italy's most stunning cities, Florence. Participants can enjoy an integrated academic curriculum taught by seasoned instructors while traveling to over 20 other cities in Europe. Furthermore, students have the opportunity to participate in cultural activities and earn academic credit along the way.

University Studies Abroad Consortium

Study Abroad programs offered by University Studies Abroad Consortium are available in the areas of Journalism, Art, History, Environmental Studies, or Italian Language Studies in Italy. The programs feature first-rate academic training and cultural activities. Locations include, Viterbo, Torino, and Reggio Emilia.

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View of colorful Cinque Terre, or the five villages, that has become a staple image of Italy.

How to Study Abroad in Italy

Mangia Your Heart Out In Italy!

One of the most difficult decisions students will have to make while studying in Italy is which three flavors of gelato will complete the perfect afternoon of wandering through the piazza (less then three scoops is just silly). Italy offers the best study abroad programs to any student looking to enrich their knowledge of history and culture. A simple stroll through a piazza (town square) leaves visitors with a feeling of culture that cannot be read in any book or understood with a picture.

Geography & Demographics

Located in south central Europe, Italy is home to some of the best cities in the world. Each has its own unique characteristic from the ruins of Ancient Rome, to the heart of the Renaissance in Florence, to the fashion capital of Milan. Studying abroad in Italy offers the opportunity to explore aspects of Italian history and culture.

Italy typically experiences four seasons. The summer months can be crowded and very hot; air conditioning is not as popular as it is in the United States. Many hotels will turn off the air conditioning during the day. Typically September to early November is the ideal time to travel to Italy, as well as in the spring months of late March through May, making either the fall or spring semester a perfect time to study abroad.

Food & Culture

Traditional Italian meals go far beyond spaghetti and meatballs so when a fresh hot plate of squash risotto is placed on the dinner table, the first instinct is to dig in! However, there are a few traditions to do first. Be sure to flatten it with a fork, eat the edges first, and continue to flatten the risotto. Since the edges are cooled first, this ensures that each bite of the meal is hot. This can’t be learned in a dorm and it will likely be the best squash risotto to ever touch a palate. Live in an Italian home and dine on traditional foods and learn to enjoy cuisine the way the Italians do.

Students who study abroad in Italy tend to become foodies without even trying. Italian dishes focus on the miracles that can come from the right combination of simple ingredients. Less is more when it comes to many dishes but they tend to be paired with delicious wine, old cheese, and new friends. Some of the staples every student should be sure to try are:

1. Bruschetta: bread topped with a mixture of fresh tomatoes, garlic, olive oil, and other veggies

2. Stracciatella: salty broth with shreds of egg, parmesan shavings, nutmeg, salt, and pepper

3. Spaghetti alla Carbonara: a creamy sauce of romano cheese, eggs, spices, and bacon drizzled over pasta

4. Pizza Margherita: most popular of the Italian pizzas, it’s a thin crust topped with olive oil, tomatoes, sliced mozzarella, and basil

5. Saltimbocca: veal layered with prosciutto and sage, then rolled up and cooked with oil, wine, and capers

Things to Do

Italy is the classroom when studying any kind of history or art. The major cities of Italy are all unique and their worldwide popularity is well earned. 

Florence. The city is home of the Renaissance, Michelangelo’s statue of David, and the Uffizi Gallery Museum which holds Botticelli’s most famous works of art. These works of art would not be possible without the patronage of the Medici family, a name any visitor will surely see and hear hundreds of times during a stay in Florence. 

Rome. Italy’s capital and largest city, is in itself, a history lesson.  From the ruins of the Roman Forum to the floors of the Coliseum, the ceiling of the Parthenon, and coins in the Trevi Fountain, there is so much to do in this ancient city. Modern life flows around and between the remnants of  over 2700 years of Rome’s history. It is home to one of the most preserved ancient cities in the world and is known as “The Eternal City.”

Venice. Another place where the architecture and art of Italy shine, but in a truly unique setting. The northeastern city is a myriad of small streams, floating gondolas, and the perfect lighting. It has been called one of the most romantic cities in the world many times over and is also famous for its ornate masks.

Cinque Terre. The “Five Towns” are perfect for those looking for the beach, traditional cuisine, and natural beauty. The villages of Monterosso Al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore make up the area that is featured in endless screensavers and puzzles. Visitors can choose to take a train, ferry boat, or hike through the chiseled mountains to each of the towns. With over 200 local dishes it is the ultimate Mediterranean diet tour. Stop in any restaurant and feast on seafood dishes while visiting the towns.

Monterosso Al Mare. The first or last town depending on the starting point, is a sunbathers paradise; many go to bask in the sun, and enjoy the view. The Liguria Sea, the backdrop for the island hopping, is absolutely stunning, as is the lush plant life along the way. Rocky cliffs can make some hikes vigorous but very worth it, especially when the endpoint is a beautiful beach.  Do not forget the camera, but leave the flip-flops at home.

Studying in Italy

Italy is an extremely popular location for short term programs. So if a whole year, or semester does not fit into your timeline, explore the variety of programs that are one to three weeks long. Some fit into the winter break between fall and spring semesters. Athena Study Abroad offers convenient J-Terms (January programs) in which students can earn credit and experience Florence in under one month. Sound a little too quick and chilly? John Cabot University offers the summer in Rome and since it’s a fully accredited American University, organizing credits is a breeze.

If the program offers homestay accommodation, take the chance; staying with a host family gives the most authentic experience. It helps students learn the day-to-day language and customs of the Italian people. 

Whenever you go, be sure to take some time out to just stroll and people watch in the piazzas and lastly, mangia, mangia, mangia or eat, eat, eat!

Nicole Mecionis

Nicole has a career as a world history teacher and a passion for learning ancient cultures from around the world. After her first trip across the Atlantic, she knew she would have to return. Traveling become a need, not a want in her life. This passion for traveling has helped her in the classroom as well. She has realized that the stories and souvenirs she is able to share with her students are better than any textbook.